Friday, November 1, 2013

Wedding Recap - P.4

From the time we said our vows, the evening flew by. I completely lost track of time and my memory is a blurr. No, not because I was intoxicated. 

We signed our marriage license and hugged it out with everyone. 

Then it was picture overload time. Back to the gazebo. People were not very cooperative for this part. Almost every time we rearranged a new group to take a family picture, someone would be missing. I was starting to get pretty peeved. Both my brothers kept disappearing. At one point, I said forget it, take the picture without them! So yes, there are family photos with frowns and/or missing persons. Looking back, I wish we would have gave ourselves more time because lots of pictures were missed and we can't ever re-do that moment. 
My Mom and Dad 
Brothers and Sisters 
Joy Boys 
Papa Joy & Kelly 
Mamma Joy 
Big Bro - Jeramie 
Little Sis - Kristine 
Little Sis - Jasmine 
Little Bro - Ryan
We managed to get the entire bridal party in a pic... Whoa! 
Confetti time! 1-2-3 POP! 

About this time I was in dire need of a potty break. I had been holding it for quite some time. We headed inside and I changed out my veil for my hair piece. I custom ordered my hair piece from the Weddingzilla shop off Etsy. She also made my camo garter. The hair piece was made out of some extra material from my dress. It turned out perfect! I apologize for the not so good quality picture... 
I got this genius idea from Pinterest for using the rest room in a wedding dress. It worked out great! Especially for my mermaid style dress. I did not allow someone to take a picture of it though. Haha. 

Michael and I met in the hallway, shared some kisses and lined up in the entry way with all our peeps! It was finally time to paaaaaaaaaar-tay! Bring on the reception! 

{Sorry this is in so many parts! I'm hoping to wrap it up in a couple more recaps!}

Stayed tuned for our personalized hilarious surprise wedding dance! Yes, Michael dances. It's great!

Have a great weekend! 

XO, Julie


  1. Oh my goodness! You look gorgeous! Your hair is beautiful. Congratulations!