Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

Oh Monday, it's so nice to see you {for once}!
This weekend was a short one and definitely wasn't one of the best in our neck of the woods. However, this week is a short work week for both Michael and I and we are looking forward to it!
Good news or bad news first?
We'll start with the good...
Sunday was low key and enjoyable. It started out with cleaning up the house since it was neglected for a couple days. Early afternoon, we bundled up and headed outside to get our bucks out from last weekend and snap some pictures. Since it was a once in a million odds of that ever happening again, we wanted to capture it. Sounds simple right? Wrong!!! All three were hanging in the shed so we had to take them down one by one... then load it on the four wheeler and take it to the yard in front of the woods. {Got to have nice background for a picture right?!} Did I mention how cold it was outside?! Not only were we slightly frozen, but so were the deer. Once we got all deer over to the spot for the picture, we went to the house and got the camera and tripod. Then the sun was beaming and we had to wait until it went behind a cloud.. Otherwise we would be blinded and the picture would be just silly. Michael and I each took turns setting the camera timer and running to our spot. Antlers blended in with my blonde hair, my deer was too high, Michael's deer weren't turned enough, Michael wasn't smiling, my eyes were closed, etc. About an hour and 20 minutes later.... we called for help. Thank goodness for friends! Pictures didn't turn out too bad considering the wind was strong and the air was a brisk 19 degrees! I plan to hang a picture in the house and I also would like to make some Christmas cards with our wedding pictures and the buck family picture. Our theme for our wedding was "The Hunt is Over" so the hunting theme definitely fits! This was one of our favorites...
Sunday night ended with cuddles, preparing my blog post, and watching The Grinch!
So that's the good part of our weekend... the bad part started Friday afternoon when we took our dog, Dan, into the vet for his follow up appointment. Unfortunately we had to make one of the toughest decisions, and that was to not bring our big guy home alive. The cancer had gotten worse in a weeks time and was causing additional issues internally. After looking over an x-ray and discussing his status with the doctor, she suggested we not let him suffer any longer. We took him back home, dug a hole and buried him in our backyard. Many tears were shed between the two of us and it turned out to be a quiet evening with a ridicusouly early bedtime. We know it was the right thing and we are happy to know he wasn't suffering anymore, but it wasn't easy to say goodbye. Dan lived to be 65 in dog years. Michael had him since he was 2 years old. They had spent many nights hunting together over the years. Dan was one of the top coon hunters in the state at one time. He was a great dog. He will be forever missed!   
Saturday was uneventful and the "blahness" continued on from Friday's events. Michael cleaned out the kennel and got rid of some of the fencing. We both decided we didn't want to get another outside dog and we sure as hell don't want another reason to go through that pain again. It's a little sad and weird to not see Dan's housing area out back. Again, we went to bed at an astonishing 8pm. Those emotions are so draining on a person!
Have you ever had to put one of your pet's down? What is the best way to cope with it?
I hope ya'll had a great weekend!
In case I don't make it back before Thursday, Happy Thanksgiving!
XO, Julie 

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