Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Sooo.. it's already Wednesday and I feel like this week has been hellacious. Oh wait, it has!

So what Wednesday... 

So what if I not only watched the Bachelor wedding on Sunday night, but I also DVR'd it.
So what if that was 3 days ago and I'm just now getting around to talk about it.
So what if our furnace almost blew up and I've been living without heat for the last 2 days..and so what if now that I have heat all I want to do is sit on my rear and recoop heat into my body from my heated blanket.
So what if I've been sitting in the recliner since 6pm with a heated blanket reading blogs. {Especially the ones about the Bachelor Wedding!}
So what if I about had 1,000 meltdowns while dealing with it cause Lord knows it happened hours after the hubs left for work and clearly he couldn't help do anything from another state.
So what if I'm thinking about going to bed before 9pm tonight. It's been a rough couple days!

BUT.. before I go to bed... I must recap the famous Bachelor wedding! {So what??}
This is such a beautiful picture! However the second they walked down the aisle I gasped and then said {out loud} "AhhH!! Where's her bouquet?!" I may be detail oriented... So what?

I've got to say, I'm not much of a TV person. I don't really watch set shows but I do see random things on the news or other people's blogs, facebook, or Instagram so I kind of keep in the loop of anything worth my time. I haven't been a part of the blogging world for a long period of time, but somehow, I came across the adorable Shay. She is a great mom of two beautiful children, she has a handsome hubby, she posts delicious recipes, she has great fashion, she writes about normal every day life like the majority of us! 

Then one day she wrote a post about her little brother, Sean. Need I say more?! Long story short, I thought it was so cool that I was following a blog "star"! Truth is, I felt like Oh I know them! When in all reality, I don't.. but because I stalk follow Shay's blog and read about her personal life, I feel like I know her family just as well! Even though I didn't watch the season of the Bachelorette with Sean on it, or his season of the Bachelor, I knew I had to follow this gorgeous couple and see their wedding on live TV! Not to mention Shay was in the wedding too! 

I wasn't overly impressed with the broadcast considering they talked waaaay too much about the suspense leading up to their "wedding night extra curricular activities" and all sorts of other awkwards... but the wedding itself was perfect! Catherine looked so stunning!

I loved reading what Shay recapped about her behind the scenes experience here
and Sheaffer from Pinterest Told Me To wrote a belly busting, hilarious {yet oh so true} recap here!

So, what's your thoughts?! Did you watch the wedding?! 

So what if I'm linking up with Life after I Dew for So What Wednesday ;) 

Heres to hoping the rest of the week is better than the first half!

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  1. This post was spot on! I thought it was almost creepy how much they talked about the wedding night 'festivities' geez.... However, when she finally walked down the aisle and Sean cried I immediately ugly cried myself hahaha she looked beautiful! I love Shay btw- how cool is it that she now gets to blog about her little bro's wedding, I love it!

  2. Can we talk about you not having heat in the freezing temps - so not ok!!! Hope you're staying warm!! Loved the wedding and was on the same page as your for bouquet...where was it?!

  3. I can't believe you didn't have heat lady!! It's been so incredibly cold - hope you're ok!! And dealing with it on your own?? :(

  4. I heard the wedding night talk was super awkward. I didn't even know it was on, so I guess I missed the boat on that one! She goes look gorgeous, though.

  5. Love all of this, not the no heat part other than you have it now too!!!! I thought the wedding broadcasting was awkward too!! Now we just have to get through this awkward season of the bachelor with Juan together!!!