Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Did you know...

There has been a little "game" going around on Facebook about posting things people may not know about it. I've had a couple friends give me some numbers and I had to spend some time thinking about my answer. I don't normally play games and repost stuff on Facebook, but I thought this one was actually a good one! I don't know about you, but I do have some Facebook friends that I truly don't know very much about. Whether it be someone from high school that I lost touch with, or someone that I met sometime in my life that I just don't have these random conversations with!

Long story short, I pondered it long enough and posted a couple things about me that maybe you don't know either! I added some explations to them versus what I posted on Facebook. I figured no one would want to read a mile long status anyways.. Maybe you don't want to read a mile long blog post either... regardless, don't judge too harshly now... :)

I still sleep with my baby blankie and I refuse to go to bed without it (unless I'm drunk and disorderly)! It used to have little strings on all the edges and I always played with them or twisted them around my finger until I fell asleep. There isn't many strings left on it and luckily, I at least broke that part of the habit years ago. Haha!

I have two different sized nostrils due to breaking my nose and having reconstruction surgery when I was 14. It happened at my very first football game as a cheerleader. Even though the surgeon did his best to make my nose look the same, I still to this day don't like the way my nose looks now.

I had a personal protection order against a psycho ex-boyfriend who put me through hell. He constantly violated the PPO and I was constantly calling the police and testifying in court. He finally got put in jail and I think he got the hint. In the end, I learned a lot and became a much stronger young lady.

I take looooooong showers. Michael gets mad when I use all the hot water. To be honest, I'm typcially just standing there soaking up the warm water! If I wake up late for work, there's no such thing as taking a short shower. I will skip makeup or blow drying my hair or making my lunch rather than shorten my shower!

I only wash my hair 2-3 days a week (yes, I still shower on a daily basis and yes, I still take long showers even though I don't have to wash my hair. Oh, and yes, that drives my hubby even more insane! Haha!)

Growing up my nickname was Rudy. Why? Cause I was rude!I got that name when I was about 5. Once I started getting boobs, it turned into "Rudy with the big hooties". Some people still call me Rudy.

I've had hip problems since I was 16 and had surgery on my left hip when I was 17. To this day I still have complications. The cause is yet to be determined. I don't live a day where I don't have pain. Some days are worse than others. I wish I could be a better runner but due to the pain, I have a hard time.

I'm OCD about lots of things... Such as cleaning & organization. Oh and I must make lists for everything. Most of my lists are made on Excel. I love excel!

I eat my grilled cheese with syrup.  Don't knock it 'till you try it!

I don't function well without 8-9 hours of sleep through the night. Therefore I go to bed early on most week nights.

My step-dad helped raise me for 17 years. After living with him for a year after my mom and him divorced, he suddenly decided he wanted nothing to do with me and suggested I leave. I have not seen or heard from him since the day I moved out. I’ve attempted to contact him several times and he refuses to respond. It’s very devastating to me. He was a huge part of my life.

At one point in time, I had 12 points on my license and paid out my ears in insurance. 5 words: I was a reckless teenager.

Enough about me… these are a few things you probably don’t know about Michael!

He doesn’t have a sense of smell due to an accident about 5-6 years ago.

Due to losing his sense of smell, Michael also has a very weak sense of taste. This makes for an easy excuse for a terrible cooked meal made by me! Lol.

Michael only has one Grandparent. The rest passed away before he was born or when he was very young.

Michael has been on many hunting trips both in the US and in Canada. In his day, I would estimate that he has hunted well over a hundred animals! 12 of which are hanging our house including fox, deer, coyote, elk, mink, and raccoon.

Michael bought the house we currently live in when he was a young lad of only 21 years old!

Throughout his career of tearing down water towers, Michael has approximately torn down over 1300 water towers and storage tanks!

Michael raised a doe fawn. She lived in the grainery out behind the house. Every two hours he would have to go outside to bottle feed her. Her name was Daisey and she came when he called her name!

The only debt Michael has is our home and our property! He’s a smart man financially!

Well I hope you learned something new about the Joy family!

Is there anything about your that we may not know?!

Both Jack and Sandy like to cuddle with my blankies too! 
Daisey - the fawn that Michael raised in our backyard! 
This is Rudy. Haha. This is about the age I was given that nickname. I don't look rude do I?!
One of Michael's hunts in Canada
Michael and I with his only living Grandparent - Grandpa Erv
One of the many days of water tower demolitions throughout the US that Michael's has done!
Happy Hump Day!

XO, Julie


  1. I never thought of putting that game on my facebook. I might have to copy you, I have been trying to come up with something to post about today. Yesterday was so deep I guess it just sucked it all out of me lol

    as for something no one knows is that we both have a long lost sister that was born to the wrong Mothers. Mine lives in MI and yours resides in Zanesville, Ohio (;

    1. Lol. Amen to that! :) Good thing it's not much further across the country than just a stateline away! ;)

  2. I only wash my hair a few times a week too! Ain't nobody got time for washing ever day. No, ma'am.

    1. That's right! And heck, ain't nobody want to wash their hair in our nasty well water all the time! Lol.