Thursday, August 29, 2013

Harvesting Corn

'Tis the season to begin harvesting our garden goodies!

We planted our garden a little late this year due to the cold weather and since we needed some extra time to get passed the wedding and vacations. Now it's finally starting to produce veggies!

The majority of what we have gotten is corn from our first planting. We plant a couple rows and then a couple weeks later we plant a couple more rows. That way it gives us time to harvest in betwen.  

It is SO easy to prepare and freeze sweet corn! I don't know about anyone else, but we LOVE taking sweet corn out of the freezer over the winter time!

You will need:
. Ball Blue Book .
. Large Kettle .
. Strainer/Wire Rack/Tongs .
. Freezer Bags/Containers .
. Marker to label container .
. Electric Knife/Corn Zipper .
. Empty sink full of ice cold water .

My favorite guide book for harvesting is the Ball Blue Book. You can get it at most local stores that carry canning items (such as Meijers, Walmart, Target). I recieved mine from my Aunt who has taught me lots about harvesting! It's very simple to find what you need and steps are easily written. There's also lots of information about different ways to preserve!

How to blanch and freeze sweet corn:
1. Remove the husk and strings from each ear of corn
2. Bring a large pot/kettle of water to a boil (the information on blanching actually gives exact measurements on how many gallons of water needed per weight of food - I've honestly never measured though!)
3. Once the water is at a rapid boil, slowly drop the corn in and cover. If you have a wire basket or strainer insert, that is also recommended so it is easier to remove the corn at once. I do it the hard way and add/remove them one at a time.
4. Blanch - Set the timer for 5-6 minutes (according to the BB Book)
5. As soon as timer goes off, the blancing step is complete! Remove the corn from the pot either using tongs or the wire basket 
6. Immediately place the corn in ice cold water so it doesn't continue cooking
7. Once the cob is cool enough to handle, begin removing the kernals off the cob and into a large bowl. I love using my Pampered Chef Corn Zipper if I'm just doing a couple cobs. Otherwise when we do a large batch, I prefer the electric knife! Which we got off our wedding registry from Kohls!
8. Once you removed all the corn off the cob, you can begin dishing it into freezer ziplock baggies or freezer containers. I always label mine with the date so we be sure to eat the oldest first.
7. Place in the freezer!

Waaaaalah! Just like that, you harvest sweet corn and can enjoy it year round! Enjoy!

I would post pictures of the steps and products I use if I would have thought about it last night. But I think ya'll are smart enough to figure it out! :)

Happy Harvesting!


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