Monday, December 16, 2013

Snowy Weekend

For once, I am so glad the weekend is over and it's Monday! It's not very often that I ever say that. But today marks day number 9 that the hubby has been away at work and I'm so excited for him to come home this week! 

This past weekend we got dumped a load of snow! Holy smokes! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! <insert music, santa, Christmas tree, and snowflake emoticon here!>

Jack sure does love to play in the snow. But he most definitely doesn't want to go outside and go potty in it. Sandy doesn't either. So I have to act like I'm going to go outside to play with them every time they won't go to the bathroom. I even shoveled this path on our patio so that they will go out the patio door if they're really interested in actually going outside on their own. Talk about being high maintenance hunting dogs! Ooooiiivey!

Friday night I met up with a girlfriend and had some much needed girl time and beer. Oh, and fried pickles too. They are my weakness. We probably shouldn't have been on the road driving in the artic tundra blizzard.... but beer and pickles and girl time was a high necessity! 

Side note: I decided to be one of those people that gives a courteous tip to the waitress just as a little "pay it forward" or generous gift during the holidays. I tipped the amount of our total bill and we wrote a nice note thanking her for her service. It felt good to do it! 

Have you ever done anything to pay it forward or give a little extra to someone that deserves it?! 

Saturday we did a little more playing in the snow.... Well Jack and I did. Sandy doesn't play in the snow. She just sniffs a tunnel through the snow. Jack on the other hand is such cheap entertainment. He could chase snowballs for hours. And I could take pictures of his cute face for hours!

Saturday night I had planned on going down to my Mom's for the night since Michael was still out of town for work. That turned into a dumb idea in the snow storm. But of course, I'm stubborn and I went anyways. Even though I took the pickup, a normal 2 hour drive took 3 hours. I lost all patience and happiness by time I got there.
Selfie with the furbabies as we headed down the driveway

I met up with my Mom for a drink and that was the extent of my excitement for a Saturday night. I wound up being too crabby to do anything with any friends. I had enough driving in the snow. So we watched a movie and stuffed our faces with popcorn. 

Sunday my crabbiness wasn't much better. But I did get my hair done and got an elliptical machine. Nothing too special with the hair... cut bangs again. I haven't had a hair cut since June before our wedding and I wasn't really feeling the grown out bangs I had going on. No picture of the elliptical machine because it's still in the back of the pickup sitting in the garage! Haha.

The dogs and I headed home and they were so exhausted from being in the pickup. Sandy laid on my lap and Jack curled up in the passengers seat. We made it home safe and sound! 

I'm gaining control of my crabbiness and today was a little better. I often go through spurts where I just get really upset about Michael's traveling for work and the fact that I live so far away from family. Sometimes I just get upset because I expect more of myself and more of my life. But sometimes I just have to remember that I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. 

I hope y'all had a great weekend! 

XO, Julie

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  1. My pup loves the snow too - I wish I could get a cute picture with it on her nose like you did, but she won't sit still for two seconds! ;)

    We did the same thing with the check at a restraunt the other night, felt nice to give someone a little extra for being kind to us.

    I can totally understand the way you feel - Aaron travels for work a lot and I don't have any family very close I know what you are talking about! It's so nice when they come home. Do you have good girlfriends near by? I try to plan some things with two of my good friends whenever Aaron is going out of town over a weekend :)

    Hope you are having a good week!!
    xx em

    1. Thanks Em! I have to play games with Jack to get him to sit still for a picture! So I definitely know what you mean when they won't sit still! Just like kids! Haha! That is really nice that you guys gave a little extra!!! :) Unfortunately, I don't have any family nearby and I only have made a couple friends in this area! Micahel travels every single week so it's a constant issue. I hope some day it changes! :) I hope you have a good week too! :)

  2. Looks like so much fun, thanks for linking up ! You are so pretty! I am also starting a wedding feature, if you are interested let me know! I have a few other girls who I'm featuring in a wedding series and would love to feature you as well! xo

    Showered With Design

    1. Thank you Lisa! That is very sweet of you! A wedding feature is a fabulous idea! Keep me in mind sometime! :)