Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Favorite Things

I'm linking up with Emily from Beauty and the Greek and Kylie from Lipgloss and Lunges for their first "Favorite things" linkup! 

My favorite things for November are... 

.ONE. Thanksgiving! The previous two years Michael and I have hosted Thanksgiving at our house. This year we are expanding it with more family and making it a whole weekend get-together! I enjoy having guests over, visiting with family I don't see often enough, and of course enjoying all the delicious food! What are your Thanksgiving traditions?!

.TWO. Hunting. Gun season opens up soon! On the 15th here in Michigan. Michael and I enjoy going to the deer blind together. Although he has been known to be very particular about hunting and it frustrates me sometimes because he takes the fun out of it. I'm hoping for a successful season at our house this year! There are an abundance of does and fawns but I'm hoping to see some bucks. Last year I about had an axiety attack when a buck came in. I was shaking so bad I couldn't bring myself to shoot because I thought I'd miss. Talk about having buck fever! Wow! Michael put a lot of work into the habitat for the deer since we bought the property so I'm hoping his hard work starts to pay off! 

.THREE. Scarves! I have been scooping up lots of scarves lately. I love how they can spruce up an outfit or completely change the look of an outfit. Not to mention that they give a little extra warmth! I just snagged this cute scarf at Kohls off the sales rack. :) 
 .FOUR. Heated Blanket. A couple months ago Michael and I used our gift cards from our bridal shower and purchased the remaining items off our registry. One of them was this heated blanket. I used it for the first time two weekends ago and I loved it! Sandy snuggled up with me too. I will definitely be using it more often as the weather gets cooler! 

.FIVE. Crockpot. My crockpot has been in full force since October but it's still one of my absolute favorite things! There's something about coming home to a house smelling delicious and not having to cook after a long day of work. We recieved a programable crockpot as a wedding gift. It's nice because if I'm going to be gone for 12 hours and something only needs to cook for 10 hours, I can set it to start at a certain time for X amount of hours. Now that is easy cooking! One of the easiest and best recipe I make in the crock pot is salsa chicken. My Gammy taught me that one. Just add chicken to the crockpot. Top with salsa. I usually use one of the quart jars that I can so that it has plenty of juices to cook in. I serve it over rice. Simple! 

What are your November favorite things!?

XO, Julie

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  1. My patients always talk about how much they love their electric blankets, and I'm so about to jump on the bandwagon. I love to have the house cooler, and have a warm blanket on me. There's nothing better!

    Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your favorite things! I hope you'll link up with us next month!