Friday, May 10, 2013

Life on our little acre{s}

Since we've purchased the property behind our house and now that the weather is getting nicer, we {{{mostly Michael}}} have done a couple projects and improvements! One of the important and much needed improvements was to fix the roof of the grainery so the birds would stop living in there and pooping on everything! Once it got nice out, Michael was able to complete that project! Since then, the wind blew some sofit off of the shed and some birds have migrated to living and craping on everything in there! I tell ya, if it's not one thing it's another! So now, when I go into the lean-to to feed Dan, I'm greeted by birds! First they swoop down at me, then they scatter around trying to get out. Once they're gone, I safely enter and feed Dan. Then I rush the hell out of there! Hopefully Michael will fix that problem soon. :) On the list of other projects that need attention SOON is our roof, 2-3 leaks in our basement, and the bathroom fan! Like I said, it's never ending :)  

In our efforts to support Earth Day and being tree huggers, we {{{once again mostly Michael}}} planted 250 trees! Okay so mostly because Michael wants to improve the habitat for hunting as well as make our land more private... but it still shows love for the Earth! I'll be honest, the only participation I had in this project was going to pick up the trees. There were 10 huge bags with 25 trees in each bag. I filled the back of the pickup (and emptied the checkbook.. Haha!) and slowly made my way home... being sure nothing blew or fell out.

Friday 04/26/13

The morning after I picked up the trees, Michael got home from work and our friend, Greg, came over and helped Michael with all the trees. I took one bag down to my Dad's so he could plant some at his place. I headed down to the city to visit with some friends and bring my Mom back home with me for the weekend. By time my mom and I got back to our house, Michael and Greg had planted 175 trees and sold 50 of them, drank a case of beer, caught 15 suckerfish, and somehow managed to feed themselves dinner. Impressive right?! I'm still not sure if they sold 50 of them because they ran out of room to plant them or if they were tired of doing the work.... I'd guess the latter... Haha! Here are some pictures of their hard work!

Saturday 04/27/13

 Saturday 04/27/13

Saturday 04/27/13

In addition to the projects around our home, we've been keeping busy with every day life and enjoying the weather! Running outside with the dogs is always enjoyable {{for both of us}}!

I've also been able to clean out flower beds and work in the landscaping around the house. Soon enough we will be planting a garden! {{This year we are going to downsize the gardening and keep it to one small garden just for some fresh veggies due to our busy busy busy schedules}} The dogs love to be outside and they follow me around the yard as I do my yard work. Jack has went for several swims in the pond already! I can't imagine it being very warm...

Jack playing with a log off the wood pile... goof ball!

Jack & Sandy enjoying the sunshine as I weed a flower bed

Jack enjoying a swim in the pond!

'Tis the season for suckers! Michael and I were only able to go sucker fishing once... and caught nothing! But we had fun :) Unfortunately we didn't make it to Suckerfest in Adair :( Maybe next year!

That about sums up life on our little acre lately! I'll save the wedding planning process for another day! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the spring weather! Happy Friday!!!!! :) :) :)

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