Saturday, September 22, 2018

New House Progress | Weeks 25 - 28 | WE MOVED IN!

Well hey there! 😄 Where do I begin?! A LOT has happened over the last 6 weeks since my last update on the new house progress! In the month of August we started out still doing some finishing touches to RV living in the backyard to living inside the house! Plus a whole lot of happenings in between all that! 

The crazy thing is that it is the end of September and we STILL are waiting on our builder and the bank to finalize things. As a matter of fact, we were so upset waiting and waiting and waiting... that the bank made an exception to allow us to move in while we were impatiently waiting. I never thought a whole other month would go by and we'd still be waiting for that final closing process! Phew. Building a house is such an exhausting drawn out process. 

Even though we are living inside the house, we have still been very much busy working on things, unpacking, organizing, etc. Seriously, the list is never ending! Hence the reason for my absence with an update. Whoops! 

Here's a little bit (literally leaving so many details out because I'm over trying to keep track, ha!) of what August looked like leading up to the official move in....

I painted the interior and exterior patio door off the dining room. Yes, by standing in that bucket on the skid steer since we don't have a patio. For whatever reason, the three doors on the backside of the house (upper patio, lower patio, and garage entry) are not the same color white. I was not happy about this or the fact that I had to paint it. Which also means forever upkeep. I also had to putty and repaint all of the baseboard trim inside which was time consuming. 

The dryer was delivered. Officially have a fully functional laundry room!

I brought some books and toys to entertain the kids inside instead of outside in the dirt. Ha!

August 9th - All final inspections approved! Just waiting on the results from the water test!

We moved the camper to the house and parked it in the backyard while we waiting for the occupancy permit and the clear to close. So with this meant... Michael got out of work and was able to come to the house get work done and stay there rather than work there late and drive back to the camper (which was usually once we were all in bed). We showered and cooked inside the house to make our lives easier and less driving to other people's houses for showers and food. The kids loved it! Although they did really miss seeing the horses at Nana and Papa's daily. 

What our days typically entailed... walks down the driveway, rolling down the hill, digging in the dirt, baths in a bucket, picnic lunches... 

August 12th - Cleaned the entire house (thanks to help from Aunt Linda and my MIL) and moved our bed into our room. After they left, we cooked and ate our first dinner in the house! 

August 15th - Unpacked the first load of boxes that Michael had went to get from the storage unit the prior weekend. Seeing all these boxes in the garage was a bit overwhelming. We haven't seen this stuff in 2.5 years! (And this was only 1/2 of it!) We also set up the kids beds in their rooms. At this point we didn't care that we weren't supposed to be moving in. At least we weren't sleeping inside yet. Hah! 

August 17th - Results from water test came back. All is well! I felt better about showering and bathing the kids insides now knowing there wasn't anything bad in the water. #worrywart

August 20th - Michael worked on finish grade in the backyard. 

August 23rd - Received certificate of occupancy in the mail. 

August 24th - Officially emptied out the storage unit on our way to the thumb for a wedding. 

August 26th - Packed up the last of our stuff from my MIL's house and spent our first night in the house!

August 27th - Woke up for the first time in the new house! (Also the one and only night ML slept in his own room so far. Whomp whomp.) 

Like I've mentioned before, there are a lot of other details and things we've been doing in the midst of every day life plus all the big things worth mentioning. I honestly can't keep up with remembering all the details at this point. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Ha! 

Once we moved everything in, I've been really busting butt on the unpacking and organizing which has taken up all of my free time and left me zero ambition to get on the computer to do an update. Most days I don't even have the energy to do an update on social media. So for those of you that have followed along or have been wondering how things are going, I apologize! 

I'm going to try to do another update of our first month of living in the house as well as normal happenings/updates as time goes on. If there is anything you'd like to know or hear about specifically with our experience, let me know! 

After 28 weeks of construction (not including the decisions prior to the start of construction), we are SO glad this project is (kind of) over. Our experience was far from what we expected (not in a good way) and if we had to do it all over again, we probably wouldn't. Lol. However, we're happy that we finally have a house to live in and that we are (for the first time ever) living under one roof as a family! Never thought I'd live to see the day! 😉

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

New House Progress | Weeks 20 - 24

It's been a whole month since I've updated on the house progress that has literally consumed (and exhausted) our lives. Read: This is going to be the longest post ever. 😉

A month ago I would have guessed we would be living there by now. Unfortunately... that is not the case. Maybe another month??! If it's longer than that I probably won't live to see the day. We've had so much going on and there has been so many rough days that I can barely keep my head afloat let alone keep track of the details anymore. Even though we're seeing constant progress and we've felt like we are getting so close yet we are still feeling so far away. We went from a tentative move in date at the end of June/beginning of July to now the end of August.

Here's the gist of what we've been doing on the days that I either remember or have pictures to remind me of what was going on. There really is so much more that has went on than what I have documented. Something is better than nothing, right?!

But first, the happiness on their faces because they LOVE this house and playing in the dirt makes some of this craziness feel somewhat tolerable.

Sunday 6/24 - I managed to get a babysitter so I could head to the house for the day. I grabbed some paint samples on my way. I spent the majority of the time cleaning up garbage, wood, cardboard, garbage, sweeping and vacuuming. I should have taken some before pictures. The after pics were relieving considering it was the first time in months the house looked kind of normal!

Once I was done with that I put some paint samples on a few different walls. A full paint detailed post to come. More electrical complete including exterior lights. The kitchen sink is officially in and sealed and Michael installed the faucet as well. Michael worked on some plumbing stuff (Bathroom and kitchen fixtures) and tried pumping out the well hole that's been sitting there filling with water since the company hasn't came out to drill it yet.

June 25th & 26th - Michael worked on a few misc things and picked up a utility room wash tub to install. Him and Rick also started the insulation in the basement. This is when I realized that it will really stink to not have a finished basement because we have to make sure the kids don't touch that insulation. We would have rather have done a spray foam insulation but with that you're required to do finish drywall right away, which we couldn't afford to do both.

June 29th - Well drillers delivered their equipment but no set date when they'll be back to work. (They've been telling us every week for the past two months they were coming). They disliked the piece of culvert sticking out of the ground and the water in the hole so Michael wasted a few days of his time cutting the culvert to be even with the ground and pumping water out of the hole. Which is frustrating when his to do list is a mile long and he's doing work that you'd think the contractors in that field would do.

June 30th - Michael worked on the basement stairwell drywall since the builders didn't finish that. We picked out some porch steps rather than wait to have concrete ones poured. I'm not really sure I like them but they were my top pick out of what I had to work with. The kids were with us so we had a little picnic at the house inside in the AC since it was really hot out.

July 1st - Michael and I went shopping to get supplies to start painting. We left with 20 or so gallons of paint for the majority of the house. Still to determine the kids rooms. Side note: I really wanted to pay someone to do it because I just didn't want the stress of it... turns out there is no way I could fathom paying someone $6k to do it. So DIY it is.

July 3rd - Gutters installed. Company to come back to install the rain barrels.

July 4th - I started the morning off going to Home Depot just to get a "few" things. Which turned into 3 hours in Home Depot and I was losing my mind! I also picked out our appliances which I kind of rushed through because I just wanted out of that store! So... I hope I like them! By time I got to the house it was 2pm and I felt like my day (kid free) was gone. We had a few helpers for painting so we worked on getting as much done as we could before I had to drive almost 2 hours to go get the kids.

July 6th - My sister watched the kids for a few hours and I worked on some more painting. Once we finished the living/dining/kitchen/hallways we started the closets and laundry room.

July 7th - Michael worked on burying the tiles for the gutter drainage.

July 8th - I cleaned up more garbage. I feel like all I do is pick up after everyone when I go there.

July 9th - My first time getting to the house bright and early! I worked on painting some more and also put the waterproofing stuff down on the last sections of floor before the flooring goes in. The well drillers showed up which gave me a few interruptions to deal with that and a million phone calls to Michael because it didn't go well and they had to pull out. So I didn't get as much done as I had planned. But I only have one more closet to finish before I can start bedrooms and bathrooms.

July 10th - Michael dug and set a new culvert in place for the well company to come back out and try to drill again. We are extremely lucky that Rick has been able to get us a used road culvert for significantly less than if we were to have to buy these new ($2k+)

July 12th - One of many many many shopping trips to Home Depot and Menards. These kids carts save my life. 

July 13th - Remington's room is painted and one wall in ML's room is painted. The navy blue accent wall.

July 14th - The four of us hung out at the house. Cleaning, burning boxes, and Michael working on a little bit of everything. It was the kids first time seeing their rooms painted and their reactions were priceless!

July 15th - Grandma Sharon and Aunt Joann met us at the house to help paint and watch the kids. We painted the hallway bathroom and the master bedroom. The guys worked on the flooring and finished it up. ML had his first nap in his room.

July 16th - We transplanted some plants from our friend's house.

July 18th - The kids went to Aunt Linda's because Michael and I needed to be on site with the well drillers to make a final decision on how to proceed since they weren't getting water. After lots of discussing, we decided to dig deeper rather than try the other options. A few hours later we recieved the news that they DID hit more water and the well was officially being installed. While all that was going on, I finished the other three walls in ML's room.

July 19th - I met the well drillers out at the house to make sure they were all set to finish. The kids played in the dirt and checked out their rooms again. Michael marked the driveway out so he is ready to start working on that when the time comes.

July 21st - Michael and Rick started the waterline from the well to the house. Apparently the well company doesn't do this. The appliances were delivered (except the stove we already have and the dryer that is on backorder). The kids and I hung out around the house and played in the rain.

July 22nd - The water line was completed and well company came back to hook it up. Grandma Sharon and Uncle Chuckie came with our stove (I bought last fall on Black Friday) and helped with the kids so that I could paint the master bathroom.

July 23rd - Michael cleaned up around the well so the kids and I took a walk out there to check it out.

July 24th - First load of asphalt millings were delivered for Michael to start the driveway. We went with millings instead of stone because it was cheaper. Eventually we would like to put a concrete approach in front of the garage plus a walk way to the front door.

July 25th - Second load of millings delivered. 

July 26th - Carpet installation in the bedrooms and basement stairway. Both kids initial reaction was to lay on it which I thought was so funny. They are both undressed because they were so dirty from playing in the dirt so I didn't want it in the carpet.

July 27th - Michael put all the appliances in the kitchen and worked on the sump pump line and grade level behind the house.

July 28th - We went shopping for stones for our rain barrels to sit on and to finish the front porch stairs. I cleaned up the appliances a little while the kids played. Michael worked on the sump pump line and leveling grade on the back of the house.

July 29th - We've been running the water every day for at least an hour trying to get it to clear up (still murky and dirty from being drilled). Finally, we seen clear water! So we turned water on to the house for the first time and used the toilet for the first time. No more squatting in the woods.

July 31st - Laundry tub installed in laundry room. Eventually we'd like a countertop and lower cabinets here. Michael worked on some more flooring and then putting the baseboards back on.

August 1st - More asphalt millings delivered. This should be the last of them to finish the driveway.

Every day after work and on the weekends, Michael is making progress at the house. I honestly can't keep track of it all. A lot of the stuff we're taking care of is stuff not even worth mentioning or taking pictures of even though it's part of the process. We are constantly making decisions, phone calls, purchases (I've seen enough home improvement stores to last a lifetime), and checking over lists to make sure we're not forgetting anything. I do go there almost daily as well however I don't get a damn thing done there because kids... if I stop there it's to do check ups on work completed or meeting contractors, which turns into watching the kids play in the dirt followed by baths in a bucket. Soon these will all be memories and we will look back and wonder how the hell we did survived these days.

In the coming week(s)...
- Water testing - Once we determine the water status and quality, we can get a softner and filtration system
- Final Inspections
- A tiny bit of flooring
- Ceiling paint touchups
- Baseboards put back up and then touched up
- Bedroom doors all need cut because they don't open with the carpet height
- Driveway
- Yard leveling (and cleaning up so we can plant grass)
- Replacement of the wrong garage doors

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