Monday, June 24, 2013

The last fling before the ring

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"The last fling before the ring"

Saturday was an eventful day for Michael and I as we celebrated our "last fling before the ring"!

During the day, we went out separate ways. It was a beautiful day! The guys went golfing in Port Austin. The girls went wine tasting, grabbed some lunch, and did a little random shopping in the "big" town of Bad Axe ;)

Lunch at the Gathering Place

Jello Shots!
We freshened up, changed clothes, had some drinks, and got on the bus! First stop... bathroom break! Second stop... bathroom break! Third stop... pick up more guests! Fourth stop... Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner! We had the whole patio to ourselves, which was really nice!

After dinner we headed to Coyote Joe's. It was a great time! Bull riding and dancing were definitely the highlights of the night!

After snacks and a 2am stop at Meijers, we finally arrived home at 3:45am.

The end!
Thank you to everyone who put the party together and to those that attended!


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