Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wedding Recap - P.1

Thursday, July 11th - Rehearsal Day: 

I was a stress ball. 
- Just picked up my brother from the airport on Wednesday. He almost didn't get on the plane because he lost his wallet. Talk about having a nervous breakdown. 
- My wedding dress looked terrible because the alterations were done incorrectly. All I could do was hope it would look good on the big day. 
- Someone hit my car in a parking lot so I had to deal with the insurance company and getting an estimate sent in before we left the house. 
- I had lists upon lists to be sure I didn't forget anything before we left the house. The wedding was over an hour away from home so if I forgot something, I'm sure there wouldn't be any turning back. 

Michael, Jeramie, and Derek started carrying everything up from our basement. This stack is ALL wedding stuff. Decorations, centerpiece materials, bridal party and parents gift, baskets, etc. Between our pickup, the camper, and Derek's pickup, we managed to get it all in. We were camping a mile away from the venue so I had to be sure I had everything necessary for camping and for the dogs as well as all the wedding stuff. After a couple hours of loading everything up, I double checked the house and double checked my list. We were on our way to the big day! 

First stop was Fore Lakes to unload all the goods and start setting up. A couple of my bridesmaids came to help Michael, Derek, and I. We set up all the favors and centerpieces. 

Once everything was done there, we headed over to the KOA campground and checked into our campsite. We had a nice site in a nice secluded area. Silly me never even took a picture! Not sure if you've ever camped at KOA but it is like city camping. Jam packed. So I was glad we were off the beaten path and not in the congested areas. After relaxing for an hour and having a couple drinks, it was time to head back to Fore Lakes for the rehearsal and dinner! 

There was about 40 people in attendance. We did our rehearsal and then went inside for dinner and drinks. Pretty self explanatory, nothing too exciting. Although I couldn't believe it was finally here. We gave our bridal party and parents their gifts. I was so excited to give them to them all! It was so hard to keep a secret! 

For the parents, we had personalize Yankee Candles made. You can customize for any occasion! Check out their custom candle center here. We also gave the parents empty picture frames for them to choose wedding pictures to display. 

For the groomsmen, I did some DIY glass etching. You can read more about how I did the etching here. We filled the mug with some little alcohol shots, a cabelas pocket knife, and some homemade jerky. 

For the bridesmaids, I had customized bags from Thirty- One made and loaded it up with some goods! Including some shots, nail filing kit, nail polish, some chocolate, a picture frame with a collage of pictures with each bridesmaid, Kleenex, and personalized tumblers (from Etsy Sweet Southern Company). 

Here are some pics from the rehearsal. 

After rehearsal, we went back to our campsite for a bonfire, drinks, smores, and relaxing. Michael stayed in the camper with the dogs and I went to a cabin with the girls. It was so hard to go to bed. Between the excitement, all sorts of things going through my head not to forget, knowing that the wedding day was finally here, and wishing I could cuddle with Michael. I'm not sure that I slept much that night. And from the sounds of it, the guys didn't either. They were up until 2am or so having a good old time :) 

Coming up... Part Two - Getting ready! 

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