Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I'm stealing this great post idea by Emily @ Beauty-Blether - go check out her ABC's too!
I thought that since I've got some new followers (welcome & thank you!!) I would do the ABC's of me so ya'll can get to know more about me! :)
A - Age: 26
B - Birthday: June 15th {same day as my Dad!}
C - Color: PINK
D - Drink: Water and Advocare Spark {those are the only 2 things I drink on a daily basis besides milk with dinner}
E - Eyes: Blue
F - Flashback: My granny. It's been 2 years since she passed and I miss her dearly. There are so many things I wish she were here to have been a part of and to talk to her about on a daily basis.
G - Gent: My hot hubby, Michael ♥♥ 
H - Hobby: Hunting, gardening/canning, camping, and photography of scenery ♥ 

I - Indulgence -  Ice cream. Lots and lots of ice cream.  
J - Job: I've been at my current employer {financial institution} for 9 years and varied through different positions and offices over the years. 
K - Kiddos: Hopefully someday! {I want 3 or 4 - Michael wants 2}
L - Love: Husband, furbabies, siblings, parents & inlaws, and friends
M - Music: Country, although I also love some good classic rock/oldies
N - Nickname: Jules, Jew, Sis, Rudy
O - One Wish: To be able to start a family {one of my biggest fears is infertility} and for Michael to find a job that allows him to be home on a regular basis every day. I wouldn't mind winning the lotto and being able to have financial freedom either! :)
P - Pets: Oldest to youngest {Ha!} Ginger - Mini Dutch rabbit, Sandy girl - mountain Curr, Jack - black mouth Curr
Q - Quote: Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can call together - Marilyn Monroe  
R - Residence: The hubs and and are currently living in our first home on 20 acres! He originally purchased the home on 2 acres 8 years ago and I moved in with him 2 years ago. We have since then purchased 18 acres behind the home and began the process of making the house our home together! ♥ This is our little piece of land on earth with our heart shaped pond {which I didn't know until I seen this image!} ♥
S - Siblings: Jeramie {29} Lives in Seattle Washington - Kristine {15} - Ryan {12} - Jasmine {11}
T - Temperature: I do love the four seasons in Michigan! I love a fall day, a rainy day, a thunderstorm, a snow storm, and of course blazing hot sunshine on a beach! I like it all.. except not too much all at once! {cough cough, old man winter}
U - University: SC4 and Walsh - I was once a billboard child for SC4!  
V - Vehicle: Gas saver - Malibu LT - Previously a Jeep Cherokee {miss it!} Would give my left arm for a Tahoe next! :)
W - Worst Habit: Swearing, snoozing the alarm {everrrrryday}, not staying consistent with working out
X - XRays: I've had farrrr too many! Broken nose, broken arm/hand, fused vertebres, and hip surgery!
Y - Yuck: Seafood, Crime/Cruelty, blood/guts, people who think they're better than others, mustard.
Z - Zodiac - Gemini 
That's the ABC's {plus some pictures because I love pictures!} about me! :)
Happy Hump Day!



  1. So fun that your pond is heart shaped on google earth :)

  2. Yay! So glad you did one of these :)) Infertility is a huge fear of mine too, it makes my stomach drop even thinking out it :(
    Holy whoa that ice cream looks AMAZING!! I've been trying to eat better and Aaron and I have SUCH a hard time not going to get ice cream every other night haha! I didn't know you had 18 acres!! That's so awesome!! I bet you can get some gorgeous scenery pictures in the summer and fall! xx

  3. Not too many people can claim to have been on a billboard!! that is amazing!! I love that you still have milk with dinner! Hope your hubby is able to get that job that allows him to be home more - totally feel you on the travelling husband front - NO FUN!! Always love seeing your wedding photos - you were a beautiful bride!

  4. Ok a few things.
    1. Probably going to be stealing this for tomorrow.
    2. I'm going to need to pick your brain on gardening/canning. I failed miserably last year due to being an amateur and exhausted from pregnancy. I'm sure having an infant will be just as challenging lol.
    3. I feel like Diesel and Jack would be great friends and playmates.
    4. I'd do just about anything for a black Tahoe, but the new 2015 are kind of ugly and it makes me sad.

  5. Is that superman ice cream? :P You're pretty brave to hunt! A lot of my family members do it but I don't like the sitting outdoors in the cold factor.

  6. I love these kind of posts! Get to know you better :-) That ice cream looks amazing and you know how I feel about ice cream!

  7. This is a great I might have to borrow. I'm also a Gemini! That's so awesome that you have 20 acres! I would die for that amount of land! Love the heart shaped pond!

  8. This is so fun!! Yay to that many acres- it is such a GOOD idea to buy up as much land as you can and hold onto it! You and your hubster are the cutest (and I;m sure the babies will be too!!!) :)

  9. Love that you have a heart shaped pond! Ohh what I would do for some land!! In California (where I live at least) it's sadly just not as attainable.

  10. Love this! I may have to copycat ;-) that's so awesome you share your birthday with your dad!