Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Green Thumb

I love this quote! Planting and maintaining a garden can be very fun and rewarding, yet sometimes it can be disappointing.

Last year we went all out. It was our third garden together and we decided we wanted more produce. It was my first summer of living at the house so I thought I would have more time to maintain it. That wasn't the case. Two gardens and only one me just wasn't enough hands to weed, pick, can, blanch, freeze, etc. I was super busy with the gardens and when Michael was home from work he always worked hard to help me catch up. We filled the freezer and the pantry and shared the rest with loved ones. Then said that we would not do that again! Especially not this year with the wedding and other summer plans. At one point, Michael and I agreed we wouldn't have a garden at all because we were so sick of gardening.

Then a couple weeks ago, I decided I couldn't skip having a garden. Seeing that section of dirt next to the raspberries and strawberries with no plants in it just wasn't right! So I ran the idea past the boss (aka Michael)... and he said only if we kept it minimal... a couple plants. I happily agreed!

This past weekend, the weather finally was nice enough to plant the garden! We went to the local greenhouse and purchased some plants as well as some flowers. Once we got to planting, Michael pointed out that our garden wasn't so small after all.... Haha! Opps! At least it's smaller than last year and there is only one garden. I'm looking forward to the fresh produce as well as canning and freezing goodies!

We planted sweet corn and green beans a couple weekends ago that is slowly coming up. This weekend we planted celery, asparagus, jalapeno peppers, orange and green peppers, squash, cucumbers, broccoli, and tomatoes!

A little wagon I planted some flowers in for our front porch
 Top Left: Dorothy's Flowers - Harbor Beach, MI
Bottom Left: Weeding project in the raspberries and strawberries prior to planting new plants!
Top Right: Wagon full of veggies and flowers to take home and plant!
Bottom Right: Completed Garden!

Jack thought he was incognito in the overgrown grass as he watched me work in the garden
Dan spent some time in the yard as we planted the garden.. he was happy happy happy!

Do you plant a garden?! What are your favorite and least favorite things about having a garden?! What do you plant in your garden?! Happy planting and gardening!!

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