Wednesday, October 9, 2013

So What Wednesday

So what..... 

  • ... if I play the Geico Hump Day commercial a million times on Wednesdays. It's the middle of the week and I'm happy as hell about it! The goofy commercial makes me giggle every time. :)

    • ... if I had a thirsty Tuesday evening and drank booze, ate fried food, and stayed up till midnight having a sleep over with a girlfriend. We had a great time! Magically, I still managed to get up for work on time this morning.                

    • ... if I snoozed my alarm 4 times this morning. (Due to the above events)
    • ... if I seen this picture posted on my photographers Facebook page and I've since looked at it a gazillion times, sent it to everyone and their brother, posted it on Instagram, made it my background on my phone and my computer. It just makes my heart melt! It's definitely one of my favorites so far! 

    • ... if I went in my basement at 11pm last night looking for an old phone charger for my girlfriend and discovered a puddle of dog pee... and didn't clean it up. Okay.. so I was a little lazy, tired, and slap happy. Aint' nobody got time for that! 
    • ... if I ate 4 donut holes for breakfast! I'm not a donut person... but these donut holes my girlfriend brought over were just delicious! I couldn't resist! Oh, and I blame that on last nights events too. 
    • ... if I took a ton of pictures of the lake yesterday in Port Austin. It's such a beautiful place. So what if I already have hundreds of pictures of this very same beach and pier... it's a new memory every time! 

    On that note.... Have a great Wednesday! 

    XO, Julie


    1. That's great, all of it!! lol and I LOVE that picture from your wedding. I put our wedding cd in the computer last night and started looking at our wedding pictures. Everything seems so long ago! It made me sad that it was over but I decided to look at it in a positive way instead of pinpointing everything that wasn't done right or didn't go as planned for our day (which I think about often) and just be happy with how it did turn out. Happy Wednesday girl!!!!

      1. Good attitude! I know what you mean though! It's hard not to think of those things! And thank you regarding the picture! :)