Saturday, November 2, 2013

Final Wedding Recap!

It's time to wrap up this wedding recap! Time for dancing, drinking, eating, and visiting! 

I can't believe how fast the day went by and I'm glad that I have this little blog area to document it so I can remember the little details forever! Or for how ever long I keep up with the blogging world... 

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We entered the reception hall with a little twirl and some hoots n' hollers to Pitbull "Give me everything tonight

We joined our lovely bridal party at the head table {yes our bridal party was so large that we had to have two tiered-mile long tables. 
After a second of sitting down, we went and cut our cake. I thought "Shoot! Why did I even bother sitting down!" It was not easy to sit down in that dress that's for sure! 

We cut our cake to Keith Urban's "Sweet thing
I already threatened had a talk with Michael about smashing cake in my face... I didn't pay to get my makeup done to have to wipe it off with cake icing! 

This is our beautiful cake before we ruined it. A local friend/cake baker did our cake for us. She is actually Michael's boss' wife! Very talented and nice woman! I absolutely loved it! It turned out even better than I had anticipated! The flavors were confetti (my favorite) with buttercream frosting, red velvet with oreo cream filling, and carrot cake with cinnamon buttercream filling. So delicious! I can't wait to eat our top tier on our anniversary!
We were cracking up while we were cutting the cake because we didn't realize there was a wooden separator or something like that in between tiers. Yeah, we're amateurs.
This picture cracks me up. Finger lickin' good, aye Michael?!

In addition to our cake, we had two cupcake tables. Made by the amazingly creative Kelsey from Once Upon A Cupcake!
Flavors were Camoflauge Marble, S'more's, and "I Do" vanilla

After the cake cutting, we returned to the head table for dinner. The MOH and Best Man said their speeches and my Dad said a brief speech as well. Prior to dinner, my Grandma Julie was supposed to say a blessing. In the midst of the chaos, I didn't even realize that the mic was never passed to her and I didn't think to stop the servers. As soon as we started eating and I realized that the blessing was skipped, I was devastated. It was on the schedule for the DJ and he "missed" it. It may sound silly and such a small matter, but it was something that meant a lot to me. Especially because she is my only living Grandmother and I made a point to ask her to do it on our special day.

Dinner was delicious! I wish I would have gotten a picture of it. Michael and I have discussed going back there for an anniversary or special dinner of some sort. Our meal was served family style to each table. Including homemade bread and butter, salad with Fore Lake's specialty dressing, Alfredo Pasta, and then the really good stuff - Chicken Picatta, Stuffed Pork Loin with apple brandy sauce, redskin 'taters and fresh veggies. I was so stuffed! I asked for a to-go container and everyone made fun of me. However, they sure were jealous when I was eating left overs at 2am! ha!
As soon as Michael and I finished dinner, our photographer suggested that we go outside and get some pictures of the two of us while our guests finished eating. In that period of time we took a lot of pictures, so I'll just post a couple of my favorites!

We hurried back inside to keep on schedule with the rest of the evening. It was time for our first dance! Michael and I worked on this dance for months. As soon as we got engaged, we had watched YouTube videos of funny surprise wedding dances. We talked about doing one. So as the wedding got closer, a girlfriend and I picked some songs, pieced together the music, and choreographed the dance. Once I had it down, it was time to teach Michael. Which was probably the hardest part. He was SOOOOOOO impatient. There were several times that he would give up. About 2 weeks from the wedding we almost decided not to do it. Luckily, he's not a quitter. We did it and he did awesome! Our guests were thoroughly entertained and we forever have the memory! The video is not the greatest quality because it was recorded off a cell phone. Enjoy!
Twist and dip on cue as the music transitions...
Priceless! Yep, almost had a malfunction. Michael on the other hand is caught up in his moves. Ha!

This is a short clip but it's a little clearer than the longer one.
Michael and I each had one mess up...
But overall, I think we did a good job!
Hard work pays off!
I had cowboy boots on for the reception and the pointed toe was caught on the tuling of my dress at the start of the second song. I had a slight panic attack!

Immediately following our dance, the DJ called me back out to the dance floor with my Dad. I really just wanted a drink of water and to catch my breath! At first I was anti close dancing and hugging because I was so hot. My Dad had his little moment of lecturing me. Well it wasn't really lecturing, but more so reminding me of the long road I went down with previous relationships and how this is different and it better last forever. No joke, if for some ungodly reason that Michael and I didn't work out, my Dad would disown me. And I don't mean that because he's against divorce (he's been married 3 times) I mean that because he loves Michael so much! Good thing we don't have to worry about that though!

Daddy Daughter Dance - Heartland "I loved her first"
I picked this song because I love it. My Dad completely dislikes country music so he almost denied dancing to this song with me and tried picking out different songs. I just didn't feel the connection with the songs he picked out. I'm glad he sucked it up and danced to it. Although I wish he felt the emotion and listened to the song like I do.

Michael and his Mom danced to Rascal Flatts - "My Wish"
After they finished their dance they said they were dizzy because they spun in a circle for so long. Haha!

Next, the bridal party danced to Darrius Rucker - "History in the making"

Just when I thought we were done with all those dances, our DJ said he had a little surprise for us. I really didn't know what to expect but he called us out onto the dance floor. I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous. He had us sit in chairs back to back. I never heard of the Shoe Game before... but it sure was a great time!
I haven't seen the whole video yet, but here is a preview my little sister caught on her cell phone.
 After we were done with our shoe game and since I was already sitting down, we jumped right into the garter and bouquet toss!

Michael removed the garter to ZZ Top's "Sharp dressed man"
Duck Dynasty, anyone?!
I tossed the bouquet to Shania Twain's "Any man of mine"

We had one more slow dance with some "clouds" and lighting effects. I have no idea what song the DJ played because it wasn't the one that I had picked out for this dance... The pictures turned out pretty though!

Before the sun set, the photographer grabbed us and we ran outside for a couple shots.
The rest of the evening was spent dancing, drinking, photobooth fun, and good company!

The night completely flew by! I couldn't even believe it was over! Although there were some things that didn't go as planned, pictures missed, guests not in attendance, we are extremely happy with the way everything turned out and we are blessed to finally be husband and wife! We are also extremely thankful for all of the attendants in the wedding who helped make everything happen as well as our parents!

After the hall was cleaned up, we headed back to the campground! Jack and Sandy were happy to see us! We tried to get a picture with them but Jack was too excited about the decorations on our camper. We had no idea who decorated it until the next morning!

 The morning after, my Mom and I made breakfast for all of our guests that also stayed at the campground. Overall, there was between 25-30 people! How fun!

Thanks for reading our wedding recap! I hope you enjoyed it!

XO, Julie


  1. Love love love the dance!! i begged and pleaded with Anthony to do that with me and he would not do it. Yours turned out great!!! Love all of this!!!!

    1. Thank you!!! :) It was a good time! I'm glad we did it! :)

  2. I can't even take the cuteness and those videos just made me laugh out loud in my office! Ya'll are hilarious!

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