Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Birthday Weekend

Another birthday has come and gone...

It was a pretty relaxing/non-eventful weekend. In the past, I have celebrated a bit more (vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Party Bus, Bar hopping, Long Camping trips, etc) than I did this year... but this year relaxing with family was just as enjoyable!

I was reminded that this is my last birthday celebration as a single lady... Wowzers! Not to mention I feel old being "over the hill" of the 20's!

I was lucky to have been born on my Dad's birthday! It's always been a special celebration that we are able to share! The odds of being born on the same day is .2%!

Friday night Michael and I went out to a new restaurant (QB Blitz) in the next town over for beer and a burger. And they had my favorite... fried pickles! So I got those too! They were yummy!

Saturday (my birthday!) we went to Lakeport State Park and stayed at my Mom's campsite for the night. The dogs hate being stuck on a leash. They just want to runnnnn! They won't go pee or eat or poop at the campsite. They bark and whine until we take them for a walk. Spoiled I tell ya!

After sleeping in and then hanging around the campground for a couple hours on Sunday morning, we packed our stuff up and headed to my Dad's for a Birthday/Father's Day cookout. There was lots of delicious food! My Stepmom is a great cook! We visited, ate, took pictures, and relaxed. We had to rush home so Michael could get ready to leave for work. Typically his work schedule interrupts all of our weekend plans.... But we enjoyed the visiting while it lasted! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy father's day to all the amazing Dad's out there! 

~ Julie

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