Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday!

Today was an amazing and productive day! I spent my day off with my Mom running errands and getting some wedding things checked off the list! As well as spent some much needed time with my mom and little sister, Jasmine. We dropped Jasmine off at school and headed to my Mom's hair salon to give some much needed TLC to my hair! {Thanks Mom!!}

After a couple hours at the salon.. it was time for some lunch and a cocktail at Murphy's in St. Clair before we headed to the jewlery store... I took my wedding dress so I could try on jewlery for the wedding day. That was a lot of fun and very exciting! Although I had to leave my engagement ring so the wedding bands can be custom made to fit the ring, I fell in love with a necklace and pair of earrings! I also got to pick up Michael's {camo} wedding band!

I didn't know the day was going to get even better when I went to pick up our tax refund paperwork! Always have to be thankful when your getting money back from the government rather than have to pay them more than you already have!

Before I headed home, I had one more stop to make and that was to pick up the wedding invitations. They are awesome!! Love them!! Now to fold, stuff, and address them! Haha.

Last but not least... I crossed paths with my Mom and Jasmine one more time as I passted through Port Huron. We decided to get some dinner at Big Boy before I continued heading North and I got to sign Jasmine's new cast! No more green cast to the armpit! She's a happy girl!

Happy Wednesday ya'll!! Hope yours was as great as mine!

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