Tuesday, September 24, 2013

take nothing for granted

I've been overflowed with emotions lately. Stress. Overanalyzing. Worrying. Ungratefulness. And it's time that I set the whining aside and paying more attention to being thankful!

Sometimes too much time is spent wanting what we don't have. Or simply not being thankful for what we do have!

Some things that people may take for granted are the little things in their life, but a huge thing in someone elses.

Such as...
* Living within minutes of your parents (and friends)
* Coming home to your husband/wife every night after work
* Being able to eat dinner with your husband/wife every night
* Going for a walk/run with your husband/wife in the morning or evening and motivating each other
* Having someone to help you do housework or yard work
* Being able to go to work and come home after you put your hours in for the day
* Sleeping in your own bed next to your husband/wife
* Going out to dinner, the movies, or shopping any night of the week
* Making a quick trip to the store to pick up a couple things

I realize that everyone leads different lives and has different needs. These are just some of the things that have crossed my mind lately that I hope other people don't take for granted. I may do the things I listed above, although it's in moderation and very minimal.

* I live hundreds of miles from the majority of my family and friends. If I want to plan a visit, I have to plan an entire day. There's no such thing as stopping by for a quick visit. Besides the couple friends I have in my area of course!
* I don't get to wake up next to my husband, come home to him, have dinner with him or sleep next to him every day. On average, it's twice a week.
* If I want to go for a walk or a run, I can't ask my husband if he wants to go. Instead I ask the dogs!
* I don't believe it's one or the other's job to do housework or yard work. I enjoy to help each other and work as a team! However, if your husband works away from home, that's not possible. Therefore, it leaves a lot of things left to me to do. Thank goodness my husband doesn't mind mile long hunnie-do-lists!
* My husband is one of the many people who travel for work. Unfortunately you don't know what that's like until you live that life. He doesn't know what it's like to get up in the morning and leave for work for the day and return home in the evening. He sleeps on a piece of foam in a trailer while driving all over the country. Sometimes he doesn't even get sleep because it's his turn to drive!
* Due to our living area, there is no such thing as a quick trip to the store. It's a half hour one way. With gas prices almost $4 a gallon, I've learned to meal plan real quick! In addition to running errands, there is no quick trip out to dinner. And there's definitely no such thing as going out to your favorite restaurant! Unless that's Big Boy or Pizza Hut! No thanks Otherwise, it's a long drive for some good grub! Same goes for movies or shopping (I'm not talking about groceries!).

Many of these things upset me at times because I wish and hope and pray that they will be different someday. However, I've come to realize that I have MANY blessings to be thankful for that I have brushed under the rug while I've been worrying about what I don't have.

* I have a handsome, hard working, genuine husband that would do anything in the world for me
* I have a beautiful home in the country
* I can simply hop in my vehicle and drive to visit my hometown. It may take a couple hours and it may guzzle some gas, however I'm lucky it's within driving distance and in the same state!
* I get to park in a garage and not scrape windows in the winter! Lol
* I have developed a career with my employer over the past 8 years and regardless of the changes coming up, I'm given a great opportunity rather than unemployment
* I have amazing friends and family who love me dearly
* I am healthy

~ The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for. ~

I've been sharing my feelings with Michael lately and pointing out things he may take for granted as well. Today he sent me this beautiful bouquet to let me know how much he appreciates everything I do!

Is there anything you wish was different in your life? Is there anything you may take for granted that you didn't realize you did?

XO, Julie


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