Monday, November 11, 2013

Manic Monday {Bathroom Style}

Thankfully, I didn't have to work today and yes it was still considered a manic Monday at home. I'm lucky to have federal holidays off and still get paid! Score! God Bless the men and women who serve our country! Land of the free because of the brave! Thank you!
The long 3 day weekend was great! The majority of it was spent on a bathroom project. Which I didn't think was going to take as long as it did. Lesson learned! I'll get back to the details on that...
Saturday we had a QDMA meeting and I was nominated by my fellow board members to become the treasurer! I am excited for the new duties and a challenge! I'm also thankful that they chose me! I've been on the board for the Thumb Branch Quality Deer Management for 2 years now!
After the meeting I headed to the hardware store to get some paint. Phew.. what a chore that was! Good thing I took a hand towel with me to match colors. After over an hour in the store, I headed home! Only to find Michael sitting in the house drinking a beer instead of out in his treestand. Apparently he had a bad night getting out there so he didn't go hunting. We headed to Port Huron for dinner with my Mom and to go to Kohl's to get a new coffee maker. I had a 30% off so I knew we could get a good deal on one! Ours broke and was only 5 months old. What a rip off! It was a Mr. Coffee and I've heard that they don't last long. Well it was true! This time we bought one of those pots that you can use a K cup. It has dual functions for both a full pot or a single K cup. I'm excited for that! I don't drink coffee but I like other things that they make in those cups!
First thing Sunday morning I got up and started my painting project. Took everything out... cleaned the walls, taped everything off, and began cutting in. My Dad stopped by and gave me some advice about caulking and then cutting in so that it looks cleaner. Before I could start doing that, Michael discovered the sump pump was not working in the basement. So we had to go buy a new one. $180 later... I was back home and started caulking. It definitely cleaned things up. Although next time, I will use painters caulk rather than just a random tube. By time I got the caulk done and the wall behind the toilet painted, Michael put the toilet back in. Of course I ruined the wax ring so he was mad at me. Good thing we had a new one in the cupboard otherwise the toilet wouldn't have been going back on. I continued my painting while Michael got ready to leave for work. He went in the master bathroom to take a shower and that broke. Wouldn't turn all the way on and once it was on, it wouldn't turn off or switch to cold water. So he left for work with a running shower head still on and yep, it's still going. I have to turn the hot water heater off in between needing to use hot water so that it doesn't run the electric bill up. With all that nonsense going on yesterday, I did not get my painting done. This bathroom is tiny! Or so I thought... I didn't think it would have taken as long as it did.  Luckily, I had today off and I was able to finish!
Maple Sugar with Deep Rose accent

This is what the bathroom looked like before....
 Old flooring, white walls, white knobs
 Now for the After pics!
New knobs - Hobby Lobby
Maple Sugar and Deep Rose, and Jack of course!
From the door...

This is an example of the before caulk... You can see the gaps in between the wall and the trim and the paint gaps in there as well.
This is cleaned up with caulk!

I was so relieved to finish this project! Although the red wasn't the exact color I had in mind and I didn't intend on painting the walls the colors that they wound up, I think I'm happy with how it turned out! I'm definitely not a great painter and I feel like I'm going to pick apart my mistakes over time. That's what happens when you have OCD like I do...

The only other exciting thing I have for y'all today is a four letter word that starts with an "s"....
Yes it snowed at our house today and yes the ground is still white!

Oh and one more thing... Happy Engagement Anniversary to the hubby and I!
11/11/11 was one of best days I've ever had in my life!

Hope y'all had a great weekend and a great Monday!

XO, Julie

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