Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Showered with Love & Gifts!

Michael and I were blessed to have not one, but two bridal showers thrown for us! Since our families live so far apart, our mothers thought it was best to have two separate ones. Both of them were amazing! We can't thank everyone enough! Great food, great company, great gifts, and overall a great time!

On April 13th, Michael's Mom had a shower for her side of the family and friends at the Port Hope Fire Hall. I didn't get any pictures of all the food she made, but it was delicious! We recieved lots of nice gifts including serveware, bakeware, dishes, shovels, tools, step ladder, misc. kitchen tools, Princess House containers {my favorite glass containers ever!} and much more!

Here are some pictures from the Port Hope Shower.....
Michael and I with the cake
Some of the Bridesmaids and myself 
Super cute Mr. & Mrs. Coffee mugs with a bible verse inside 
Bride and Groom Rubber Ducky!
New plates, bowls, and coffee mugs! Love them!
A cute picture frame from my mom with the lyrics to "My Wish" in it
Michael & I
My mom and I 
Michael, his Mom, and myself

This past weekend, my Mom and my Bridesmaids planned a shower for us at Fore Lakes. It was a breakfast buffet style and it started early in the morning so that we didn't take up the guests day. Which worked out really well because it was a beautiful day and most people don't like to spend a nice day stuck inside! It was also nice for those who have never been to Fore Lakes to be able to get a look around and know what to expect for the wedding. My stepmom and some day to be "stepmom-in-law" also helped with the shower by supplying the cake and cake pops! Once again, everything was amazing! We recieved some really amazing and generous gifts! Some of the things we got included a crockpot, toaster oven, silverware, bakeware, cupcake caddy, picutre frames, bathroom set, towels, rugs, and some exursions for our honeymoon in Alaska!

I wasn't a fan of using this microphone... but it was the best way to be sure everyone could hear!
I had the easy job of talking and reading cards... Michael had to open gifts and try not to break ribbons! Haha.
This gift was so cool! It was a basket full of household items along with a poem. So as I read the poem, Michael picked certain items out of the basket that went with the poem.

The poem read.... on July 12, 2013 Julie and Michael will pledge themselves to each other at dawn and exchange a few wet ones. You may think your charmin' man may be Mr. Clean but you may have to iron out a few things you haven't seen. So snuggle up close, you'll be glad you did when you resolve those roarin' waters you will fall in love again!

Room full of friends and family! 
A gift of personalized Christmas bulbs! One for each of our dogs, my bunny Ginger, a camping one, an engagement and wedding one, and of course, two hunters!

Awesome Bridesmaids helping us from all angles!
A gift in remembrance of my Grandma Linn who passed away in 2011. The ribbon is for my bouquet!
Shots in honor of the shower :) Thanks Jenny and Natalie! 
Bridesmaids <3
Flower Girl and Ring Bear
Michael's Dad and Fiance, Kelly 
My Mom and her boyfriend, Greg 
My Dad and Stepmom, Miriam
One of my ultimate favorite gifts... a heirloom recipe book!!! Each guest brought a recipe to add to the book! Can't wait to try them!  

Words can not express our appreciation for everything!!!! Thanks again to all of our family and friends that came to each shower! A BIG thank you to my Mom and Michael's Mom for planning these wonderful events! And another BIG thank you to my bridesmaids, Grandma Julie, my Dad & Miriam and Michael's Dad & Kelly for contributing to the shower as well as helping make it run smoothly! We love you all and we are SO blessed to have you in our lives!!! <3

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