Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

Today wraps up a nice, relaxing, food-filled, long, memorable holiday weekend!
I had Wednesday off and was able to get some baking out of the way for Thanksgiving before company came over on Wednesday night. Michael also made it home from work just in time for the festivities to begin!
{Yes, I put my Christmas décor up {minus the tree} the day before Thanksgiving and no, I'm not sorry!}
Thursday morning the guys went out hunting and I started the turkey. It was the first time we cooked the turkey in the oven. Normally we deep fry it. It turned out pretty good! I'd definitely do it again... What's your favorite way and/or recipe to cook a turkey?
We set out some appetizers and enjoyed each others company while the turkey was in the oven. I love me some ham roll ups with pickles!
An hour into cooking the turkey, I went to baste it and when I grabbed the lid to put it back in the oven, I burnt three of my fingers. Mind you this was at about 11am and it was not a good start to the day!
About an hour later, just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, the oven started beeping nonstop and the house started to fill with the smell of fire. Of all days for the oven to blow up, it was the day I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner for my family.

Instead of letting my burnt fingers, broken oven, and uncooked Thanksgiving dinner get me down, I requested Michael go get a bottle of Vodka. Yes, vodka makes everything better! So we went to my mother in law's to use her oven and then the guys went to the party store. We managed to eat a delicious dinner with many of our garden grown goods!
We had some dutch apple pie and pumpkin pie for dessert. I posted the recipes here. I love me some pumpkin pie so I had to double the batch!
All in all, it was a great Thanksgiving despite the blisters on my fingers or the broken oven. We spent the rest of the evening on the couch.
Friday we had more family come up. Unfortunately, I had to work. The guys went hunting in the morning and then Michael went and did some Black Friday shopping for a new stove. He stopped into my work with some prices and pictures and I picked one out. Although it's not what I "wished" I could have, I'm perfectly happy and thankful to have a new stove that works! I'm even more thankful that my husband did all the work to buy one and get it home! We decided to stick with white since all of our other appliances are white. Not to mention the price of stainless steel is just crazy! This thing is actually pretty fancy! It has 5 burners and two of them can be used at two different sizes. It has a steam self cleaning mode which is supposed to be better. And lastly, the oven is convectional. Which enables the heat to circulate in the oven allowing the food to cook faster and more thorough. So far, I'm loving it!
Friday night after the guys came in from hunting, we had a little moonshine sampling and watched some TV. Michael and Greg cooked some fresh venison steaks on the grill from one of the deer we shot. Everyone loved it. I personally don't really like the moonshine, but the "light" apple pie one isn't too bad!
Here is a sign of guys taking over this weekend. Guns, boots, beer, empties, and more beer all over the garage. What a mess! 
Saturday I put some venison chili in the crockpot and relaxed by the fire most of the day.
We celebrated my Mom's birthday after dinner. I made her an ice cream cake and we all sang Happy Birthday. She also got some nice gifts!
The guys headed back out to track a deer that my little cousin shot and us girls stayed in and watched a movie. I lied, I didn't watch the movie. I passed out with the dogs. I was officially exhausted! I sure do love hosting and having guests over, but it can be tiring!

Sunday morning I made breakfast for everyone. I stuck with my favorite and easy baked French toast. What's your favorite thing to cook for breakfast? Cooking for ten people is a lot of food! And dishes! Haha. My living room was packed with air mattresses and good company!
After a few people left, Michael, Greg, and Jerrid started processing the deer we got a couple weekends ago. I served them up some lunch and I worked on addressing my Christmas cards and getting my Christmas decorations up before I helped out. Priorities right?! Haha.
Notice my Christmas tree in the background... I refused to help until my tree was done :)
Lunch for the boys! Venison Chili and Dogs - Gotta have cookies for dessert toO!
Stuffing and addressing Christmas Cards - Reminded me of the wedding planning days!
After the boys finished their lunch, Michael brought up our tree and I managed to get it put up! My mom helped me put it up and decorate it. She's been here the last 3 years to help. It's almost like a tradition now!
In the past, I decorated with matching colors and ornaments and ribbon. This year, I skipped the ribbon and matching. It's kind of nice because it's something different. I might use the ribbon to make a bow for the top of the tree since our star is so small. 

We also have another small tree that I'd like to put up and decorate a certain theme or maybe even just "special" ornaments. Such as the dozen that we received as a wedding gift that are personalized and I just love them! I think it would be fun over the years to make a whole tree out of special ornaments!

Do you have a theme for your Christmas tree?

Lastly, we just finished up the deer processing about an hour ago. Those poor guys worked on that all day! In the end, we have 54lbs of ground burger, 10lbs of stew meat, and tons of steaks! The best part? It was freeeeee!!! 
Michael & I grinding up the burger and bagging it 
Got venison?! 

Phew.. that was a long weekend and long post! Sorry about the randomness I hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I can't believe it's December already! The countdown is on, 24 days till Christmas! 

XO, Julie


  1. It must be so nice to have enough room to have everyone stay with you! I cannot wait until we can do that, we are hosting Anthony's Mom, brothers and her boyfriend for Christmas eve and I am so excited to start planning! I love how your cards turned out too. Oh and tomorrow starts our gun season here, and guess who is going to be stuck at work ): I am not happy about this, hopefully Anthony gets a couple and we can finish filling our freezer with venison. I am getting nervous because we have put a big dent in our supply. We process our own too but we need to get whatever system you have! We just put ours in freezer bags! What do you use?

    1. Haha! We have enough room but it's not really the most comfortable or tidy! If our basement was finished off, it would be perfect! I'll keep dreaming! ;) Good luck with your planning for Christmas hosting! Sounds like a great time! That stinks that your working and it's opening day! Hopefully Anthony gets one! And hopefully you can get out there this weekend or something! We have a grinder to grind up whatever meat we don't use for steaks or stew meat and we just get 1lb meat bags from Cabelas and as Michael puts the meat through the grinder, I hold a bag on the end of the tube and it fills it right up. Then we have a tape dispenser for the bags and it seals them up. Easy peasy :)

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