Monday, September 18, 2017

I'm still alive!!

Wow, it's been almost a month since I've visited this little space! I feel like I have been so busy (but really my days are just pure chaos with this RV living) and of course when life gets busy, the blog takes the back burner. Sorry friends!

So let's see... what have we been up to?! Looking back through photos on my phone is usually a good summary... however there really isn't that much! I guess we've just been busy being busy! And by busy I mostly mean tired! Ha!

These are in complete random order... 

The biggest and busiest part of the last month it all is that we are officially moved out of our house as of August 31st. The final two days took way longer than we thought it would. It was around 6:30pm before we were headed out the driveway for the last time. 

The final day and hours leading up to leaving were tough. R didn't understand why Daddy was taking her bed apart or why we were leaving Sandy girl at Grandma's or why the living room was empty. The last time Remington went into the house she said "Where dat stuff doe?" in reference to the empty house. At that point I knew I couldn't let her go into her empty room, so I turned her attention to going outside and we took one last walk through the garden. Fed the fish in the pond one last time. Stopped to smell the flowers one more time. Walked the lane out back behind the woods to check for blackberries one last time and then sat on the porch one more time. If only we could just keeping doing everything "one more time"... I never realized how attached one could be to a house! Oh, how I miss it so. 
This is the last picture I took at our house before we left. In the garden, smelling the sunflowers. πŸ’•πŸŒ»

But! Moving on to RV living while we continue to pursue our options of housing! 

RV living started off with a long weekend at Lake Huron Campground for Labor Day. Michael had taken time off work for the move so we extended it for some much needed relaxing. It was a bit chilly/windy but it was still nice. We literally did nothing the entire weekend except entertain the kids. Which may not sound like much but we all know that's a job in itself! 

Did I mention I chopped my hair off!? My hair is STILL falling out since having ML. It's a nice refresher! Now if only all the short baby hairs along my hairline will grow back...

ML had his first fall. Face dive into the cement. I thought for sure his nose was broken. Thankfully after a follow up with the doctor, it wasn't. He did get quite a cut/scab on his nose which is still healing. I've been using some oils to help with the scarring. Of course it was harder on me than it seemed to be on him!  
This was the day after it happened. It probably looked the worst when it was fully scabbed over. Fingers crossed it doesn't scar too bad!

ML has had his first and second visit to the beach within the last month. He loves to eat and throw sand in the water. Such a boy! Since it's been pretty chilly here in Michigan already, the water is pretty cold.

We get pretty bored/stir crazy in the RV so I try to take them to the park a couple days a week. I try so hard to be a fun mom... but I'll be honest, I (still) struggle with getting them out and about. One day (who I am kidding - more like every day) last week I was already about to pull my hair out at 10am so I quickly tossed them in the pickup and we headed to the park/splash pad. Of course I didn't think the water part would be open, because Michigan weather, and I didn't pack the necessary items... hence the nakedness. But there was only two other moms/kids there and their kids were naked too. Clearly we were all on the same page. Most importantly, the kids had fun.

Other than those "major" happenings... we really haven't been up to much! I've been shopping online for some kids clothes, shoes, halloween costumes, and a few new things for the camper (hello Instant pot!) + still working on changing our address (soooo much work!) + searching for houses + taking naps (because ML still wakes up all night!). I thought I would have found my new "normal" by now... but I haven't. Someday. Someday. Now I need to go catch up on everyone else's happenings and blog posts! 

Here are a few other pictures worth sharing from the last few weeks. 

Watermelon we grew in our garden that we picked the day before we left. R was so excited to watch it "grow begger!"
Our last Sunday visit to Grandma's before we moved

We've already taken a visit back "home" and of course had to get some ice cream!

R making apple cider at the Octagon Barn

ML always climbing! 

Taking advantage of being closer to friends and getting in some girl time! 

First experience of Friday night Football! Watching Aunt Jasmine play in the band. R loved it!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Lovin' Lately || Kids Edition

I've rounded up a bunch of things we've been using and lovin' lately for the kiddos! Some are things that I've purchased within the last week and some are things I purchased a few months ago. Regardless, I like to share these types of things in case anyone else is in the market for something similar! Or even if you don't have kiddos yourself these could be ideas for friends, nieces, nephews, gifts, etc! πŸ˜‰

Contigo Gizmo Water Bottles - The kids typically use their Miracle 360 Cups however they are constantly wanting to drink out of my water cup with a straw. ML will fight me tooth and nail to carry it around (which isn't spill proof plus the hard plastic straw makes me nervous). So I spent far too much time than I care to admit researching a straw cup for them. It came down to Camelback or Contigo. I went with the Contigo because of the reviews and the option to fold the straw down. The kids both really like them! I like them especially because they are non spill, easy to take apart and clean ALL the parts, and they hold more water than the average sippy cup so I'm not constantly refilling cups!

I'm not sure how I didn't jump on the silicone bib train a long time ago... but I finally bit the bullet on this two pack and I pretty much have thrown out every other bib we own. Really catches the mess and so easy to clean! Which makes my life easier in more ways than one! Score.

R has always had a hard time going to the bathroom. I'll save the details for your sake (and hers). We've been using some Chewable Probiotic + Fiber Gummy Bears and it seems to be helping. Both taste good (I had to try them first of course) and she is able to eat them no problem/complaints. ML is actually able to chew the probiotic as well.

I let go of my denial that my child was a year old and decided it was time to switch out of the infant car seat. If you think I spent too much time researching water bottles... you can imagine how much time I spent researching carseats. πŸ˜†  I settled on this 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat. It was a toss up with the Graco 4ever. But the price won me over. ML has been so much better in the vehicle since switching seats. I love the cup holders on it, the cushions, how it sits up high, and most importantly that it goes up to 100lbs and I don't have to buy him another car seat. Because, holy expensive! If you're in the market for an upgrade, I'd definitely recommend this one!

Juice Box Holder- Hello mess saver! My kids always squeeze the juice box... these save the day.

This classic book - It was on sale for $1.88 at the time I ordered it and R loves it. I catch her singing "O Mick-nonald hab a sarm" all the time now and it has got to be one of the cutest things ever. 😍

Nursery Projector + Sound System - Can't beat the price for a night light + sound machine + timer + projector. It's especially easy to take in the camper and doesn't take up much room but serves several purposes! It works great, I have zero complaints!

A while ago I was on the hunt for new humidifiers for the kids rooms. Again, I spent way too much time comparing options. The previous one we had kept getting moldy. I wanted something that I could diffuse oils in as well and that held a decent amount of water. Insert this Humidifier. Both kids have one in their room. R loves the night light/projector options on it. I love that it holds a lot of water and that I can diffuse oils in it. It stays very clean. Plus I use this filter fish as well.

Are any of these items on your radar? What are you lovin' lately?!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Coffee Talk

Good Morning! My days are all mixed up and I'm going to be thinking it's Monday all day long because Michael took the day off work yesterday to be home with us. But... seeing as it's Tuesday and he will be home again at the end of the week, I'd call that winning!

If we were having coffee together this morning (although per usual, I wouldn't be drinking coffee because grossπŸ˜‰) these are a few things I'd probably chat with your about....

+ Our house! Well.. actually it's not our house anymore. We closed on it! Got to chat with the buyers for a little bit (super nice people) and we are now renting from them! Honestly, it still doesn't seem real. I am going to cry like a baby when we officially move out.

+ RV living - here we go again! Although we've lived in the camper many many days/months before... this time is different. We don't have a place to call "home" or go back to. I think what makes me the most nervous about it is the weather could get cold fast and we won't be able to stay in it too much longer after the cold weather hits. Then the pressure is on to find some place to go!

+ Single Parenting - the end is near!!!! Last week was the last 6 day binge of single parenting I'll experience... and the next two weeks are short ones! Then, once we move out... we will officially live together full time and Michael will come home every. single. day. Therefore, zero single parenting for this Mama! This is big. Scary, but exciting. πŸ˜†

+ Mason sleeping - I just can't win with this child! He did SO good for about 6 weeks where he was sleeping through the night or at least 6-8 hours at a time. I enjoyed it SO much and I started to feel human again. BUT... we're back to miserable Mason waking up a gazillion times a night and zombie Mommy every day. Yes, I do believe in the cry it out method. However that does not work with this child. I've left him to cry for an hour and a half more times than I care to admit. Now I'm at a loss with that to do so I just keep going into his room every time he cries and most days he just winds up in bed with me. Which doesn't even solve the problem of his crying, so that's just fun. At least he's cute. Bedhead and all.
Yes my house is a toy tornado. Judge away.

+ Mornings - Due to above mentioned anti sleeping kid... I cannot get up to an alarm for the life of me. Then I get so down on myself for not getting up before the kids to have some time to myself and I tell myself oh I'll get up tomorrow... nope. The biggest problem is that I shut my alarm off every single day and I don't even know I'm doing it. Please, motivate me to wake up in the morning to something other than a screaming child. 

+ SeneGence - I've mention my "beauty biz" here and there and you all know how much I love the LipSense. Actually, I originally signed up to be a distributor solely because of the LipSense... but I've fallen in absolute love with the skin care! A goal of mine this year was to take better care of my skin now that I'm thirty (should of done that a long time ago). I never wanted to spend high dollar on products and when I did, I hated the smell or feel on my skin. SeneGence saved the day! My blemishes, red spots, and sun spots have lessened, my skin is so much softer, clearer, and overall a healthier appearance. The bonus is that I haven't worn foundation (just Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer for a sheer coverage) in at least two months! I'm seriously addicted! If I can help you pick out some amazing skin care products, message me!

+ Exercise - It's been about a month of putting much needed effort into an exercise regimen and I wish I had some wonderful progress before/after pictures to show you... but I don't. You see, after having Mason, my recovery from my second c section seemed to be taking much longer. I wound up having diastasis recti which slowed my ability to get back in shape. I've hard a hard time getting rid of that post baby belly and my belly button is still inside out. After my month long effort with exercising, I was having more pain in my stomach and in the scar area of my c sections. I went to the doctor last week to be sure I wasn't harming my body. Turns out I have a hernia. I was kind of bummed, yet relieved to have an answer. For now, I'll just have to embrace the way my stomach looks and I'll keep doing exercises that are acceptable for the DR and hernias. Despite not much results in the areas I was hoping for, I'm still enjoying having a little exercise routine and doing something for "me". 

+ Remi Roo - You guys, I can't even. She is getting SO big! She's doing excellent with her potty training (undies or pull ups all day with zero accidents except long trips away from home) and we are so proud of her! She loves to be outside or when I take her to the farm to see the animals. She's learning about the vegetables growing in the garden and it's probably the highlight of her day to "teck da dar-den". She has such a personality (sass on sass on sass) and I just absolutely adore listening to her talk. I seriously find myself video recording her non stop because I don't want to lose these memories. At night when she's in bed, I find myself watching all the videos from the day. I clearly have a problem! Ha! Such a big girl, it melts my Mama heart! 

+ Blogging - I know my posts have been pretty very boring/scarce lately. If you've stuck around and stopped by every now and then to read my posts, thank you! My spare time has been pretty scarce for a while now considering sleep deprived, single mom life, remodel followed by moving, and overall just life in general! Which also means I haven't been reading blogs like I'd like to either - so I'm sorry for that, too! I'm hoping once this moving stuff calms down and I start getting some more sleep (ahem Mason!), I'll get back into a groove again. If there's something you'd like to hear about (post baby, shopping products, about me, recipes, etc) - please let me know what you like to see!

Well, that's a lot and enough about me! What's going on with you?! Need a refill?! πŸ˜‰

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Before + After House Reno + Exciting News!!!

It has been a few months since I've talked about our house renovation or living situation so let's catch up shall we?!

The last update I shared of the renovation (unless you are on facebook) was this sneak peek of our kitchen over Memorial weekend and this update on our progress a month into it.

As you already know, we have been trying to sell our house for a while now so that we can live closer to Michael's work. With having had two sales contracts signed over the past year and moving out/in once (while pregnant).... we were really starting to fear we would never get out of this situation. So after our last listing contract was up, we decided if it didn't sell as is, we were going to put the time and money into it for a complete update. With hopes that once the update was complete, we would relist it and it would attract a buyer! 

Now for the exciting news... (that most of your probably already seen on social media)

After 2.5 months of having the house off the market for the renovation, (I lived in the camper in the driveway with the kids and Michael came home on the weekends to work on the house), we finally got it back on the market June 26th. Within one day, we had three showings lined up for that same week. (Insert mom life stress) On the 5th day, we received the first offer. On the sixth day, we negotiated and accepted the offer! As excited as I am, I have been a hot mess (or should I say more of a hot mess than I already was). Leaving our first home is beyond bittersweet.

It has been SO hard not to share such exciting news! After the false sales we've experienced in the past, we just really wanted to make sure this was a solid deal first. The inspection and appraisal went through no problems and it's just been a matter of a waiting game for the financing end of things. We officially close NEXT WEEK! We do get to stay here for a little bit after the closing to wrap things up. And then... we'll officially be homeless! Actually, we're moving into our camper (again). Plus, we could stay with family if need be. So I guess we're not 100% "homeless".

This renovation could not have been possible without the help of so many of our family members. Everyone put so much effort into helping us, wether it was babysitting the kids, painting, electrical, drywall, moving stuff, cleaning, the flooring, the list is never seriously never ending. We are so grateful for all of the help we had! It was a rough two months living in the camper, but the end result was much worth it!

Here are a few more pictures of before/after updates as well as a very brief list of some of the things we did!

(Removed hanging cupboards)
(removed two walls & one staircase, new drywall, new cupboards + counter tops, expanded island, new sink, new lighting, new fixtures, paint, new flooring, restained wood ceiling beam, new trim + painted old trim white)
BEFORE (angled view)
AFTER (angled view)

BEFORE (Laundry/Hallway/Basement Stairs)

(removed wall & staircase, re used old cabinets - painted white, new hardware, paint, flooring, painted old trim white, new hardware on folding doors)

BEFORE (living room)
(Paint, reused old trim - painted white, new baseboard trim + painted white, restained fireplace mantle and base trim & ceiling beam, new light fixtures, new tile on fireplace, new flooring, painted ceiling)

A few other after pics
(in hallway also did new baseboard trim, paint, flooring, repainted old trim white, and light fixtures)

During Reno

Lastly... some side by sides! 

In the end, everything came together perfectly. Especially considering we came up with all of the plans, measurements, etc. ourselves (with Michael's step Dad's help!). There wasn't one argument between Michael and I the entire time! (I know you don't believe it!) And most importantly, the end result brought us a buyer for our home! So now after alllll that labor of love, we've got some experience under our belts and we're willing to tackle another reno if need be! πŸ˜…

So, what do you think?! Anything you want to know details of?!