Monday, October 7, 2013

Rainy Weekend = Crafting & Cooking!

Is it Monday already?! There is just never enough time in a weekend! Especially a rainy weekend which leaves limited options! Therefore, I didn't get to enjoy any of the things on my Pinterest inspired "Fall Bucket List"! (Shown in my previous post HERE)

Friday night was pretty boring considering the hubby still wasn't home from work. Womp womp! So I relaxed with a glass of wine a a craft project. I've been wanting to make a fall wreath for one of our front doors and I've seen a lot of cute stuff on Pinterest. I didn't want to spend a fortune to get the materials so I set aside some miscellaneous fall decor that I already had and then kept my eye open for other cheap items.  I'm not quite done with it because I'm not sure I love how it turned out and I have alredy went overboard with the glue gun so no turning back! But I think I might try to add to it to make it look a little different. Bottom line is no final picture yet... Haha!

  • Grapevine wreath at the goodwill store for 99 cents! (I took all the ugly flowers off it)
  • I scooped up the sunflowers at the dollar store for $1! 
  • Paint and letter "J" from Walmart for $3
  • I already had the pumpkins, leaves, and pine cones. 

Saturday morning Michael finally arrived home! His crew was driving all the way from Texas so it was a long haul. I woke up and cleaned a little bit. He was outside working on one of his pickups. Then we ran some errands. Which included going to an auto part store where he needed a million things and we were there for what felt like hours! A couple hundred dollars later... we finally headed home! Michael had to work on both his pick ups and my car so he spent the majority of his day out in the shed (or what I call - Pole Barn). I spent mine in the kitchen. On the menu was: Pumpkin Spiced Rice Crispy Treats, Stuffed jalapeno's, and  butternut squash. I also made sausage and baked potatoes for dinner but I didn't recap any of that. 

First - Pumpkin Spiced Rice Crispy Treats. They were delicious! As a matter of fact, the whole pan is gone already! Super super easy to make! All the ingredients you need are shown here!
1. Melt 3 tbls of butter over medium heat
2. Add 10oz bag of mini marshmallows - Stir until melted
3. Add 1tsp vanilla and 1tsp of pumpkin pie spice (you can add more spice for more flavor) - Stir until well blended
4. Add 6C cereal - Mix well
5. Spread into a pan lined with parchment paper and allow to cool before serving!
6. Enjoy! 

Next, I baked all of the butternut squash from our garden so that I could freeze it. Last year I put the squash in the basement and they all rotted. I didn't want them to go to waste this year so I wanted to harvest them as soon as possible. We didn't have as many this year due to a bug that killed all our plants. In the end, I put 6 quarts in the freezer and we had fresh squash for dinner. Yummmm! 

By now I was hungry for a snack... so I decided to utilize the jalapeno peppers that I just picked from the garden and I made up some stuffed jalapeno poppers! I kind of just made up my own thing. Cream cheese, green onions, garlic, and shredded cheese. They turned out pretty good! 

After several hours in the kitchen, I decided to take the jalapeno snack out to the shed and visit with Michael. He had quite the project going with his pickup. Brake line, rotars, transmission filter, oil change. I don't know how he knows all that stuff! We spent the majority of the evening after dinner out in the shed while he finished up one of his pickup and then he worked on my car. It was a pretty relaxing evening! Although I felt useless just watching him do all the work! 

Sunday morning we went to the Baptism for our friend's little baby. He's so cute! The rest of the day, Michael was back out in the shed working on his "good" pickup. This time he had to do a universal (whatever that is) and then he put his winter tires on. Instead of spending the day in the kitchen and being away from Michael, I decided to work on my sunflowers under the awning of the shed just outside of where Michael was working on his pickup. It was a pretty gloomy and consistent rainy day, but it was warm! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all these sunflower seeds yet... 

Last but not least, I wrapped up the weekend in the kitchen making Chicken Picatta - A recipe I pinned on Pinterest. I try to make at least one recipe a week from my Pinterest boards! Chicken Picatta was one of the entrees at our wedding that we loved so that's why I really wanted to make it! It turned out great! I added artichokes too! 

 Did you do anything exciting this weekend?! Have a great week! 

XO, Julie

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