Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend Recap - Final Snow Edition

Happy Monday!
Or not so happy in my case... but that's only because I'm recovering from the great weekend we had!
Notice my post title.. "Final snow?! Edition" this is my hopes that we enjoyed the last bit of snow activites for the year! Bring on the warm weather!
I'll start with yesterday.. since that's what recently on my mind. Not to mention that it was a great time and I'm paying for it today. My body is soooo sore! Either I'm out of shape or I'm getting old or the trails were rough... I choose the latter! ;) Hearing how rough of shape my Mom is in this morning makes me feel a little better. Ha!
Sunday morning we headed out bright and early to go snowmobiling!
What's early you say? Umm about 8:45am we began getting ready.
Yes, it takes a little while to get the process going - gotta dig out warm clothes, bring up snow gear from the basement, put on all the appropriate attire - one layer at a time, {including help dress my 46 year old mother because she's a rookie} and then head outside to get the sleds running. By time we actually left our house on the sleds it was probably 9:30!

We headed to town to get gas and pick up two more people - my MIL and her boyfriend. At this point we were only 15 minutes into riding and I already tipped my sled once. Then I screamed through my helmet at Michael for leading us through such terrible mountains of ice. Not a good start to the day for him. Haha! 
Mom & Me - While the guys fill up the sleds with gas
Then we were off!! We headed through corn fields and hay fields, through ditches, and across many miles of roads before we arrived at our first stop - Farmer's Tavern in Ruth. They didn't start serving until noon. We were the exception to the rule. They served us some cocktails (rumchatta and hot coco to be exact) and we were all happy campers.  
One more rider met us at the tavern and then we headed on the trail towards Forester for lunch.  
This is when we stopped on the trail to look at the map because no one knew where we were going. The trails head all over the Thumb and none of us have ridden on them or to Forester before so it was a learning experience. The trails were pretty good for the most part. They are groomed however there has been a decent amount of riders so they get a little rough in some spots. Which is why my back and hips feel like it I was beat with a 4x4. :)
We got on the right track and we made it to Forester for some lunch! Oh, and a restroom break! Phew! That was much needed too! I'm lucky I didn't have an accident after hitting all those bumps!  
By time we finished our lunch and headed home, it was about 6pm when we arrived back home. We put just over 120 miles on! By then, we were all pretty exhausted and sore! We relaxed on the couch for a few and then I took a reaaaaaaally long hot shower and passed out by 9! Gotta love when you have such a great weekend that you are so exhausted when bedtime rolls around!
The only other exciting thing I did this weekend was meet up with this pretty preggo lady! Michael and I went out to dinner with our cousins since we haven't seen them since Christmas and she's growing by the day! She's having a little girl in June! I can't wait to meet her! Would you believe she is 7 months pregnant?! I think she looks great! Doesn't even look that far along!  

Well that's all I have to share for today! I'll refrain from sharing the multiple arguments Michael and I had over this snowmobile nonsense. I was even called a "hyena" because of my b*tching. Even though I typically post all "great" moments in our lives, our life isn't perfect by any means. We have our fair share of disappointments and arguments.  I just choose to  share and highligh the great memories to look back on.
 How was your weekend?! Do anything fun?! Do you have any snow left like we do?!


  1. So are you guys not getting anymore snow tomorrow? We had 50 degrees yesterday and today, but we're supposed to get 5-8 inches of snow tomorrow. BLAH.

  2. I've never been snowmobiling, but it looks like SO much fun!! I'd probably be terrible at it though lol, I went 4 wheeling once and I was total crap hahaha it feels like spring here today, almost 60 degrees - I love it!! But supposed to get more snow tomorrow :( boooo

  3. just hit 75 here today- I can't believe it, I'm almost shocked!! haha That looks like so much fun though!!

  4. Love these snowmobiling adventures!! Outdoor winter activities are so fun (but I'm not going to lie, I'm all for Spring ASAP!)!

  5. I also really, really hope that we're done with getting any new snow here in Michigan! I'm ready to see grass again!