Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tasty Tuesday - Chicken & Cookies

I enjoy sharing recipes that we think are yummy!
I enjoy it even more when I find a great recipe from other blogs!
Everyone needs delicous food and new recipes in their life!
Since I've posted some more so "unhealthy" recipes lately and my friend, Emily @ Beauty Blether, wants to slap me through the computer, I decided I would share this delicious and somewhat healthy meal!{Just for you Emily! Haha!}
Chicken Picatta {with a twist!}

 What you need:
4 - Chicken breasts
1/2C - Chicken broth
1/4C - White wine
1 - jar Capers (small jar)
1 Can/jar of quartered Artichokes {use 2 cans if you desire - I like to!}
1 - clove Garlic
1tsp - Parsley
1tsp - Honey
1 - Lemon Juiced
1tbsp - Olive Oil
Salt, pepper, rosemary, basil - Optional seasonings
Lemon wedges - Optional
I originally found this recipe. But I don't follow it 100% and if you've noticed, I've added some of my own things! When I get cooking, I sort of just start adding a little bit of this and that without measuring... so I apologize for being terrible at sharing the exact recipe.

1. Heat the olive oil
2. Add garlic to the pan
3. Season the chicken and add to pan - Add a little water and cook chicken 2-4 minutes on each side
4. Add remaining ingredients to the pan, mix and put a lid on the pan to saute.
{If you don't want to ingredients to be mixed and you want the mixture to be more of a topping, then prepare in separate pan and finish cooking chicken through}
5. While the chicken continues cooking, periodically saute the mixture/sauce over the chicken
6. Once chicken is cooked through, serve with your preferred sides {it's delicious when mixed with or served over long grain rice!}

I love artichokes! And I love chicken! So this recipe is one of my favorites! I probably cook it took often... ha! Do you have any favorite recipes with artichokes?! I'd love to try them!

Oh why not share a little unhealthyness?!
Last night Michael made some Monster Cookies.
Yes, you read that right - Michael made them.
Because I was an ornery wife that just slaved over the stove making dinner and the last thing I wanted to do was spend another hour or 2 in the kitchen. Plus, the Bachelor was on. Priorities here.
Michael did a good job act as Betty Crocker for the night! Even though he asked a hundred questions throughout the process -interrupting me from my lame TV show. He even brought cookie sheets over to the couch to ask me if they were done yet. The real test will be if he washes all the dishes he dirtied. ;)

I believe he used Paula Deen's recipe which can be found here. {minus the raisins}
In case you've never had them before, it's a mixture of oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, M&M cookies, and peanut butter cookies. AKA deliciousness!
Chicken and Cookies... What a combination of food! Enjoy!




  1. Love that you always share a little unhealthy with us too - i'm still drooling over the tater tots!! This sounds so good - minus the capers haha!

  2. That chicken looks fabulous! I love artichokes!!

  3. Lady!! I would never want to slap you!! You're too funny ;) I love all the "unhealthy" and cheese-filled recipes you post...but this looks delicious too, I love artichokes and capers! And that's awesome that Michael baked for dessert! Those cookies looks so good :) it's the opposite in our house, Aaron cooks and I bake ;)

  4. This looks so good! I can't wait to give them a try ;)

  5. That meal looks really good! I'm going to pin it for later :) We love chicken and asparagus!

  6. Both look so yummy!! I'll have to try it :)