Sunday, November 17, 2013

Weekend Recap: Hunting Edition

This past weekend is going in the record books. It was absolutely ahhhhh-mazing!
*Disclaimer: dead animals and bloody pictures are in this post*
If you read my post on Friday about having hunting on my mind... I'm happy to say that Michael wound up having an awesome day of hunting and I was lucky enough to have a great morning on Saturday!
As I sat at work, Michael kept me posted by sending many pictures and videos. He got two bucks! I was so excited for him and as the day went on I was getting really impatient to get out of work and see his harvest! Once he got them loaded up in the pickup, he brought them up to my work to check out. He was one happy guy grinning ear to ear!
After work I headed home and had to drive around to find him. Haha. He was out and about showing off his bucks. We wound up going to deer camp and having some drinks with the guys and then got some food at the bar up town. I didn't want to be up too late because I wanted to go hunting in the morning. Even though I totally thought there was no way in hell I was going to see another buck out of the same blind. We joked around about how cool it would be to show my husband up since he was tagged out! 
Michael and I in the blind Saturday morning
Saturday morning I woke up feeling like crap. Apparently I can't handle 6 beers and some apple pie moonshine. The alarm went off at 5 and I told Michael to turn it off. My head was pounding. For a split second, I thought about not getting out of bed. Michael encouraged me to go get in the shower and get out in the woods. As I started getting ready I was feeling really nausea. I wasn't sure if it was because I was nervous or if it was because the drinks I had the night before. Finally about 6 o'clock, we headed out. Once we got to the blind I rested my eyes for a little while since it doesn't get light out until 7. As soon as the sun started coming up, we started seeing deer. It was really hard for me to see though. Michael has much better eyes than me! So he's the spotter most of the time. First we just seen some does. Then we seen a little 4 point chasing a doe. Then we seen a spike horn chasing a doe. As we were watching those, Michael noticed a bigger buck in the woods coming towards the corn so he suggested I get ready. Sure enough, the bigger buck chased the little buck off and followed the doe into the corn. I sat with my shotgun out the window and waited for him to come back out so I could get a better look at him through the scope. I wasn't quite sure if I was going to shoot him because I didn't get a good look at how big he was. We practice QDM and pass anything younger than a 2 1/2 year old. Michael told me since it was my first buck and as long as it was a nice rack, I should shoot it. So I kept that thought in the back of my head. Once he came out, we realized he was bigger than we thought but we still didn't think he was a 2 1/2 year old. He was walking broadside so I didn't get a good look at him from the front to see how wide he was. I put the crosshairs on him at about 80 yards and followed him until he stopped... pow! He didn't jump, kick, or run... he walked 20 yards and dropped. Which made us a little concerned.... Then I reloaded quick as the doe ran towards us and a couple other does came out of the woods after hearing the gunshot. So I took a small doe too. Now that, was some serious excitement! I was shaking like a leaf! I had tears in my eyes and I was in complete disbelief. Michael was proud!
This is the view out of the blind. The buck was about 80 yards to the right coming out of the corn to the east
We sat for two hours before we left the blind to go track them. I was getting so impatient and my hips were killing me. Michael wanted to leave the buck as long as possible to make sure he was dead. He was a little concerned that the buck didn't kick or run so he thought maybe I got a bad shot. The longer we sat there, the more worried I got. In the meantime, I sent out some text messages to share the news!
Around 9am, one of our friends came to our house and walked out the trail for us as we sat in the blind in case the deer wasn't dead. We thought that way if he jumped it, then I would have another shot at it as it headed our way. Luckily, that wasn't the case. Which means I did have a good shot! He waved us over and I literally ran. The buck was actually bigger than we thought it was so that was even more exciting! He's 14 1/2 inches wide inside (which is wider than both of Michael's! Ha) and his G2's are 7 1/2 inches and 8 points with decent mass. He actually fell right in a small furrow so we drug him out and took a quick picture before we took him up to the house.
After we tracked him, we went and tracked the doe. She didn't go very far either. We pulled it out onto the trail and then heading up to the house to get the four wheeler. We tagged them both and took them up to the shed.
Love my doe gear license holder!
By now, the word had already gotten out and we had visitors stopping by to see. I headed into the house to change my clothes and grab the good camera for a little photoshoot!
Who would have thought taking pictures with a deer would be so complicated?! My blonde hair caused the antlers to blend in so we had to reposition many times. Then the background was blending in with my hair so we moved in front of a little pine tree. There were 3 cameras going off and I never knew which one to look at. Funny stuff! But it was fun! Had to get pics with this handsome guy!
I headed in the house to relax for a few (and of course post a picture on FB and Instagram) while Michael headed to gut them. No.. I can't stomach that grossness. We don't gut them at our house because the dogs will get into it and get sick.
When he came back, we began our journey of sharing the news! It wound up being a great night of drinking from deer camp to deer camp. I wound up celebrating a little too hard and became a toilet hugger by midnight. Sunday was a rough day! Let's just say I didn't do much and the hubby took care of me.
Now enough about my hunt... I'm so proud of Michael for shooting not one, but two bucks on Friday morning. We have been practicing QDM for several years on our property and passing up little bucks. This past year, Michael did a lot of work to improve the habitat and after this amazing, once in a lifetime weekend, we are super thankful for our patience and the success we finally had!
Michael and I with the bucks in his buddy's pickup. He drove Michael around all day so Michael could drink!
The first buck tumbled when he dropped and he went rear over front end which caused his antlers to get caught in the ground and break right off! The antlers stuck in the ground and the deer rolled that far away from where he first hit. Pretty crazy! He was a big guy!
Then came the second buck....
The second buck
Both of Michael's are 8 points and 12 inches wide. The one above is really tall and has 9 1/2 inch G2's.
All four deer are hanging out in the shed and we are planning on getting some pictures of us with all three of the bucks next weekend. We were going to do it today but I didn't look very well or have that much ambition. Haha!
In the end, we are so happy to have been so lucky and successful hunting behind our house this year. We have a great time hunting together and we are both very proud of each other. This is my first buck and these are the first two bucks Michael has shot in over 6 years! It's very hard to pass up the little bucks at first, but in the end, it's well worth it! My deer is a 2 1/2 year old and so is the second one that Michael shot. The other one he shot has a really large body and we believe he may be a 3 1/2 year old. We may send the jaw bones in the get them aged just so we know for sure.
I hope y'all had a great weekend as well!
XO, Julie


  1. What an amazing weekend! I love that you guys drive around showing it all off and have deer camps. We don't have that around here darn it, I should just tell Anthony to find a job up by you guys, I am sure he would jump on any job offer there especially since he would be able to tag two bucks in per year!!! Congrats again!

    1. No deer camps?! Boo! It's definitely fun to go around and check out everyone's deer, share stories, laughs, and drinks! Maybe it's because this town is so small?! Lol. I can't believe how different hunting can be from state to state! Michael definitely got lucky with tagging out in one day! Thanks again! :)