Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Recent Purchases

Besides our multiple shopping trips for stuff for the new house, here are a few random things I've purchased lately worth sharing! All were purchased off Amazon except #5 & #6. Nothing too exciting but still thought I'd share.... ;)

1 | The Whole Brained Child - I need to start reading this book! Dealing with an ever changing and developing toddler mind is exhausting! I've heard this book is a great eye opener for dealing with the meltdowns of toddlerhood.

2 | Spatty Spatula  - I have a few makeup products that this tiny spatula helps me get every last drop from and it's so helpful!

3 | Microfiber Facial Cloths - I really wanted something new and "clean" to use for washing my face... the Norwex body cloths but these were a cheaper alternative off Amazon. Someday I'd like to get a clarisonic of some sort but I'm too cheap for that for now.

4 | 2 Pack of high waist leggings - I've still been sporting my maternity leggings and really needed something new but didn't want to spend a small fortune. These are supposedly raved about being like the expensive Zella's at Nordstrom. 2 for $35! Definitely supportive/slimming in the tummy area with the high waist.

5 | Silicone rings - Michael wears his wedding ring out like no other... so we opted for these silicone rings from Enso. I didn't need one but since they offered a discount on a second ring I thought.. rose gold, why not?!

6 | Multivitamin Brightening Treatment  - Supposed to reduce dark spots and wrinkles. Hoping it helps!

7 | Hylands Children's Cold + Cough Medicine - R has been battling a respiratory virus and this is her first time ever having a cough which has caused some major meltdowns. A friend recommended the Hylands brand for some OTC medicine and it really helped! Sometimes it's hard to know what you should/shouldn't give little ones especially when so many medications aren't for toddlers. (They also make a mucas one and they also make this line of cold meds for "babies" which I never knew!)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New House Progress | Weeks 12-13

There has only been a little bit of progress the last two weeks because the crew has only been there a couple of days a week. Actually, there's been alot of progress by Michael and the subcontractors. But building wise... only partial of the garage and front porch. Overall, things have been kind of stressful mostly because things need done and I can only do so much being far away plus always having two toddlers in tow. I've been feeling pretty defeated with not being able to help out more. Michael is literally busting his ass... he wakes up for work at 4:30am and after work he goes to the new house until dark. Meanwhile I don't have many options for a babysitter plus when I'm staying at my MIL's we are almost 2 hours away. We are both burning a flame at both ends just working towards the end goal and let me tell you... we cannot wait for it to all be over!

May 3rd - Michael started working on a drainage area to funnel the water out of our backyard. This will keep our backyard from being a pond and to keep the water away from the walkout basement.

May 4th - Porch started

May 5th - HVAC started. Ducts ran and furnace in place. Michael worked on the backyard drainage some more.

May 7th - 9th - More progress on front porch. Siding complete on W side of house (still need final trim piece). Materials to complete garage delivered.

May 9th - Another flooring shopping trip for me and the kids. This time was a little rough the kids were not behaving at all. I finalized my choices to be ordered - far left for bath #1 and far right for bath #2. Other options not pictured. (More to come on the outcome of that below...)

Meanwhile at the house... garage trusses set.

May 10th - Garage roof started

May 11th - Underground electric installed (but not completed) which is the red flags on the left of the driveway and yellow flags are natural gas flags. Garage windows + garage man door + basement french doors installed. I was super upset about all of the mismatched white colors on the back side of the house. Supposedly the only solution is for us to paint them all to match. Which is am NOT happy about.

May 12th - I went shopping for kitchen sink, bathroom faucets, and shower/bath faucets. So many options! Who knew?! I did wind up picking out a kitchen sink but we have since changed our minds and plan on doing an apron sink instead!

May 13th - Plumbing started and more electrical worked on.

May 15th - Natural Gas meter installed. Michael worked on fill and leveling grade on the W side of the house.

May 17th - Siding on front of garage put up.

I went to pick up flooring and it was not what I ordered. Which sent me into a panic. He insisted I take it anyways and that I would like it. I took it, laid it out, and pondered it. But my gut said not to put something down that I didn't love (let alone wasn't what I pick out). So back to square 1 with the flooring. Meanwhile, we are in a rush to get this tile completed because our bathroom countertops were supposed to be installed on the 23rd and we need to put the tile down before the vanities are installed. I wound up having to push the countertop installation back so that we could get the flooring figured out.

May 18th - I drove an hour and a half (one way) to go bathroom floor shopping with the kids. R had't been feeling well the day before and was fighting a fever so I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to go. Thankfully, she felt better in the morning and didn't have a fever all day. We went to Lowes, Menards, and Home Depot. I took pics of what I liked and we drove all the way back home. Michael went to the house after work and worked on fill/grade leveling for the front yard. (no pics).

May 19th - Michael and I decided what we liked for flooring (#1 and #10 above) and went back to get all the materials. We left at 6:30am while the kids were still sleeping and they stayed with my MIL. I got a call around 10 that R's fever came back and was coughing/miserable. She wound up taking her into the walk in clinic before I could get back. Meanwhile, we (aka Michael) started the bathrooms - prepped rooms, laid cement board and laid the tile out to determine what style we liked best. I chose 12x24 tiles to hopefully make these small bathrooms look larger. I'm still not sure on the layout for bath #1. I put the waterproof product on and then cleaned up some garbage laying around and then headed back since Remington was sick.

Catch up on the progress...

Monday, May 7, 2018

Catching Up - April

Here's a little bit of what the month of April looked like in our neck of the woods...

Easter at Grandma's


One more snow storm...

The kids had their first (and probably last) visit to Toys R Us. For some reason this makes me super sad to see these stores closing! I had so many memories going there as a kid and then taking my sister there when she was younger. The kids were completely amazed when we went there. There's something about the excitement of being in a toy store. So cute!

Lots of tractor rides. Three of ML's favorite things right here... tractor, Daddy, and Papa Rick.

R rode her new bike for the first time. (If you're in need of a balance bike this one is great! (boys here). I stalked the bike to go on sale at Kohls and got it for less than $60 which is a steal for a good balance bike!)

Hair cuts at Gaga's salon. ML won't sit by himself so I have to sit with him. R doesn't need a hair cut but she always wants a turn so we just trim her ends or pretend.

Finally some fresh air and play time outside! Trips to the park and farms of course! The kids always wind up eating the apples that we take for the horses. Hence the puffy cheeks. Lol.

Lots of house visits and play time in the sand. I make the kids wear overalls to protect their clothes because holy Hannah all this sand stains everything! I wind up having to soak and scrub everything they wear there! Not to mention my pickup is a hot mess from all the sand we bring with us when we leave there!

First time at a gymnastics gym for a friends birthday party. R loved it. ML was a bit timid of all the bigger kids around. Rookie Mom mistake... dressing my kids in long sleeves. They were so hot!

RV is officially out of storage! We are not sure how much RV living we will do or if we will wind up selling it instead.

ML had a check up on his heart murmur and everything looks good! He had an EKG and an ultrasound and then we were cleared to not have to come back! It took about 2 hours to get to Covenant for the appointment so I scoped out the Mid Michigan Children's Museum nearby and let the kids run for a few hours before we headed home. They loved it!

ML had his first visit to the ER and broke his nose. I've never felt worse in my life! I seen him up on the stroller and just didn't get to him in time before it tipped over backwards and he face planted the cement. After a half hour of him screaming and then getting the bleeding to stop, I took him to the Dr. She recommended taking him to the ER at some point. So we came back home had lunch and I iced his face while he napped. Then I took him to the ER after dinner. I spent the next few days icing his nose and it remained pretty swollen and crooked. It made me so sad every time I looked at him. Thankfully, it's looking much better!

First visit to the Sweet Tooth for ice cream!

And of course LOTS of house updates which you can read more about here