Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Alaska - The Great Land

Our honeymoon to Alaska was nothing less than extraordinary! It was by far the most beautiful place I have ever been! If you appreciate the outdoors, wildlife, history, and beautiful scenery - we highly suggest you go to Alaska sometime in your life!!
Pictured above is Emerald Lake in the Yukon territory of B.C. Canada

Our vacation began with a morning departure from Detroit Metro and a lay over in Chicago. My fears of losing all our luggage and/or the plane crashing started to set in. If you didn't already know... I'm a huge worry wart! But good news... no accidents and we never lost a piece of luggage! The second flight was the long one.... 6 hours. Watching movies on my iPad, playing some games and taking a nap helped pass the time. We arrived in Vancouver, B.C. Canada in the early evening. Just enough time to go out to dinner and check out the town. It was pretty neat! The next morning we boarded the ship in downtown Vancouver. Let the excitement and fun begin! Oh and the waiting in lines.... There were 2,800 people boarding that ship. Can you imagine the lines everywhere you went?! Talk about finding some patience.... Haha ;-)  

The first two days we were at sea on the cruise ship. It was beautiful to sit on our balcony and look at the scenery nonstop! Make a note... if you ever go on a cruise, it is WELL worth the money to get a balcony suite! When you don't want to stand with a group of hundreds of people to look off the ship, it's nice to have the option of going to your own private balcony to relax and enjoy the scenery!

There was TONS of activities and events to particpate in on our ship. Every day we got an itinerary and timeline of events going on throughout the ship. From theatre performances to wine tasting to magic shows to kareoke to game shows to balloon drop.. it was nonstop activities! It took us a couple days to wander around all 16 floors and learn where everything was. I've never been on a cruise before and I was completely astonished by the ship! From the details of the decor, to the 8 different dining rooms, several different bars, the movie projector under the stars, the dance clubs, the dinner meanu, the pools... everything! It was beautiful! 
The three ports we stopped at were Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway. Ketchikan is the salmon capital of the world! Juneau is the capital of Alaska and Skagway is known for the Klondike Gold Rush. All of these towns were beautiful! We did shopping at all the unique shops in each town which was lots of fun! We also participated in zip lining, a railway trip, a gold mine tour and panning for gold, Iditarod dog sledding, lumberjack show, glacier tour, and many tours of historic places!

We seen lots of wildlife! Although we wish we would have seen more! Bear, otters, sea lions, caribou, humpback and killer whales, lots of huge salmon, mountain goats, and bald eagles. It was so neat to see animals in the wild that we don't see at home besides at the zoo. My favorite sightings were the bear and the whales! My first reaction when we seen the bear coming towards us was "Michael! Should we run?!" He calmly said.. "No, we should be alright, he's busy fishing for dinner." That little bugger came within feet of us and just mind his own P's and Q's! So neat! The whales were just an amazing sight to see blowing water and frolicking around. We did get a couple good pictures of them mid jumping or diving - which I will post at a later date! 

Michael and I in front of our ship - The Diamond Princess - in Ketchikan, AK
This was the only picture I had of the bear on my phone. I have some closer ones on my good camera that I will post sometime!
Sunset at sea - Breathtaking!
Waking up to this sunrise out of our balcony was one of my favorite things!

That is all for now my friends! I've got lots to catch up on now that we're home! Sometime soon I hope to go through the 3,000+ pictures that we took and share some more!

XO, Julie


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  1. Looks beautiful Julie! :) I think I would have wanted to run from the bear though! (Although I know they say that only draws more attention to you) lol