Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday already?!

Why do weekends go by so fast?! Or better yet... why are weekends so short!? Why can't we swap the long work week and short weekends around?! 

Lately I've been more appreciative for the weekends because in three short weeks that's going to change. I'm starting a new position and going to a new office. I'm not looking forward to working weekends in the slightest bit. As a matter of fact I think it makes me slightly irritable. Especially considering my husband is only home on the weekends and Saturday is typically our only full day to spend together. Guess that's going to have to change too! 

Needless to say... after getting my new schedule on Friday along with the full moon that brought all of the weirdos out of the woodwork.... I went straight to the bar in our house when I got home on Friday. I did greet the furry kids and gave them some attention first! Then went straight to the bar in the basement. Grabbed one of these tasty beers and relaxed for the rest of the evening. 

Dinner Friday night consisted of a chicken Alfredo concoction. Which is the only thing I cooked all weekend. I had a couple things pinned on Pinterest that I combined and just kind of mixed it all together. THIS is where I got the Alfredo sauce recipe. It wasn't bad. Could of used some more flavor. I tripled that recipe considering I had a huge pan to make. I also added ricotta cheese to try to add flavor.

I precooked the chicken in olive oil and then shredded it up a bit. I also precooked some pasta noodles. I didn't feel like doing the whole roll up thing from the recipe so I just used random noodles. (Pasta is pasta right?!) Then I mixed it all together and baked it in the oven for 20-25 minutes. I also added broccoli and mushrooms too. Gotta have some veggies with all those carbs! I know the picture of my concoction doesn't look like a fabulous meal you see on the menu at Olive Garden... but it was pretty delicious!

One of the big to do's on our list lately has been to get our camper put away for the winter. I think we've been in denial that camping season has come to an end. In the past, we have paid to put our camper in storage. This year we decided to purchase a cover and keep it in our own yard. In the long run, it should save us money. And it should minimize the wear and tear on the camper. This thing was not the easiest thing to get on... especially not in 20 mph winds! But we managed to get it done! 

Saturday afternoon Michael and I decided to take a drive and do a little shopping. The weather at home was rainy and windy. Which cancelled our plans for going to an apple orchard or corn maze. Then we met my mom for dinner. Apparently that's what everyone else in the world was doing as well because it was packed! Sweetest day dinner with two of the sweetest people in my life! 

Sunday was a beautiful day! 
I wanted to shoot my shotgun since gun season is right around the corner. I was having a hard time sitting at the humongous picnic table as well as adjusting the lead sled. So after arguing with Michael about it, I shot once and walked back to the house. Looks like it's still on from last year so that was good enough for me.

The rest of the day Sunday was spent relaxing around the house. Michael had to leave for work early in the afternoon. I even made it to bed before 9 and Monday was still here too early! 

Have a great week!

XO, Julie

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