Friday, March 21, 2014


Happy Friday!
{I'm surprised I even know what day it is considering this week I've had allll my days mixed up! I'm pretty sure I'm still recovering from our road trip last weekend!}

I'm catching up on a bunch of randomness of what's been going on in our lives this past week! Nothing too exciting, just a little bit of this and that...

 I haven't even had a chance to check out my bloglovin' news feed in the last week! But sometimes.. this little space takes the back burner, and that's okay too.

First and most importantly... 
I'm a Matron of Honor in one of my best friend's wedding this October! I wrote about the proposal that Michael and I set up for them last December in the freezing cold snow! 
She had mentioned before that I would be in her wedding someday... but I was completely shocked when she gave me this little card that asked me to be {one of} her MOH! How exciting! I feel SO honored! And look at those adorable cards she made!! Sooo thoughtful and adorable! 

Let's talk about food... Dinner in our house is always important. And sometimes poorly planned if I'm not prepared with my meal planning for the week. Especially when Michael's home. It's the FIRST thing he asks about when I get home from work. As if he can't prepare dinner... Which is a never ending conversation/battle in our house. This week, the hubs surprised me though! He made dinner! In the crockpot even! GASP! ;) It was delicious! So I'm going to share his simple little creation!
What you need: 
Port Chops

Season pork chops prior to putting in crock pot. Top sauerkraut and onions over pork chops. Cook on low for 6 hours. At the last half hour or so, place apples in crockpot. Add water or keep juices from sauerkraut in the crockpot. Serve with your choice of side. Michael chose corn bread. What a weird mixture huh!? But it was sooo good! And I'm not going to lie.. I was so thrilled to come home to dinner already made! It doesn't happen often enough! 

There's a Kmart near us that is closing in a couple weeks so I decided to stop in there to check things out on my way home from work. I was kind of hoping for some cheap decor for the house or something. But instead I got a couple gifts that can be held onto for Christmas {talk about planning ahead!} and I also found some steals on a couple shirts for myself! $5 and under sweaters and cardigans, who could pass that up!? It's not very often I purchase 6 shirts for less than $30! Score!

Wednesday night my girlfriend and I went to this little ladie's night event at the Flower Farm {a greenhouse}. It was pretty neat - minus the rain! I even won a gift basket drawing! While you were there, you were able to order plants and hanging baskets of your choice at a discounted rate. They maintain your plants for you in their greenhouse until your ready to pick them up! How awesome is that?! Greatest thing ever! I wish I could have purchased more plants! Especially the entire stock of these beautiful succulents! 

Last but not least, we finally have our entry way some what back together. Although I'm still struggling with the decor and finding a rug. I haven't gotten the custom shelf finished yet either. And I sure as hell haven't done anything with the door handles. I realize I've been doing this project for over a month and I keep putting it off... but I promise some day I will get it done and post more details and pictures! :) 

I really think the dark wood brings it together! I'm not 100% in love with the color paint, but I think I'll get used to it. What's your thoughts?!

Oh and why not share these cuties?! 
Jack loves to take over my spot in bed. And I hate to disturb him because 1 - he's so cute. & 2 - he gets very grumpy if you make him move. 
Sandy girl loves to cuddle. Especially on Michael's lap. She was out cold and snoring like a sailor!

Have a great weekend!


  1. What a busy week! I love flower farms we just need some consistent nice weather! (going to be over 60 all weekend here finally) Yay for the MOH status!! I do love a good wedding :) Hope yall have a great weekend Julie!!

  2. The entryway looks great!! And I love the paint color (I am a sucker for neutrals ;) You make some delicious looking meals lady - Aaron would just die if I cooked something that tasty for him!! haha And I just love succulents, they are so cute! I have a gorgeous indoor planter I got for Xmas that is just waiting to be filled with them...I just haven't gotten to the nursery yet! Maybe this weekend ;) xx

  3. How exciting that you're going to be the MOH - I see lots of crafting in your future!!! I think you guys did a wonderful job with the entry way!! I am all about early planning for gifts and we have a suitcase under our bed for just that purpose!! Never too early in my opinion!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Love the entry way!! And I actually really like the paint color!!

  5. I love succulents! Not only are they super easy to care for, but so, so, so pretty! Stopping by from Five on Friday =) Can't wait to read more!! Hope you have a great day!

  6. Can you share some of your blue eyes? haha :) Happy Friday!!

  7. I feel you with the husband cooking dinner. It's a struggle in our house, too. I love color of the entry way. And the last two pictures are so freakin cute! Our dogs do the same things! Have a great weekend :)

  8. What a sweet pic of your puppy on daddy's lap! :-) your entryway turned out awesome, love the flooring!

  9. Yay for MOH duty and hubs making dinner! Double good week :)

  10. The entryway looks awesome and it's always a battle over who is cooking dinner at our house too!