Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Road Trip Weekend Recap

Now that I've gotten a little R&R, I finally have enough energy to talk about our road trip to Ohio this past weekend!
There were many purposes in this road trip:
1) Attend the Field & Stream Deer and Turkey Expo
2) Meet up with my blogger friend Brittany
3) Get away from work/home for the weekend
4) Scout some land for hunting properties
In the end... all purposes were accomplished! Well for the most part... Michael wouldn't have minded scouting more land and taking a longer walk on some public land. All in all, it was a great time! Many laughs!
Friday night we headed out of town after I got home from work and we finished gathering our belongings. The final destination was 6 hours away, so we decided to drive halfway Friday night and then drive the rest of the way in the morning. We stopped for dinner at Jimmy John's along the way. The was my first time going there. Honestly, I wouldn't be sad if I never went there again. I don't see what the big deal is. It was just "okay".
We arrived at our motel around 9 (I think). First things first... we opened a bottle of wine. Yes, I packed three bottles of wine, a glass, and an opener. That was probably the smartest thing I packed! Haha. The four of us (did I mention we went with another couple?) hung out in our hotel room, had a couple drinks, and watched the news to see if we were lotto winners. Nadda. One of the 1st {of many} dumb things that came out of my mouth over the weekend was renaming the town we were staying in Ohio. It was called Coschcoton. I couldn't pronounce it for the life of me. So I nicknamed it Crotchcan. Not really realizing what I just said... we all died laughing. :)
Saturday morning we started the day bright and early. Not by my choice! I would have given my left hand to sleep in after saying up 'till midnight drinking wine! But, I survived. We had some delicious breakfast and then headed over to Cabela's to do some shopping. Well that was the intentions... until we seen that everyone and their cousins had the same idea. The place was packed! We got there 15 minutes after they opened and had to park a half mile away! We looked around for a few and then we seen the line to checkout was all the way to the back of the builder. So we set the few things we had down and ran out the door. The little while we were there we did mozy around the store and see all the neat mounts. I think the elephant one was my favorite!

Next stop... OHIO!
We headed enroute for the remainder of our drive with estimated arrival around noon.
Just when we crossed into the Ohio border, we stopped for gas. It was significantly cheaper than in Michigan. Which I think is such a crock of poop! Gas prices should remain across the board! When Michael went to pay at the pump, our credit card was declined. So I called the company and they had a hold on our account due to fraud. They weren't able to reach us because we never updated our phone numbers. Go figure. We're out of town and we can't use our credit card! I panicked for a slight minute. It put a slight damper on the rest of our trip because we use our credit card for everything in order to get rewards back. But, we made it work!
Once we got into Columbus, the traffic was terrible. Our arrival time pushed back from noon all the way until one just because of the traffic. Times like those, I'm thankful that I don't have to deal with that on a daily basis! We finally arrived at the expo and we were all astonished at how huge it was and how many people were there! For the second time in one day, we had to park at least a 1/2 mile away! At least we got some exercise! ;)  
We walked up and down many aisles looking at all sorts of hunting goodies. We each found a couple things we wanted and a couple things we "needed" :)  
Walking through the sections of mounts was one of my favorites. I never realized how huge the deer in Ohio are. Simply astonishing! I don't even know how many points this is! Crazy! 

Sarah and I like to drink. No surprise there, right?! There was a company at the expo called Figg's and they make apple pie cocktail mix that can be mixed with almost anything! We had a little taste test and I was sold! I can't wait to mix up a concotion!
Brittany and Anthony from the 26th of August were also at the expo so we met up and walked around together! And took pictures of course :)  
Brittany I originally met 5 years ago {in real life} when I was dating her aunt's nephew. Karen joked that I reminded her of her neice {Britt} and that we were a lot alike. We met that weekend and we've kept in touch ever since! Turns out we both turned into bloggers along the way and that's when we really realized how much we were alike after reading each others pages!
After spending hours and all our money at the expo, we headed an hour northwest to our hotel for the night. First things first, we had to look up the address of the hotel to plug into the GPS. When Michael read it aloud - 457 Whitewoman Street - we all busted out laughing! Was that a real street name?! It turned into the butt of all jokes. After dealing with all the craziness at the expo, a bottle of wine was much needed. So I reached into the truck and started digging for the cooler bag. I said "I can't get it open, the zipper won't budge." Sarah, being the smart ass that she is, says "Well pull the zipper the other way." In all reality, she was right. I was being a blonde pulling the zipper closed. We about all wet our pants. Lol. I don't think I'll be living that one down anytime soon... We made it to Whitewoman street and realized that was really the street name. I even asked the motel owner about it because I was in such disbelief. Haha!
Brittany and Anthony stopped by the motel for a drink before we headed to the bar. Her cousin's band was playing at a local bar/resturant. What are the odds that we were staying in that town?!
The Warehouse Steak n Stein {restaurant/bar} was where we went in this little historical downtown strip. The food was delicious! The band was amazing! They didn't play one single bad song. Everything they performed was great! Even their own singles! All four of us really enjoyed hanging out with The Fry's and their friends/family! Side note: When asked where we were staying in town... my response was "Down whitewoman" LOL! {Sorry if you don't find the humor in it... but we all found it hysterical} :)
We headed back to the hotel at a decent time so that we would be able to get up in the morning to go scout land. The guys actually headed out and left Sarah and I to sleep in a little bit. Then we packed all our stuff up and went country cruisin'! I never realized how hilly Ohio was. I totally got car sick. It was not fun. It took all I had to not ralph in the car. We walked some public land and got some fresh air before we ventured on our 6 hour ride home. Surprinsgly, this was the only picture I took on Sunday... look. at. those. hills. {barf}
On our way home we stopped in Dundee at Cabela's again. This time was much less packed and we were able to get a couple things. We grabbed some dinner at Lonestar and then finished our drive. I took a couple naps and played on my phone the whole time. It was so refreshing to get home late Sunday night and be able to sleep in our own bed!
It's back to reality now... the dogs are officially back home. Laundry is piled up. The fridge is empty. And there is still oooodles of snow on the ground {unlike Ohio}. We're looking forward to our next road trip to Louisiana next month! And hopefully getting togther with The Fry's again soon! :)
BIG thank you to Brittany and Anthony for going out of your way to meet up with us and show us around Whitewoman Crotchcan! ;)
How was your weekend?! Do anything fun for St. Patty's day?! Ever been to Ohio?!



  1. Sounds like a busy, but great weekend! We are actually headed to Ohio this weekend (Cincinnati) to visit my brother-in-law and his wife :)

  2. Girl!! Your weekend was jam packed!!! Looks like y'all had a good time :) :)

  3. Awe you are so welcome and I am just glad that we finally got to meet up!!! We had so much fun and cannot wait to come to Michigan next or plan a camping trip for this Spring or Summer, heck why not both!!! I am glad you guys had fun!!!

  4. Wow - sounds like a pretty great weekend!!! Sorry your Jimmy Johns experience was anything less than perfect - I pretty much ordered from there 3 times a week in college - their delivery is freakishly quick haha! Glad you guys were able to spend times with friends and do all the things you wanted to do!!

  5. haha I used to do the billing for a dialysis unit in Coshocton! Sounds like a great weekend and that apple pie mixer sounds delish!