Friday, March 14, 2014

Finally... Friday...

Phew. It's finally Friday and I'm really looking forward to the weekend! I don't know if it's the weather or work or what.. but this week felt neverending! On the bright side... I'm off work on Saturday and we are heading out of town for the weekend!
Sharing five things on my mind and going on in our neck of the woods...

♥ ONE ♥

As I mentioned last week, I'm really excited for the Deer & Turkey Expo in Ohio! Not only are we getting out of town for a couple days, but I also get to see my blogging friend - Brittany!
In the midst of planning for being out of town this weekend, I of course looked up the weather for where we are going. Which appears to be slightly nicer weather than here! Old man winter has definitely taken over Michigan the last couple months.  A weekend out of town is really going to feel like vacation with such warmer weather!

♥ TWO ♥

 With heading out of town today... we of course had to take the furbabies to a babysitter. The only babysitter we have is my Mom. Our dogs are very moody and high maintenance. Therefore, our options are limited and I am not a fan of leaving them home alone and having someone stop to check on them once a day. I've heard that dogs have no concept of time... true or not, I feel bad doing that to them. So, we took an hour ride to meet my Mom and drop them off with her last night. Jack knew exactly what was happening and he didn't seem too thrilled. Silly boy. It's strange not having them in the house at night or in the morning. I already miss their cute faces and stinky butts! The best part is that my Mom sends me picture updates of what they're doing! :)


I mentioned that I started re-doing my entry way forever ago... It's finally getting closer! I'm looking foward to sharing the final outcome soon! {Hopefully next week!} 
I've learned that I was very unprepared and obviously a rookie. I thought our entry way was small. So I got a quart of paint. Ran out. Got another quart thinking it would be plenty to finish. Wrong. But I made it work because I didn't want to buy another quart! {That's right, I used every last drip of paint to cover as many thin spots in the most looked at spots and then said piss on the rest}. Just when I thought staining the wood trim was a headache....
Then this week, Michael went to start putting the trim back up and apparently I didn't cut in far enough. You could still see white where the trim was supposed to cover. Sooo guess who had to go back and get another quart of paint?! Meanwhile... our entry way is  still an unfinished mess and it drives my OCD mind crazy!

♥ FOUR ♥

Speaking of that hideous entryway... I've been shopping for some additional things I need. {Notice I said "I need"... because Michael thinks these things aren't neccesary} Such as... a shelf, materials to spray paint the door knobs, a new rug, and a clock. Who would have thought such items would be so hard to find and match up!? Clocks have to be the right size... rugs have to be the right color to go with that floor.. I'm still not quite sure on what color that may be... Suggestions for rugs?!
These are some of my entryway shelf inspirations... Since everything is so expensive and I can't find something exactly what I want, I'm getting something custom made by a local guy. Fingers crossed it goes well!

♥ FIVE ♥

Last but not least, how cute is this?! We went to visit some of our friends this week and they had this little guy a couple days after our wedding. This was the first time we finally seen him. Our schedules always conflicted and it was starting to drive me insane! I felt like such a terrible friend! He is honestly one of the happiest babies I have ever seen! He was such a doll! When it was getting close to bedtime, he was getting fussy. So Michael took him and he shushed right up. Stuck his thumb in his mouth and just starred at his face and rubbed his beard. Soo cute! I've been through spurts lately where I have terrible baby fever and then other days I have anti baby fever. But this sight right here totally gives me baby fever! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
Have a great weekend!



  1. Love the two options your looking at for entry way storage! Rugs give me anxiety, I never know what color or patterns are best. Happy Friday!!

  2. Aww your pups looks so mopey heading to the babysitter - they look like they know what's happening!! What sweethearts :)
    I know how you feel with the entryway project - home projects are so stressful and NOTHING ever goes according to plan!! I am so bad at keeping calm and not getting frustrated, but it's looking great lady - can't wait to see the final outcome! I don't know if you have Ikea anywhere up by you, but they have a good selection of reasonably priced rugs! We have one about 1.5 hours from us and we go from time to time when I can't find what I am looking for any where else ;)

  3. Found you through the linkup. Love your blog and so glad I found it. We're fortunate enough to be getting highs in the 70s this week...hallelujah!

    Hosting a giveaway, hope you come check it out.

  4. I have such a hard time finding home décor. Between my picky taste and being somewhat of a cheap ass, my house will take years to decorate I'm sure. That's so awesome though that you are getting it done!

  5. Brrrrr! Oh the fur babies look so sweet just sittin' still for the drive :-) can't wait to see the final outcome of y'all's entry way!

  6. The entry way is looking great! Can't wait to see the finished product. I'm also curious about how you are going to spray paint your handles on your doors? I'd love to spray paint a lot ours to make them a brushed silver color instead of the gold color they are now. Seems like it would be a lot cheaper than buying new ones to replace them all!

  7. Photos like the last one give me huge baby fever!! Love his sweet little expression!