Thursday, November 7, 2013

2922 Days // 417 Weeks // 8 years

2922 Days // 417 Weeks // 8 years
Since November 7, 2005
The day I started a job that has turned into a career. 
I remember it like it was yesterday.
{Of course I do, I remember weird details of life}

It was a couple months after I graduated high school.
When I turned 18 my Dad told me I need to find a "real" job and get my own insurance.
I was currently working at a credit union during the day and a Chinese restaurant on nights and weekends.
I started working at the credit union at the beginning of my senior year because I didn't have any more classes to take and I had completed my business course at the tech center. So my teacher at the tech center enrolled me in a program for working in the real world yet still being a student.
After graduation, the job "could" have an opportunity to turn into a full time job with benefits.
I thought I was set up perfectly for a "real" job.
Well months went by after graduation and they still hadn't took me on full time or offered benefits.
So I began applying and sending in resumes elsewhere.
My current boyfriend's aunt had informed me that a local bank was hiring. She worked there so she put in a referral for me. My boyfriend actually worked for a guy whose wife was the manager of the office I applied for. I believe both of those factors helped me out.
I finally got the call from Citizen's First for my first interview.
I actually came across a file last weekend when I cleaned out my desk at home that had a copy of the resume and cover letter that I had sent in. Too funny.
Long story short, I had two interviews and next thing I knew, I got the job.
Here I've been ever since...

In the last 8 years I've went through a lot with this company.
I've met a lot of great people, some of which have become my best friends.
I've gained experience from some of the greatest managers within this company.
I've started at the bottom and somehow managed to work my way up the ladder.
I've went to college and earned a degree on their dime.
I went from a nose ring, fitted & stylish clothes, party animal teenager to straight up professional (kinda- Ha!).
It's been bankrupt and bought out leaving us employees working through fear wondering when the FDIC was going to come in and close the doors.
After a bankruptcy and buy out, it changed names.
I started with Citizen's First, then it changed to First Michigan, and now it remains Talmer Bank and Trust.
I've worked several different positions and in different departments and locations.
When I moved in with Michael, I was lucky enough to get transferred from 75 miles away from my new home to only 11 miles away.

Next week I'll start yet another new chapter with this company.
With the office I currently work at closing next week, I'm lucky enough to be offered a position at another office and take on a slightly different position.

Cheers to 8 years, and hopefully many more!

XO, Julie

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  1. Definitely cheers to a great career!! I swear I don't know how much more we could be alike!! I did the work program my senior year too! Hope your having a great week!