Monday, September 26, 2016

"Boo Bash" Camping Trip

This past weekend, we attended our second Boo Bash camping trip at Algonac State Park. This year my mom was the host of the events - scavenger hunt, kids games, and raffles. Overall, it was a beautiful day and everything came together perfectly!

R woke up from her nap and we rushed to get her in her costume and outside for trick or treating. We missed the group picture with all the kids. She was definitely confused and slightly over whelmed by all the kids plowing her over running around. Mason slept in the ergo the whole time. Unfortunately, he didn't fit in the pumpkin costume that I had gotten for him.

It was also Jasmine's first homecoming! So her and Alexa got ready at the campground before the dance. They both looked gorgeous!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Life Lately: 12 Recent iPhone Photos

There's no doubt we've been keeping busy over here in our neck of the woods! If it's not one thing, it's another. So here's a little bit about what's been going on in our lives (besides still adjusting to life with two under two) according to my most recent iPhone photos!

From top left to right and on down... 

++ Horses! When we stay at the camper, it's 90% of the time in my families back yard. Aka Nana and Papa Furtah. Next door, there is a decent size horse farm and Remington looooves them! She will go peek out the camper windows all day long so she can see them and beg to go outside. Every night, Michael and her take apples out to give them a treat. This has become such a routine that she will go to the fridge and point to the door until you open it. She will grab an apple. Then she will stand at the silverware drawer asking for a knife to cut the apple. It's amazing how fast she's learning! I love her excitement when she sees those horses! 

++ Date night!! A couple weekends ago, Michael and I got out of the house camper kid free! For the first time in I couldn't tell you how long! Literally. It was to attend one of my girlfriends weddings! The first problem was digging through storage to find dress clothes to wear. The second problem was leaving ML who doesn't have interest in drinking from a bottle. Luckily, we were able to enjoy ourselves for about 5 hours. We even stopped at a bar on the way and had a beer on our way. Now honest engines, I couldn't tell you the last time that happened either! It was nice to spend some one on one time with the hubs although I have to admit, I couldn't wait to get back to the kids. ;) 

++ R bites the dust. It's hard to tell in this tiny picture, but R's nose is swollen, bruised, as well as a bruise under her eye. Michael took her outside to play and she went down the garage stairs with chalk in both hands and he didn't assist her. Therefore, she went face first to the concrete. I was pretty upset with him. I honestly thought she had broken her nose. Thankfully, it seems to be okay now!

++ R Eating. You guys. This kid and her eating habits are so terrible! She used to eat on her own pretty well! Now it seems like every meal, we have to sit with her and make a game of getting food into her mouth. Hence her sassy smile. Side note: is it bad that we use paper plates so often?! It's especially easy in the camper so we use less water. 

++ ML Snoozing. I probably take too many pictures of my kids sleeping. But, who doesn't!? Fun fact: Mason won't lay (or sit in a chair/swing) for more than 5-10 minutes. Thanks to his horrible reflux. (Insert sarcasm) So this snoozing position was short lived. But, he looked adorable while it lasted! I think I took a nap with him on my chest after I took the picture. Ha!

++ Food plots with Daddy! When Michael is home, he always takes care of Remington so that I can get a break from at least one kid. It's really amazing honestly. Plus, it's great for their relationship as well! Anyways, Michael took her outback on the four wheeler to help him plant some food plots before hunting season. She's definitely an outdoors lover! 

++ Bug bite turned cellulitis. My MIL came over to help with the kids and took R outside because that's what she loves to do. Later that day I noticed she had a huge bug bite on her leg however it was the worst bug bite I'd ever seen. I called my MIL to ask if she noticed she had gotten bit by something. She hadn't. So I put some oils on it and kept an eye on it. Three days later, she woke up and it was much worse. Her whole leg was swollen, the bite appeared to be infected, and the area had a fever. After asking around for some opinions, I started to get a little worried about it. I wouldn't be able to get her into the doctor until Monday. (This was on a Friday) And I wasn't sure I wanted to let it go over the weekend. Later that afternoon, it seemed worse. More red and swollen. We were headed to the camper that evening anyways, so I went with my Mom instincts and stopped at a walk in clinic on my way. My Mom met me to take Mason so that I didn't have to take him into the clinic. Long story short, she was bit by a bug (most likely a spider) and then with the bite being an open wound, she was exposed to an infection from someone/somewhere (we only went one place that week so I have a feeling it was there), and the infection went into the bug bite. Had I not taken her in and got her on an antibiotic, the infection could have spread through her body and she would have wound up with MRSA and most likely been in the hospital. 

++ Timehop - 2012. This photo recently showed up on my timehop of Mom, Greg, and I camping in Caseville 4 years ago. Great times! Pre marriage. Pre babies. Wow. Can I have that body back?! 

++ R eating (again). Okay, apparently I take as many pictures of my kids eating as I do sleeping?!! Miss sass pot refusing to eat, per usual. Her facial expressions and personality keeps me laughing on the daily (along with the tears of exhaustion, ha!)

++ Kisses for baby ML. R doesn't have much interest in the baby. I was trying to get a picture of the two of them sitting next to each other and as soon as I sat him down next to her, she pushed him away and screamed. So I asked her to please be nice and give him a kiss since she was being so sassy. All the heart eyes. 

++ Our house. Nothing new on the home front. Had a showing scheduled last week. They pulled in and left. Apparently they didn't notice in the photos on the listing that we had a large yard of grass. (5 acres to be exact) Therefore, when they pulled in, they seen the yard and decided they didn't even want to look at it. I was quite annoyed. I could have been napping. On another note, we have been moving boxes back to the house from the storage unit as the time allows. I know it's a lot of work, but I don't think it's worth the money to pay for a storage unit. We are in the process of listing with a new realtor and we are PRAYING for a miracle. 

++ Lower standards. This quote is so true. In the past, I wouldn't be seen without makeup. I wouldn't go out in public with my hair a mess or in comfy clothes. Heck, anymore, I can be seen out of the house without even brushing my hair let alone who knows the last time it was washed. Motherhood, it's all about lowering your standards and embracing the crazy. 

Well that sums up a little bit of what we've been up to! I apologize for being a bad blogger lately, I'm hoping to catch up on reading soon! Thanks for those who have stopped by and continue to read my boring posts lately! Also, a huge thank you for all of the kind words, support, prayers, and encouragement y'all have given me! XO

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fresh Homegrown Peaches

One thing I've REALLY missed this year has been our garden. Since we thought we had sold our house, we didn't plant one. But now, being back at the house and seeing that big empty space, it's really got me missing harvest season. Luckily, we still have been able to take advantage of the fruit trees though!

Last month Michael and R picked all of the peaches off the trees. This year is the least we have gotten in all the years that I can remember. Which is probably due to the lack of rain. But, we took advantage of what we had and enjoyed them! One of Michael's favorites is a peach pie. So I promised him as long as I had enough to make some baby food, I would make him a peach pie!

(This is my mother in law's recipe) If you'd prefer a crust topping you could do that as well!

Peach Filling
4C peaches
3/4C sugar
1TBSP lemon juice (optional)
2TBSP butter
2TBSP flour
1/4tsp nutmeg

Crumble Topping
1C oats
1/2C softened butter
3/4C flour
2/3C brown sugar
1TBSP sugar
1/2tsp cinnamon

With the other portion of peaches I had left, I was able to make a batch of baby food! You can see how I made baby food by reading this post here. My favorite thing about using fruits of our labor is that it's truly organic and it's FREE!

What are your favorite recipes for fresh peaches?! 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Lately + The Truth = Postpartum

As the cliche saying goes... time flies and I can't believe it's already been a little over a month since Mason was born! The days have certainly been long and some have been more challenging than others. Without sounding like I'm throwing a pity party... I have to admit... I've been riding the hot mess express daily. My fears and anxiety that I had during my pregnancy have come to real life. Mommin' ain't easy. As a matter of fact, I believe it's the most physically and emotionally exhausting job on the planet.

I've been trying to write this post for weeks now. But I can't always seem to find the right words. (Plus, I choose to spend all my free time napping.) I've thought about not even documenting these moments because I probably don't ever want to recall them. But, this is our life and that's what this little place is all about. Even the imperfections and the struggles. So here's a little truth as to what postpartum life has been like for our newly family of four!

++ The truth is that this adjustment to having two under two is HARD. Having a newborn is hard enough in itself (which I apparently forgot about...what was I thinking??!). Add a toddler and living alone to the mix... insert insanity.

++ Mason has reflux. Which means he eats. Cries. Spits it all up. Cries some more. Eats again. Repeat. Around the clock. I'm LUCKY if he sleeps for an hour somewhere in between his miserableness. Typically, the sleep only happens if I hold him. Yes, that means I co sleep often. Yes, I know that's a big no no. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. Judge away. 

++ The second day in the hospital was rough. Rough as in, I cried three times. Wasn't I supposed to be melting in pure joy over my newborn still?! Wth. My nipples were raw from breast feeding and we didn't get much sleep through the night. My pain meds from the spinal had wore off and I was now rotating motrin/tylenol every 3 hours. Oh, and still gushing blood with every movement.

++ We left the hospital on the third day. I was definitely ready to go home. Especially so I could see Remington. Being away from her for 3 days had me in tears. Did you know a cesarean incision has multiple layers? Such as layers of stitches through your muscle, skin, fat, and outer layer of skin. Yikes. Right before I left, they removed the staples on the outer layer and put on some "tape" that was to stay there until it fell off on it's own. Imagine how good that felt ripping off 2 weeks later....

Discharged from the hospital 8.3.16

++ Adding another car seat to the back seat of the pickup sure does make things seem packed back there! Unfortunately, Remington's car seat didn't fit in the backseat of the pickup rear facing, so she got promoted to forward facing. Judge away.

First ride with both babies 8.3.16

++ Apparently because of a c section, it can take your milk longer to come in because your body is busy focusing on healing the cesarean incision. (Why didn't anyone tell me that last time?!) Therefore, the first week was a week from hell waiting for my milk to come in. For those who don't know about breast feeding, the way to bring your milk in, is for the baby to nurse as often as possible. Which was non stop around the clock. Literally. I would sit and nurse him for an hour at a time. Then we would get a short nap before he nursed again. Did I mention my nipples were raw?!

++ I couldn't tell you how many times I've said I was going to throw in the towel for BF. Hundreds. Daily. Especially that first week. Heck, I still say it. Breast feeding is HARD. Thankfully, my cousin Ashley and my sweet friend Cara, kept checking on me and encouraging me when I was struggling. Here's an article about the truth of the first 48 hours of BF. This made me realize I was not alone.

++ Michael had a total of 8 days off work. Which flew by and wasn't nearly enough. He spent his days entertaining Remington, doing housework, and making us all food while I spent my days resting up and taking care of Mason. I cried when he left. Heck, I still cry every week when he leaves for work. The struggle is real.

++ My Aunt was throwing away some furniture and since ours is still in storage (in the bottom/back of the unit) we decided to take it for the time being. It may not be the nicest, but having a few things in the house makes it seem a little more like home. I mean, having a couch to sit on is a plus too. ;)

++ My sister, Jasmine, came over to help quite a bit. I think it was 9 days total. She was so much help and Remington loved having her here. I cried when she left. True story. Thanks hormones.

++ Due to the CS, I wasn't supposed to pick Remington up for 2 weeks. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT WAS???! It broke my heart when she would put her arms up and just want me to hold her! I may have broken that rule a few times because I just couldn't handle it.

++ I've been alone with two babies under two since day 11 postpartum (with some exceptions of help here and there and Michael home on the weekends). Can you say insanity?? I cry all. the. time. Literally just cried this morning. True story.

++ By some small miracle, I managed to get newborn announcements made (DIY via PicMonkey) and mailed out. In efforts to cut costs I decided to send to only family and a small group of friends. Most people are on social media anyways. #imcheap

++ I've left the house 4 times. Only one of those times I was alone with both kids. It was a nightmare. I'm not sure I ever want to leave the house again.

++ People are constantly saying "I don't know how you do it!" Well folks.. I'm not sure either. Most days I feel like a horrible Mom. But I guess, we're all fed and alive so that counts for something. I don't get dressed. I don't wear makeup. I'm lucky if I get a 5 minute shower while one baby cries. Don't ask me the last time I washed my hair. Ain't nobody got time for that.

++ Mom guilt is real. And it's painful. Prior to having Mason, I spent my days revolved around Remington. Now, my days are revolved around Mason and it makes my heart ache to have to put Remi aside so often. She is constantly pulling my finger to take me somewhere, bringing me books to read, or begging to go outside. I know she won't remember these times, but it still upsets me. I definitely cherish the solo time I have with my sassy girl.

++ How does Remington do with the new baby? Well, she really hasn't had much interest in him. Slowly she's starting to talk to him and touch him more often. She definitely knows "baby Mason" and "baby brother" if you ask her about him. She also tends to get jealous of whoever is holding him. One thing I think is so funny/cute is when Mason cries, she gets really close to him and laughs at him. :)

++ The postpartum body... It's like I'm back in the awkward stage of pregnancy where you can't really tell if I'm pregnant or just have beer belly. Oh the joy's.

++ I'm still bleeding from delivery! As if having a weekly period isn't bad enough, we're off and punished with a never ending one after giving birth. I had to send Michael to the store twice to pick up panty liners for me. What a guy. ;)

++ I'm SO thankful for my healthy babies, but I have to admit... I am bummed that this is the second year in a row I won't be able to enjoy much hunting. Due to the c section, I probably won't be able to pull my bow back anytime soon. Not to mention that I'm barely getting any sleep, so I don't think I'll be waking up before sunrise to go sit in a stand. There's always next year!

++ I finally got the courage to take both kids outside by myself for the first time in a month! I put Mason in the ergo and hoped for the best. It felt so good to get some fresh air and to see Remington in all of her glory. She absolutely loves it outside!

All in all, we are adjusting to the best of our ability. It's not easy by any means. But we will get through it. If your wondering what you can do to help during these difficult times, I ask that you please say some prayers for our family. Prayers for strength, patience, and most importantly - the sale of our home. Preferably before winter so we don't have to dig through the storage unit and unpack more boxes ;) 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bulk Freezer Meals

In efforts to be more prepared for baby Joy #2, I had a list of freezer meals on my to do list for months! Well, it's been a couple weeks since Mason was born and we have definitely enjoyed a fair share of the freezer meals that I prepared. I would highly recommend doing freezer meals to anyone - new mom or not!

Keep in mind I did all this in one day at 38 weeks pregnant and had Mason at 39 weeks. Shame on me for procrastinating! Probably wasn't the smartest idea, but I got it done and packed away 20 easy and delicious freezer meals! My point is, you can do it too!

I didn't take any pictures throughout the process, so I just have the recipes to share. Obviously there are many variations to some of these recipes as well, this is just what I chose to use. I skipped out on a few additional meals I intended to make because well... pregnant and tired, duh. But maybe next time I'll try those and share as well! And also, I have a pinterest board dedicated to freezer meals that I'd like to try eventually as well! 

Chicken Pot Pie (Made 2 pies. I added corn to mine as well and used 10" foil pie pans)
Tater Tot Casserole (Made 4 - 8"x8" foil pans) Baked covered for 30 minutes then uncover and bake for an additional 30 minutes. 
Broccoli Chicken Rice Casserole (Made 4 - 8"x*" foil pans)


Chicken Enchiladas 
(This is an all time favorite recipe of mine that my Mama passed onto me)

10 tortilla shells burrito size - 2 pkgs mexican shredded cheese - 2-4 chicken breasts cooked & diced w/ taco seasoning - 1 can refried beans - 1 can black beans - 3-4 cans enchilada sauce. 

Layer shell with refried beans, black beans, chicken, cheese, and enchilada sauce. Fold both ends and roll shell. Place in foil pan upside down (so the shell stays closed). Repeat until pan(s) is full and all shells are used. Pour additional enchilada sauce over enchiladas and top with additional shredded cheese. 

You can bake ahead, let cool, and then freeze. Or freeze and bake later @ 350 for 45-60 minutes. 


Chili (Made 3 quart freezer bags)
(There are so many variations of chili, this recipe is also from my Mama!)

1-2lbs ground beef/venison - 1 diced onion - 1 or 2 C diced green pepper - 2 cans hot chili beans - 2 cans kidney beans (drained/rinsed) - 1 can tomato sauce - 2 cans diced tomatoes italian flavored - dash of chili powder

Cook the burger with the onion and green pepper. Drain. In large pot, mix beans, tomatoes, tomato sauce, and burger mixture. Bring to a boil. Add chili powder to taste. Let cool. Pour into freezer containers or ziploc bags. 


Crockpot Dump Cilantro Chicken (Made 2 servings)
(This recipe is from my sister in law, thanks for sharing Jess!)

4-6 chicken breasts (depending on size preference for serving portion) - 2 cans black beans - 1 bag frozen corn - fresh cilantro or 1/2 tube of cilantro - 1 diced onion - 1TBSP minced garlic - 3 limes juiced

Mix all ingredients except chicken breasts. Add more corn or cilantro based on your preference. Place chicken breasts in gallon ziploc, top with bean mixture. To cook: dump bag contents into crockpot. Cook on low for 4-6 hours. Serve in tortilla shells or over rice. 

Leftovers?! Jess recommends mixing with greek yogurt and stuff in halved avocados for a southwest chicken salad! 


Lasagna (Made 1 - 11x13 pan and 2 - 8x8 pans)
(Again, there are so many variations to lasagna, however this one from my friend Sarah is delicious!)

1lb cottage cheese - 9oz spinach (frozen, unthawed, drained) - 2 eggs - 1/2C grated parmesan cheese - 1/4tsp. salt - 1/4tsp nutmeg - 1/8tsp. pepper - 1-2lbs ground beef/venison - 1lb noodles - 32oz spaghetti sauce* - 16oz mozzarella cheese

*I make and can my own spaghetti sauce with tomatoes from our garden using a similar recipe to this

Cook burger. Drain and add spaghetti sauce. Let simmer. Prepare lasagna noodles. In a separate bowl, mix first 7 ingredients. Set aside. Begin layering lasagna in pans. I do noodles, burger/sauce mixture, cottage cheese mixture, mozzarella cheese. Repeat. 

Cover with tinfoil. Freeze. To prepare, remove from freezer and bring to room temp or refrigerate overnight. Bake at 350 for 40 minutes. (I would recommend removing the foil halfway through baking so that the cheese doesn't stick to the foil and it allows it to brown). 


I am probably the furthest thing from being a good cook... I'm more like a mad scientist in the kitchen and just mix a little of this and that. Hopefully you enjoy these freezer meals (fresh or frozen) as much as our family does! 

What's your favorite recipe to make as a freezer meal?! 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Birth Story of Mason Lee

On Monday, Mason Lee will be two weeks old already! Where does the time go?!

I've always loved learning and reading about baby's birth stories. The miracle of bringing babies into the world is truly an amazing gift. Therefore, taking the time to write down the memories (good, bad, and the ugly) about such a special day in our lives is very important to me! 

This story is mostly for me to remember, so feel free to skip over it if birth stories aren't any interest to you! Or just scroll to look at the pictures.. especially the last photo that captures Remington's reaction perfectly! ;)

I left off with my final 39 week bump update on Sunday, July 31st. In complete contrary to Remington's birth story, we had a scheduled delivery day chosen for Baby Joy #2's birth. 

A little back story... at my initial Dr. appointment for this pregnancy, the discussion of a VBAC versus a scheduled cesarean were discussed. Having another c section wasn't really on the top of my list, however I knew I needed to do what was safest for myself and the baby. As my prenatal appointments continued, the Dr. continued to believe that with my situation (body size/birth canal versus size of baby), a CS was going to be in my best interest. They continued to monitor the size of the baby throughout my appointments. I typically measured ahead 1-2 weeks. Therefore, the chanes of having a "smaller" size baby was looking pretty slim. At one of my weekly appointments Dr. Hartman said "Well today I'm going to have you schedule your delivery!" Which caught me off guard and was kind of weird to be honest! Rather than pick a specific date for any reason, I just told them to choose the earliest day available. And there you have it, Baby Joy's birth day was set for August 1st! 

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Sunday, July 31st
Delivery Day Eve

Our last day as a family of three was bittersweet! It truly hadn't sunk in that we were so close to having our second baby. I had been having contractions all week long so every day was a wonder of when it would be our last moments as a family of three. We were staying at the camper in Nana & Papa Furtah's backyard still since we live 75 miles from the hospital. Our weekend consisted of relaxing and enjoying our time with Remington before we had to take her to Lola & Lolo's for her first overnight stay away from us. 

We headed to my Dad and Miriam's around 4 so we could enjoy dinner and visit a bit before leaving Remington. I was more emotional and anxious about leaving Remington for the first time than I was about having a baby the following morning. 

After going over the list of things/schedule for Remington and getting her stuff unpacked, we decided we better head back to the camper and finish packing so we could try to rest up for the big day. As soon as we started to leave Remington ran for me and cried with her arms wide open. Simply broke my heart. So my waterworks were flowing before I even walked out of the house. I cried for a half hour. Michael thought I was ridiculous and our ride was pretty silent. Until he asked if I wanted ice cream from DQ. 

We made it back to the camper around 7:30pm. We took showers and finished packing our things for the hospital. Dad and Miriam kept us updated on Remington until she went to sleep. Once I knew she went to sleep and wasn't still up crying, I felt a little better about going to bed myself. Michael and I laid in bed and disagreed on looked at baby names one last time. Soon we would know if baby was a boy or girl! 

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Monday, August 1st
Baby Joy #2's Birth-day! 

The alarm going off at 5am came early. Between missing Remington, thinking about the delivery/recovery, waking up to urinate every hour along with a side of heart burn, I don't think I slept very much. 

I brushed my teeth, got dressed, tossed a little bit of makeup on and fixed my hair and we were out the door. I couldn't eat or drink anything and my stomach was gurgling! Driving to the hospital for a scheduled delivery was such an odd feeling. It almost didn't even feel like we were going to have a baby! 

We checked into the hospital at 6am. This time, I walked up to our room rather than trickling water down my leg and sitting in a wheel chair. They took our info at the front desk and sent us to Suite 3 where we got ourselves situated and I changed into an ugly hospital gown. The first nurse we had happened to be one of Michael's co worker's wives. Small world. The anesthesiologist stopped in to discuss the spinal and have me sign some papers. The nurse got my IV started. Blew the first one. Ouch. They hooked up the monitor on my belly. The baby's heart rate was 120bpm. Dr. Fabian stopped in to go over the plan for the day and then my nurse, Susan, started her shift at 7am. It seemed like time was moving so slow. Once Susan got there, she got the ball rolling. She started my catheter, (insert lots of cussing), Michael changed into a hospital outfit and at that point, I remained uncomfortable, impatient, hungry, and THIRSTY until we waited patiently to go have a baby!

At 7:45am they wheeled me back to the OR room. Michael had to wait outside of the door. They got me situated onto the OR table and then made me sit up, straddling the table (with a catheter mind you) so that I could lean forward while they gave me my meds via spinal. With a scheduled CS they give a one time shot rather than an epidural. Which means there isn't a needle left in my back that has to be pulled out later and supposedly the meds are better. 

Starting with my toes, I could feel the warm numbing sensation taking over my lower half. Once I was lying back down and the curtain was up, Michael was escorted into the room. He sat next to my head and held my hand as my arms were strapped down to the sides. They kept "pinching" my skin to ensure the meds were working. The first few times I could feel it so that was kind of nerve wrecking. Once they began the surgery I could feel a lot of pressure and tugging. It was very uncomfortable. I don't really know how to explain it... almost like I could feel my insides being torn apart yet it just felt like I was getting punched in the stomach. 

Michael asked me one last time what my prediction was on the baby's gender. Between my "oohs and ahhs" of pain I mumbled "girl". The doctors said just one more hard push and baby will be here. Then they pushed really hard on my upper stomach. I felt some major pulling and pressure. Squeezing Michael's hand, taking deep breaths, and closing my eyes was all I could do to keep from screaming. We heard the baby cry and Dr. Hartman said "it's a little man!" 

Mason Lee was born at 8:05am weighing 8lbs 5ozs and 20.5" long. 

At this point I was starting to get nausea, seeing triples, and having a hard time keeping my eyes open. I remember looking at Michael and smiling with tears in my eyes. I was pleasantly surprised to hear it was a boy! The doctors asked if we had a name and Michael said "I think it's going to be Mason Lee." I just nodded my head. We had a few names picked out but Mason was the one we've talked about for years. Mason is my maiden name and Lee is Michael, Jasmine (sister), and Sharon's (mother in law) middle name. We were hesitant because it's a popular name, although we liked the meaning behind it. 

Michael wanted to get up to go see Mason for the first time (who was still screaming) but I was still squeezing his hand as they pushed and tugged on me some more. Once I gave him the all clear he gave me a kiss and went to the other side of the room to finish watching him get cleaned up and measured and took some pictures. He brought him over to see me but I was still having a hard time focusing. We snapped a picture and they let Michael leave the room with Mason while they got me situated back in my hospital bed. 

Once I was back to the room and situated I really just wanted something to drink and to hold my baby but I couldn't. All I could have was ice chips until some more time passed and since I was still completely nausea and dizzy I didn't feel comfortable holding Mason yet. Suddenly I felt like I was going to puke so I sat over a bucket and dry heaved until the feeling went away. I also started feeling very itchy all over, which is a side effect of the meds from the spinal. All I could do was close my eyes and doze in and out of sleep. Mason was still crying which they said was normal and a good thing to clear his lungs. 

I dozed in and out of sleep from the time we were back in the room until around 11am. In between sleeping the nurse kept checking my vitals and stomach. She had to keep pushing on my stomach every so often. Which was as pleasant feeling as it sounds. I was able to hold Mason for the first time and do skin to skin for a little while in between my naps. Actually we took a brief nap together while he was on my chest. Michael had been waiting to let our families know the baby was born until I was awake and feeling better. I'm sure those couple of hours felt like days to him. We decided it was best to give ourselves plenty of time to rest and hold Mason before contacting anyone. This way we didn't have visitors knocking on the door while I was still recovering and/or sleeping. Which is what happened last time with Remi.  

We sent out some text messages and made some phone calls. I let the photographer know as well and got a hold of my Dad to make arrangements to have Remington there at the same time for pictures. They delivered me some fluids, jello, and popsicles. I asked for Mason to got a bath because they said they typically wait 8 hours after birth but I wanted him to be cleaned up before visitors arrived. My Mom and Greg were the first ones to let us know they were on their way. They stopped to get some food for Michael and a snack for me to have once I got the all clear to eat solids again (since the hospital food is so gross). 

It was around 2pm when we had our first visitors, Mom and Greg. Then two of my best friends, Janel and Natalie came. They completely spoiled Mason with a new wardrobe!

At 4pm it was time to remove that yucky catheter and get out of bed! What a relief. I was slightly dizzy at first when I got up and moving. But it felt so good to stand up! I was still having a bit of bleeding so they changed my bedding while I was up and moving. I was able to freshen up a little bit for pictures so I didn't look like a complete zombie. 

Remington arrived with my Dad and Miriam just after 5pm. I missed her so much I was so excited to see her. She came walking in with an "It's a Boy!" balloon and sat in bed with me. My Dad brought Mason over to show her her little brother for the first time. At first we think she thought he was a babydoll because she reached for him really fast and wanted to pick him up. And then he moved and it freaked her out so she shook her head no, blew him a kiss, and then pushed him away. :)

Shanell from Shanell Photography arrived around 5:30 to take photos of Mason and us as a family of four for the first time. Watching Remington observe Mason for the first time was humorous. She really didn't know what to think of him! Her facial expressions were priceless. 

Michael's Mom and Rick arrived around 6:30. At this point there was quite a few visitors in the room and it was getting slightly chaotic. Not to mention the A/C wasn't working in my room and I had requested a fan 10 times by now. Remington was starting to get tired so they started getting ready to go (which made me want to cry all over again). My Mom and Greg also left around the same time. Huge shout out to my Mama for taking pictures of our guests with Mason as well as of the three/four of us! 

Once everyone left, I finally had my dinner (ew, thank goodness for that snack my Mom brought instead) and we settled down for the night. Well, we tried to settle down. However between the high of excitement and all the other fun happenings - nurses checking on Mason and I, taking him in and out of the room for tests, checking my vitals, me having to urinate 100ml before 10pm in order to avoid getting another catheter, giving me new pain meds every 3 hours since the meds I received via spinal were wearing off, nursing Mason, and finally sharing the news on social media - it was about midnight before we attempted to sleep. 

Words do not describe how thankful we are for our healthy little Joy boy! This special guy is the only boy to carry on the Joy family name (until Derek & Jess start making babies! hint hint) We are also so very thankful for the excellent doctors and nurses that took great care of us during our 3 day stay! And lastly, for my Dad and Miriam for taking such great care of Remington during her first overnight stay away from Mama & Dada! 

The following professional photos are credit to Shanell Photography

^^ The best for last! Her expression kills me! ^^