Friday, February 21, 2014

Five Friday Ramblings...

Well I went to bed at 8:30 last night and I woke up feeling refreshed and well rested! Now if that isn't a great way to start a Friday morning, then I don't know what is!
This week has flown by and has been super busy! I'm out of work early today and that makes it even better!
But what makes it the best, is that Michael has been home from work this week and we get to spend
all sorts of time together! :)
So here are 5 random ramblings on my mind this fine morning...
Yesterday, February 20th, marked the day that I met Michael - 4 years prior.
Four years seems like a long time.
I remember that day just like it was yesterday!
I had recently been out of a relationship and had zero interest in dating. But my dad INSISTED I would volunteer at this event filled with great guys. {yeah whatever, Dad. There's no such thing as a great guy - that's what I told him}.
And then... this tall handsome guy walked through the door with a big beautiful smile on his face. We caught eyes and I had a feeling I never really had before. I didn't have any interest in one of the other 300+ guys in the hall but for some reason, there was something about Michael! So long story short {I'll save all the details for another day}, it was 4 years ago that we met each other and we haven't went one day since then without talking! Even though I wasn't intended on meeting someone new or even getting involved in a relationship, I fell head over heals for this man and I'm so thankful my Dad made me go to that event! God sure does work in mysterious ways, doesn't he?!
{We didn't take a picture the first night we met, but this is the first picture of us ever taken together a couple months later! My Dad wouldn't let us go on a date or "hang out" again until we got to know each other over the phone. Ha!}
Remember when I posted about my hometown being all over the news because 5 garbage bags of dismembered body parts were found on the side of the road {just around the corner from my Grandma's}??!
Well there has been many updates since then and I still just can't even believe it! This world we live in sometimes is unbelievable!
~ At first it was believed that there was more than one body in all those bags. It's been concluded that it was only one body. A 32 year old male.
~ So who would kill someone and dismember their body, put the limbs in garbage bags, and then dumped the garbage bags on the side of some random back road?!? HIS MOTHER!!! {Crazy as hell isn't it???!}
~ Here's a little article about the updated news on it just in case you don't believe me. ;)
Work has been a little hectic. Some days I wonder if I'm even going to have a job the next day because I feel like I'm not performing at my best ability. I can now rest assured that is not the case. After being on vacation for a week, I came back to work and recieved a little "MAD" certificate for my performance lately by going above and beyond to provide exceptional service {MAD meaning Make a Difference}! What an honor! I also felt a little relief that maybe I wasn't showing my stress as much as I had thought I was.
Then on top of that, I recieved a note that I was receiving a bonus based on sales performance. Yippie!
I'm still working on my entry way project. *sigh*
It's not that it's been hard or anything... it's just time consuming.
I've got my third coat of stain on the trim last night and I'm debating on putting on another stain or not... I want it to be dark... it was previously very light oak. You can see previous pictures here. What's your thoughts/suggetions?!
It's official... we're going to the Duck/Buck Commander Warehouse!
Michael and I were given the opportunity through QDMA to go learn more about hunting, whitetails, habitat, QDMA, etc. Which just so happens to be in West Monroe , LA with the Duck Dynasty crew! Last year we weren't able to attend when it was at Lee and Tiffany Lekosky's residence and we were super bummed. But this year makes up for it! :) We are pretty excited to not only learn more and get our Deer Steward training, but also to hopefully meet some of these hilarious celebrities!  
Well folks, that's all I have to share for today. I'm off to cocktail hour with the QDMA guys! We're prepping for tomorrows event! Have a great weekend!



  1. Congratulations on being recognized at work!! That's so awesome!! Love the story of how you and Michael met - that is so sweet! that story about the mom - is INSANE!! Some people are just plain nuts....hope you have an amazing weekend!

  2. Love the meeting story!! We're about to come up on when we met too (the first week of March 4 years ago too!) Time flies! ummm wth about that new story? People astonish me and most of the time not in a good way...yikes! Anyway- I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!! (Can't wait to see finished entryway project!)

  3. Congrats on the bonus, it's always nice to be recognized for your work especially when you think you aren't living up to your full potential!

  4. Congrats on your making a difference award!! It is so nice to be acknowledged! :)

    And so cool about going to the Duck Commander warehouse!

  5. Hope you have fun at the Duke Commander! That sounds like fun.

  6. Okay everything in this post makes me so happy for you (well except the mother killing her son, like wtf is wrong with people?!) but seriously Michael has been home all week, your doing awesome at work and now your going to Louisianna!! Howard awesome!!!

  7. I still can't believe that news story - wtf is wrong with people?! Sighhh but on a happier note, that's so exciting that you got a bonus at work for all of your hard work!! Congrats lady!! :))