Friday, December 13, 2013

5 on Friday: Christmas Wish List Style

I don't know about you, but this week flew by for me! I can't believe it's already Friday! WooHoo!! 

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Since it's the holiday season and Christmas is only 11 short days away, this week, I'm posting 5 items on Michael and I's Christmas Wish List's! 

Ladies first..... 

Please excuse my scatter brain for not numbering the pictures... I'm sure you can put two and two together! 

Fireplace Utinsil Set - We have fires in our fireplace often and they are messssssssy! Since I don't have one of these fancy racks, I find myself digging around for a box or a piece of card stock to scoop the ashes out, then I use my everyday broom and dust pan to tidy up. Classy right? Which then means I then spread ashes and dust through the house as I sweep the floors the following time. Fail.

Water bath canner - For the past couple years I have just made due with what I had to open kettle my goods from the garden. Well now that we had our bridal shower and received fancy new pots and pans, I threw away all our old stuff. Therefore, I don't really want to use my nice new shiny stuff. Or at least it's a good excuse for me to ask Santa for this fancy canner! Especially since it has a rack for the jars and I will no longer have redneck style pull the jars out with a rag and drop the rag in the pot of scolding hot water! 

Cold gear - I've realized that having one cold gear outfit just isn't enough. Especially for hunting. A little bigger size would be good too. My current pair must of shrunk in the dryer... Or at least that's what I'm telling myself! Regardless, you can never have too much cold gear when you live in Michigan and participate in outdoor activities! 

Cabelas hoodshirt & pants outfit - I love this floral print on this hoodshirt! Not that I "need" another sweatshirt to add to my other 100... but I love it! And why not ask for the matching grey fleece pants too?!

Watch - I'd love a new watch! A couple months ago I visited my favorite jewelry store - Coughlin's - and made a wish list of my favorite watches. This picture is very similar to one I picked out. Who knew there were so many styles?! It may be kind of pricey and a lot to ask, but it was worth a try to put something big on my list since everything else wasn't "too much" to ask! 

Now for the hubby's list... you'll see a pattern with this guy. Haha!

In case you didn't notice, the pattern here is hunting!

Important stuff here, Bailey's Irish Cream - Michael loves this stuff with his coffee. Even though he didn't specifically ask for it... he has hinted several times that he could use some. And he reiterated - not the cheap off brand sh*t. - Note taken! 

Scent Lok touch screen hunting gloves - Michael is crazy about killing his scent when hunting. He is also addicted to his phone and it helps kill time on those boring hunting nights. So this is a great gift for him!

Scent Lok back pack with Bow holder - This fancy back pack is above and beyond the plain jane back pack Michael currently has. He mentioned that this would be very helpful to hold his bow and not have to carry it in his hand on his way out to the tree stand. However, this thing is a little pricey. So hopefully the real Santa will make this baby appear! ;) 

Knife Sharpening Kit - After processing our 4 deer a couple weeks ago, Michael realized his knife sharpener was old and he needed a new one. Or so he claims. I think it's just because he liked his friends kit better than what he had. Ha! I'm also not sure if this is better than wanting all new knives or not? It seems so much easier to just buy new knives, doesn't it?! 

Electric Deer Hanging Track - Apparently it's a lot of work to hang a deer with a pully system. Or maybe Michael is just getting old... Ha! Regardless, he wants this nifty electric track to make his life easier. This gift is also a small fortune. So I'm pretty sure Michael is going to keep wishing this year... 

Now this conversation is too funny not to share... apparently Michael did some shopping and I'm not supposed to know about it! But he also doesn't know what these packages are that are showing up on our door! It sure is tempting to open them up considering he's halfway across the county for another week and I have to walk past these boxes every day! 

On an all serious note, there are many things that each of us wish for, but we really don't need any of it. As long as we get to wake up to each other on Christmas morning, spend time with all of families, and count all of our blessing from this year, we will be forever grateful!

What is on your Christmas wish list?! 

Have a great weekend!

XO, Julie


  1. Love that watch! And your text convo made me laugh because this is a similar situation to the one Aaron and I are in - he works from home and I accidently had his xmas gifts shipping to the house - so he had to get them from the UPS guy when they arrived! Oops! ;)

    xx em

    1. Hahah! That's too funny Emily! Hopefully he didn't open them! :)

  2. We snagged our lovely gold fireplace set off of craigslist for $20!!! Always worth looking! :)