Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday!

Yay! It's Friday! 

This week has been completely uneventful and it's been great! Michael was off of work again this week... which is a bummer in a way of paying bills yet it's great for spending time together. He only worked a couple days farming so he was able to get in some hunting so that makes him happy, happy, happy!

Five of my favorite things from this week include... 

Snuggling with my canine kids! With this time change and the cold weather, I find myself cuddled up on the couch waaaay too early. Sandy are Jack enjoy it though! They constantly follow me around the house and the second I sit down they are on my lap. They do the same to the hubby. Such little lovers they are!

This delicious cake and ice cream! The other day was really rainy and windy out so Michael couldn't work at the farm. I did give him a hunnie-do-list but he had a better idea of baking a cake! I thought it was weird when he called me at work and asked where the vegetable oil was.... Ha! The last time he baked me a cake was 11/11/11 - the day he proposed! Confetti cake is my favorite. He even made his Ma's homemade frosting! It's all a bunch of deliciousness right there in that bowl! Yeah, I skipped working out that night and enjoyed the cake! 

These chairs!!! They're like mini-wingbacks! The office I work at is closing so I was able to snag up these chairs! How much you ask!? Zip, zero, zilch! I brought them home yesterday! I am anticipating finding the patience and knowledge to reupholster this hideous floral pattern into something more neutral for our home! 

Stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon! Fat filled comfort meal right there! One of my favorites lately! Earlier this year I was at a girlfriends and her Ma brought over some leftovers. I took a couple bites and was sold! I asked what she put in it and she said just a mix of cheeses and cream cheese. So I made up my own! 
8oz cream cheese
1C ricotta cheese
Handful of mozzarella and provolone cheese
Rosemary, basil, & Seasalt
Mix above ingredients together, place a thin layer on a thinned chicken breast, roll up chicken breast and wrap a couple pieces of bacon around the chicken! Bake for 60-90 minutes or until chicken is no longer pink! Delicious!

This isn't really a favorite thing.... but my windshield finally got fixed on my car. I'm not a fan of having to get my window tint redone, but I feel safe now. Luckily, I paid zero dollars to get it fixed and they came right to my work to do it. Win-Win for me! I was driving behind a damn tractor last week and got a rock straight to the windshield. The crack was growing overnight and I started to get a little worried that it would just bust someday. I overthink things like that. But I just envisioned it... another rock hits the windshield while I'm driving and smashes all over me. Or I hit a deer cause lord knows they are out like crazy. Or God forbid I get into an accident and then have glass plastered into my face. Yes, those thoughts all went through my head. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about that anymore! Haha!

Happy Friday to y'all and have a fabulous weekend!!!!

XO, Julie


  1. hi hi from the linkup!!! :) your fur babies!!! bless. so snuggly! and that cake and ice cream would be so fabulous on the couch with me right now. ;) and what a score with those chairs!!!! they will be fabulous with a little reupholstering! LOVE a good FREE deal like that!!! xx

    1. Hi Elise! I'd share some cake but it's gone already! Opppps! ;) Wish me luck with the reupholstering! I figure it's a freebie anyways so if I mess them up it's not much loss! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I wish my dogs would curl up with me. That cake looks so good too!

    Stopping by from the link up.

    1. Hi Ashley! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. You did NOT get those chairs for nothing!!!! That is so awesome. Completely jealous of your snagged deal!

    1. Hi Corin! I am definitely excited about those freebie chairs! Wish I could share! Haha :) Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. mmmm that cake look soooo good! happy weekend!

    1. Thanks! Happy Weekend to you toO! (even though it's almost over! Ha!) Yes that cake was amazing! So good that we actually ate it all already! How wrong is that?! Hahah! :)