Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wedding Recap - P.3

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Meanwhile as I was in my suite... the guys were taking some amazing pictures. So handsome! Michael looks much more relaxed than I was. Haha. And I'm kind of jealous that he got way more pictures taken with his guys! Notice my Dad and little brother are not pictured... because they weren't there yet. Grrrr.... 

Around 4:40 I was getting really impatient and couldn't sit in my room any longer. It was hot in there. I was anxious. I needed to just walk around. I kept leaving the room and the event planner kept telling me to go back in there. At that point, I didn't care if any of the guests seen me. Opps! I also noticed that there was a stack of corsages and boutonnieres still sitting there. I panicked that the people didn't have them! Good thing one of the guys pretty much knew everyone and I was able to run back to the suite and get the list so he could go pass them out. My brother, Jeramie, came to see me quick and then my Mom started walking me towards the elevator to go downstairs for line up. My Dad still wasn't there.

As my Mom and I were walking down the hallway, my Dad finally showed up! It was definitely hard to enjoy those last couple moments with my Dad because I was so upset that he wasn't there sooner and I didn't understand how he didn't hear the event planner tell everyone involved to be there by 3:30. Regardless, he was there and I was relieved! 

About 5 minutes to 5, we got in the elevator and headed downstairs. Yay! Now I was really getting excited! I had to stay in the elevator until Michael had started the processional. Once he was gone, I was able to stand at the window and watch everyone else. It was definitely hard for me to not see everything going on! I'm one of those people that doesn't like to miss out on any excitement. Weird, I know. Once I heard the music start for the processional, my heart sank, I had butterflies in my stomach, I was getting choked up, and I started taking deep breaths. Phew! I can remember those feelings just like it was yesterday!

Our prelude music as guests were being seated included:
Zac Brown Band Violin Intro "Free"
Brad Paisley "Love is never ending"
Darius Rucker "True Believers"
The processional for the bridal party was:
Rascal Flatt's "Bless the Broken Road
The presentation of the Bride: 
The Band Perry "All your life

The entire way down the aisle, I was clenching the gum in my mouth trying not to cry and ruin my makeup and I was breathing big deep breaths. Inhale. Exhale. Ha! I can't wait to see the video of that! Silly me. As soon as I laid eyes on Michael, it all went away. I was overfilled with happiness to see him and finally meet him at that alter! 

As we stood at the alter, our officiant informed us and our guests that he didn't have a microphone so he would be talking as loud as he could. I was not happy about that considering our contract with the DJ included a wireless clip mic for the officiant to clip onto his suit.

The order of the ceremony was
Welcome Guests
Scripture Reading (by Aunt and Uncle) Corinthians 13: 4-8
Sand Ceremony (Instrumental music)
Exchange Vows
Exchange Rings
Pronouncement of Marriage
First kiss! 

Overall, the ceremony went perfect! I picked everything myself and wrote our vows. It was short and sweet! I held my tears in and I was pretty impressed by that!
 Sand Ceremony box that I etched! Read about the project here!
Officially Mr. and Mrs. Joy!!!! 

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  1. Love it!!! and cannot wait to see the video (: Even though there were lots of little mishaps everything looks perfect!!!