Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Final Days of single life...

Well we're officially down the final days of being single!

We spent the weekend with family. Lots of relaxing. Which was much needed before this week gets crazy!

I've also been gathering all the wedding stuff together and checking my list twice. Besides having a dilemmena with my dress, I think we're all set!

Today is my last day of work and luckily, Michael didn't have to go to work this week. If he would have went to work, I would have been stressing out about where he was (he travels across the country) and when he was going to be home. So it's been nice to have him home! He's taken care of a lot of things we needed to get done in the last couple days.

Myself on the other hand... I've still got a list of things to do and get! This is one of those times that I hate living in the middle of no where! I see a lot of driving in my near future.... The two most important things to do are picking my brother up from the airport tomorrow and taking my wedding dress in to get it's "final" touch up - something that I shouldn't be dealing with... but at least the salon is making it right. Fingers crossed all goes well!

Michael and I relaxing at a family BBQ on Sunday
Jasmine and I watching the fireworks Saturday night in Port Hope
The pile of wedding stuff in our basement! Decorations, gifts, favors, etc..

My next post will probably be when I'm a married lady!

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