Saturday, April 6, 2013

Busy Being Busy

~ Direction is more important than speed...
We are so busy looking at our speedometers that we forget the milestone. ~

Life has been keeping me really busy lately and I haven't had a chance to recap on any of it! I can't believe that it's April! Now if only the weather would warm up, everything would be just ducky! :)

Rewind back to March....
Garter - Check! Yes, it's Camo! The rest is a mystery for now. {Rose from the Weddingzilla shop on Etsy did a fabulous job! Check out her shop HERE!)
Invitation Process - Still in progress! 
Fold, Insert, seal envelope , address, Stamp, Check off list, REPEAT!

We spent some time with the wedding coordinator at Fore Lakes (where we will get married in 3 short months). Looking around, getting ideas for photos, discussing the ceremony plans, setting up decor "just to see", picking the menu, the set up of the room, and all those little details was an eye opener... it's coming up quick! I know I've been counting down the days and diligently planning every spare minute that I have, however it's surreal that it's MY wedding day. I'm used to being the guest at weddings or just a dreamer of my favorite things on Pinterest. It's exciting! Here's a couple pictures we took...

I'm officially a Princess House consultant! Yay! I'm SO excited to share these awesome products with friends and family! There is lifetime warrenties as well as half price replacement warrienties. BPA free products! AND... drum roll please.... Most of the glassware is made in the USA! Check out my website for the current specials and more information HERE!

I hope everyone had a great Easter! We spent Saturday with Michael's family and Sunday with my Dad's side of the family. Very relaxing and enjoyed good company! Our bunny, Ginger, got some extra attention for the holiday! ;)

This past week Michael has been off of work so we have been able to spend extra time together! Although I swear that he loves Sandy girl more! ;) She sure does love her Daddy. She follows him everywhere and always has to be on his lap when he's sitting down. Therefore, there's never room for me! Haha.

Michael has officially been to DSW! He's never seen someone get so excited about shoes! Yes, I was extactic when I seen they had these shoes for the bridesmaids! We spent an entire day shopping together. Maybe not Michael's preference of time together, but I enjoyed it! My mom and little sister even joined us for a couple hours. It was a successful day for the most part. He looks so thrilled doesn't he?! Hehe!

We had lunch at Boston's (not Boston's Market) and it was delicious! We all split a pizza - half hawaian and half florentine. Yum!

 I feel like we have been living partially Amish ever since our TV broke! After 5 days of no TV, Michael decided to tear apart the TV and hook up a 19" we had stored in the basement. I can't even see the darn thing from the couch! Even with my glasses on! Kudos to the anti-tv watchers and the amish out there in this world... I don't think I would survive. :)

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