Friday, March 22, 2013

A day in the life of Demolition...


I'm really looking forward to having the weekend off and getting to spend it with my better half now that he's home from work! Check out what Michael's work week is like doing water tower demolition ......  

Michael has returned home from another week of demolition. This week the crew traveled to South Dakota to work on an extremely LARGE water tank! It took a day to travel from home to the job site. Tuesday morning they began taking it down piece by piece. Late Wednesday afternoon the job was complete and they were on the road back home. After icy roads and many accidents, they finally arrived home yesterday afternoon. Luckily, it is warmer here in Michigan than it was in South Dakota!

Next week Michael and the crew will travel to warmer weather in Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana! I'm hoping that he brings the warmer temperatures back home with him next week!

That folks, is a day in the life of a man on a demolition crew..... Kudos to Michael {and his co-workers} for being such hard workers! I know I would never be able to survive doing what they do! (=

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