Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Oh, Monday. So nice to see you so soon, again. Not.

Last week I was a little caught up in posting wedding recaps. I really wanted to finish it up and have a clean slate for this week. Hopefully you checked out the wedding posts! Especially the videos, they are quite entertaining! If you missed it, check it out here

This was the beautiful sunrise last week on my way to work. With the time change over the weekend, I definitely won't be seeing much of that! 

For the first time, I finally did a Pinterest outfit inspiration. I'm constantly posting meals and outfits, but I wasn't following up on using them. Until a couple months ago I have started sticking to meal planning and using at least one meal per week from Pinterest. It's been going good and I really enjoy it! So I thought I'd so the same with the outfit inspiration I have posted! 
Pinterst inspiration on the left. Me on the right. 
I personally love the chevron style skirt much better than my jail bird style skirt. But I couldn't pass up the deal at Forever 21. I already had a black shirt and I snagged the scarf off the sales rack at walmart for $3! 

I know I'm not the only one who loves that outfit, and apparently I wasn't the only one wearing it on the same day! My friend Brittany from 26th of August seen my instagram picture and sent me a pic of her wearing the same thing that day! Talk about being twins!  

Michael currently is off work so last week we were able to spend some more time together than normal. Although even when he's off work, he still works at the farm. So that entails me bringing food or drinks and coming to keep him company in the fields. I actually enjoy it! Not only because it allows me to spend time with him, but I think farming is interesting. I'm like a child that asks a million "why" questions. Haha! 
"Something 'bout a truck...." is stuck in my head during farming season. I love it!

Friday I got home from work and received a beautiful package from Kiki La'Rue!
I couldn't pass up the 20% offer they had last week on top of the already clearance items! 
Two maxi dresses, a sundress, and two cardigans. 
Love them all! 

Friday night was uneventful. Michael went hunting behind the house. I cleaned our office room and went through files. Filing papers is for the birds. 

Saturday morning Michael went hunting again. I did more fun adult stuff - laundry! Then headed to a craft show called Holly Berry in Caseville with Michael's Mom and two Aunts. I've never been there but heard there were lots of good crafts! That was definitely true! Somethings were totally over priced though! But I got some ideas if I decide to get crafty for winter decor!

When I got home, Michael was in from hunting. We had some lunch and lounged around the house together. He was heading to my Dad's to stay the night and go hunting. I had zero ambition! Jack loves when I don't have ambition so he can be the center of attention. 

Sunday I woke up bright and early due to that darn time change! Although it was nice to wake up and it was light out. It actually gave me ambition to get out of bed! I headed down to my hometown for the day to visit with both sides of the family. On my way, I stopped to do a little shopping. My options are pretty limited up here in podunk so I have to be sure to utilize my time when I go down to the city. 

I wore my new Lost Mesa Cardigan from Kiki La'Rue. So soft and comfortable!

First stop - Pet Smart. I get all of the bunny stuff there. She's high maintenance. I was also a nice Mom and got Jack a Halloween toy that was on clearance. Even though I know he will destroy it until the squeaker is out. $2 gone in 2 minutes guaranteed. 
Next stop, which is conveniently located next to Pet Smart - Kohls!
I had Kohl's cash so I "had" to stop! I couldn't let it go to waste! 
I originally told Michael that I was going to use it towards a new rug for our entry way since we have new floor to put in and the rugs we currently have, won't match. Umm yeah that didn't happen. I seen the sales racks in the clothing sections and never made it to the home section. A skirt, scarf, two belts, leggings, and three shirts later, I was heading out the door! Only spend $30ish dollars though! I'd say that's a bargain! 
Final shopping stop - Sam's club. This place can also be bad news at times. I only had two things on my list so I decided to behave and skip the cart, didn't look down the aisles as I walked through the store, and went straight to the chicken. Straight to the nuts (I love the wildroot mix) and bam! I was magically out of there within 15 minutes with only the items on my list! 

Once I got to town I stopped at my friend's that did the photography for our wedding so she could capture a couple more images of items that were missed. It was very kind of her to do that for me! I know it's just little details, but I can't imagine not having those details that I spent time designing or making. 

Then I headed to the bar that the Mason side of the family was at. My Aunt was in town from a couple hours away with her new man, so we all visited and catched up. I haven't seen any of them since the wedding. It was a short visit, but better than nothing! My Aunt Linn on the left is a recent breast cancer survivor. It was nice to see her doing better and her hair growing back! She didn't dig the whole wig thing. 

Finally, it was time for dinner with the Schunk side of the family at Adair Bar. 
Yes I realize the common denominator for my family gatherings is a bar. 
We're not all drunks, I swear. 
Notice I said we're not "all". Some are. Haha! 
Anyways, Adair has some amazing food! Especially their Sunday Chicken dinner!
Winner winner, chicken dinner! 
My little sister, Jasmine. I bought her that camo hoodshirt for her birthday. I'm glad she likes it and is wearing it! Kids can be so hard to buy for sometimes!  
Jasmine and I with our little cousin, Olivia. She's a doll! 
Grandpa Silly with his grandkids. Only missing my brother, Jeramie. 
The whole damn fam stuffing their face with fried chicken. 

I finally made it home just before 10pm. All that excitement and driving in one day is exhausting! I hit the sheets and listened to Michael's hunting experience at Whitetail Haven. Michael said he seen a lot of deer but nothing was close enough to shoot. I'm glad he at least seen some deer and it was eventful for him. It's always boring to hunt and not see anything. That's usually when I fall asleep! My Dad took a shot at a doe but Michael said they couldn't trace a blood trail so they gave up and headed home. Bummer. There's always next time! 

Now that was a good weekend of love, laughter, and good company! 

This morning I gave Jack his new toy. 
I left the room and came back 2 minutes later....
Ooooooh silly boy. 

I didn't cook at all this weekend (which was lovely) because I had cooked one meal during the week and we had to eat leftovers every night to get rid of them! Gotta love cooking for two people! 
Chicken Enchiladas
What you need: 
Tortilla Shells
2-3 cans Enchilada Sauce
3-4 Cooked chicken breasts(Shredded or cubed)
1 package Taco seasoning
Cheese (monterey cheddar or taco seasoning)
1 can Refried Beans
Jalapeno's and green onions (optional)

1. Cook chicken
2. Add Taco Seasoning and water as directed on package
3. Layer ingredients in tortilla shells until gone - beans, chicken, cheese, enchilada sauce
4. Wrap shells and place face down in baking dish
5. Top with enchilada sauce and cheese
(jalapenos and green onions if desired) 
6. Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes or until cheese is melted
7. Serve with sour cream, salsa, rice or anything you desire!

This is one of my favorites from my Mumma! Enjoy!

Have a great week! 
This is my last full week of work at this office.... how bittersweet! I hope it flies by!

XO, Julie

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