Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wedding Recap - P.3

If you haven't already read Parts 1 & 2 of the wedding recap, you can read them HERE and HERE

Meanwhile as I was in my suite... the guys were taking some amazing pictures. So handsome! Michael looks much more relaxed than I was. Haha. And I'm kind of jealous that he got way more pictures taken with his guys! Notice my Dad and little brother are not pictured... because they weren't there yet. Grrrr.... 

Around 4:40 I was getting really impatient and couldn't sit in my room any longer. It was hot in there. I was anxious. I needed to just walk around. I kept leaving the room and the event planner kept telling me to go back in there. At that point, I didn't care if any of the guests seen me. Opps! I also noticed that there was a stack of corsages and boutonnieres still sitting there. I panicked that the people didn't have them! Good thing one of the guys pretty much knew everyone and I was able to run back to the suite and get the list so he could go pass them out. My brother, Jeramie, came to see me quick and then my Mom started walking me towards the elevator to go downstairs for line up. My Dad still wasn't there.

As my Mom and I were walking down the hallway, my Dad finally showed up! It was definitely hard to enjoy those last couple moments with my Dad because I was so upset that he wasn't there sooner and I didn't understand how he didn't hear the event planner tell everyone involved to be there by 3:30. Regardless, he was there and I was relieved! 

About 5 minutes to 5, we got in the elevator and headed downstairs. Yay! Now I was really getting excited! I had to stay in the elevator until Michael had started the processional. Once he was gone, I was able to stand at the window and watch everyone else. It was definitely hard for me to not see everything going on! I'm one of those people that doesn't like to miss out on any excitement. Weird, I know. Once I heard the music start for the processional, my heart sank, I had butterflies in my stomach, I was getting choked up, and I started taking deep breaths. Phew! I can remember those feelings just like it was yesterday!

Our prelude music as guests were being seated included:
Zac Brown Band Violin Intro "Free"
Brad Paisley "Love is never ending"
Darius Rucker "True Believers"
The processional for the bridal party was:
Rascal Flatt's "Bless the Broken Road
The presentation of the Bride: 
The Band Perry "All your life

The entire way down the aisle, I was clenching the gum in my mouth trying not to cry and ruin my makeup and I was breathing big deep breaths. Inhale. Exhale. Ha! I can't wait to see the video of that! Silly me. As soon as I laid eyes on Michael, it all went away. I was overfilled with happiness to see him and finally meet him at that alter! 

As we stood at the alter, our officiant informed us and our guests that he didn't have a microphone so he would be talking as loud as he could. I was not happy about that considering our contract with the DJ included a wireless clip mic for the officiant to clip onto his suit.

The order of the ceremony was
Welcome Guests
Scripture Reading (by Aunt and Uncle) Corinthians 13: 4-8
Sand Ceremony (Instrumental music)
Exchange Vows
Exchange Rings
Pronouncement of Marriage
First kiss! 

Overall, the ceremony went perfect! I picked everything myself and wrote our vows. It was short and sweet! I held my tears in and I was pretty impressed by that!
 Sand Ceremony box that I etched! Read about the project here!
Officially Mr. and Mrs. Joy!!!! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wedding Recap - P.2

Friday, July 12th - The BIG Day!

I woke up not really sure if I ever even slept. I text my mom to let her know I was up and reminded her what she needed to bring from my camper that I forgot. I walked to the campground showers and then waited for everyone else to be ready. My mom came to bring me my Spark  and inform me that she was irate with all the guys for staying up late and being loud outside her camper. So she was crabby. Mom being crabby is not a good start to the day! Then there's my poor preggo friend, Stephanie, was having a rough morning because there was a bug in her bed and it crawled in her ear. The flower girl and another bridesmaid, Taryn, had stayed up a little late and they weren't even awake 10 minutes before we planned on leaving the campground. I sat on the little front porch of the cabin and wrote a little note along with a gift for Michael. I'm corny like that. Michael on the other hand isn't sentimental so I knew I wouldn't be hearing from him all day let alone getting a note from him! Haha.

My mom owns a beauty salon in St. Clair so that's where we headed bright and early. She originally joked that there was no way in hell she was doing my hair for my wedding day, but of course she did! It was about 9am by time I got there. A couple of the other girls were already there so they could begin their hair or makeup. It's kind of crazy how early us women take to start getting ready for such an event. Looking back, I realize that if there wasn't so many girls, it definitely wouldn't have taken so long. There was rotations of hair and makeup between 6 hair stylists and 2 makeup artists. We had Tim Horton's bagels and muffins and mimosa's. Oh and we drank them out of the sweet tumblers I had made for each bridesmaid! Overall, it was a really relaxing morning. Reality hadn't quite hit me that I was getting married in a couple hours!
Bride tank top from Victoria's Secret
Makeup by Tamara LoMedico
My little sister, Jasmine, and I with our hair and makeup done!

Around 1pm we headed to Fore Lakes. On the way, Taryn, got sick in the backseat so we had to pull over. It was about 1:45 by time we arrived. There were two bridal suites there to get ready in. The bridesmaids shared one and I had the other to myself.  I also had to finish placing flowers on the centerpieces that the florist was dropping off. I actually forgot about that until I got there. By time I finished putting flowers on the tables and showing one of the bridesmaids how to do it, and showing the photographers different things to get images of, I had to hurry and finish getting ready and dressed. My hair wasn't quite the way I wanted it. Then my Mom had to put my veil in and then I was really unhappy with how it looked. After a debate over that, some wine, and then taking some boudoir pictures, it was about 3pm. Somewhere in that time frame my Mom's jewelry that was wrapped in tissue paper on the vanity in my suite had disappeared. So she was a mess. Which made me a mess. The bridesmaids were outside in the dumpster in their dresses, digging for it. It was custom made Sworski crystal to match her dress. The guys were supposed to be showing up and I had't even went outside to get pictures with the bridesmaids. Where did the time go?! The guys were called off for a half hour so that us ladies had more time. I'm pretty sure they were just hanging out in the parking lot because by time they got the call they were already almost there. Sorry guys!
The entrance to Fore Lakes
The photographer only took pictures of the centerpieces before I was done putting the flowers around them. 

After I finally got dressed, I did a reveal shoot for the bridesmaids. Natalie was the only one of them that had seen me get dressed so I thought it would be cute to get pictures of their reactions to see me for the first time. That was completely impromptu and an idea from the photographer. Looking back, I'm glad I did it! Although I wish I wasn't as stressed as I was when I came out. Everything suddenly felt so rushed and I was so upset that my Mom didn't have her jewelry. The first words that came out of my mouth after their initial reaction was "I am stressed the *&^%$# out!" Everyone gave me hugs and we continued on outside to take pictures.

After what only seemed like 10 minutes of taking pictures, we noticed that people were arriving and watching from up on the deck. Then the other photographer came out and said the Groom was coming outside to take pictures with the guys so I needed to get back inside. I instantly panicked and rushed inside. I really disliked the fact that guests had already seen me. And I really disliked that we didn't get more pictures.

The ladies and I went back up into the hall and had a drink and I freshened up a little bit. Just passing time. Too bad while we had the time we didn't think to take pictures with each individual bridesmaid... there was never that free moment to do it again later in the evening.

When the guys were coming in the building, they recommended that I went back into my suite in case they came into the hall. By this time, I was starting to have anxiety. I was having a hard time breathing and I was really hot. Between being nervous, excited, and angry, I just wanted it to be 5 so I could see that handsome groom at the alter. It was just after 4 and my Dad still wasn't there yet. The more time that went by, the more mad I got. He didn't answer his phone any time I tried to call. My little sister went out looking for him and neither him, my brother, or my step mom were there yet. There I sat in my suite with a glass a wine and trying to relax....