Thursday, June 6, 2013


Happy Birthday to my soon to be husband!!

I'll never beat the first present I got him (insert sarcasm)... A smashed truck from hitting a deer.. parked in the garage with newly tinted windows, a balloon on the antenna, and a "please don't dump me" note on the center console. At least he liked the tinted windows and we're celebrating our 4th birthdays together! Haha :)

^^ Me squeezing the crap out of the Birthday boy!! ^^

So.. to give more details of the story about our first birthday celebrations together...

We had been together for about 4 months. I wanted to do surprise him with something he wouldn't expect. I came up with the idea of tinted windows on his pickup. I don't know how to drive a stick, he lives 2 hours north, therefore, he wouldn't ever expect to come home to it. I called Michael's Mom to go to the house to be sure he left a spare set of keys there and to inform her what was going on.

Then, with the help of my bestest buddy, Greg, he drove up with me late at night after work one night. 2 hours there. 2 hours back. Greg knew how to drive a stick, so he could drive it home. Then while we had it at my house, Greg was going to teach me how to drive a stick so that I could drive it back on my own since he couldn't go with me. Good plan right?! Well it was all a good plan until that damn deer ran into the side of the pick up on our way home from Michael's house. All I could think was "How am I going to tell him?!" "Am I going to tell him?!" "Maybe I shouldn't tell him?!" "Maybe it's not that bad..."

So the next morning I called his Mom and Dad. Hysterical. I figured his parents would be the best ones to know how he was going to react. Regardless, his windows were at the shop getting tinted. It was the least I could do! His parents told me not to worry about it, shit happens and he would understand. I felt a little better. But I still hadn't told him! It was so hard to act like everything was peaches and cream.... But I did it. After the windows were tinted, Greg spent some time with me teaching me how to drive this stupid, smashed, stick shift pickup.

I managed to learn how to drive it within a day and took it to his house the next day. Backed it in the garage so the smashed side was hidden. Tied a couple balloons to the antenna and left a note on the center console, explaining what had happened, apologzing, and begging him not to dump me. I'm pretty sure that note is still in his center console by the way... Haha!

All the while... Michael has noooooo clue his pickup is sitting in his garage, smashed. But at least it had tinted windows! I don't recall exactly how the conversation went when he came home from work that weekend, but I do know that he wasn't mad at me and he (obviously) didn't break up with me! The truck wound up costing his insurance $8,000 to get fixed! Whooooops!

This is just one of the many birthday memories we will share for many years to come! I look forward to sharing many many more! Happy Birthday to my love!!!!!

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