Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Recap

Another weekend has come and gone too fast...
Photodump of our weekend...
Friday night we went for a booze cruise around home. The hubs has been on critter control now that the weather is warming up and all the skunks, possoms, and racoons are out. It is slightly cruel how much he likes to kill hunt animals... yet it's entertaining. {Sorry animal lovers}
I got a couple good pictures of some bald eagles that we've been seeing around too!
This field had probably 150 deer in it. Crazy! Couldn't get them all in one picture...

Saturday I picked up the custom shelf I had a local make for our entryway. It turned out perfect! This was my inspiration... which was too expensive to buy online or in store. {$150-$300) 
And this is what I got! It matches the wood trim that I re-did as well as the bench in the entryway. Guess how much I paid?????!!!! Did you guess $35??!!! Cause that's how much it was! How awesomely cheap is that?! And it's far from being cheaply made! Winning! I've just got to get the hooks for it and some decorations...  someday....

On my way to meet my family Saturday afternoon, I decided to stop at Panera bread. I haven't been there in probably 5+ years. I couldn't wait until dinner to eat. I still had over an hour of driving to do. So I stopped and got a little bite to hold me over. Grilled southwest flatbread. Oh. My. Goodness. It was ahhhmazing! If there was a panera near my house, I would eat this every day!
Have you ever had Panera?!
My Mamma, little Sis, and I watching my cousin's cheerleading competition at Cobo Hall in Detroit 
Go Alexa!  
Some of the stunts the other teams did were amazing! I've always loved watching cheerleading ever since I was on the high school team. These types of teams are much more intense and amazing!
Made in Michigan Moscato - Yum! 
Twisted Mac n Cheese at the Twisted Rooster - SO delicious!  
My bestie Natalie stopped in the restuarant to visit on her way home! I miss her dearly! ♥

On Sunday, my sister and I slept in. It was SO nice! I didn't get up until almost 9. She didn't get up until 10. It was much needed!

Then my Ma and I headed to her salon so she could do my hair. I was in dire need. I hadn't had it done since late September (I think). I've been talking about how much I love the ombre look but I just never have the guts to try something new. But I went for it this time. And I think my heart beat had slight palpitations throughout the process. I kept questioning what my Mom was doing and why she was doing it the way she was. Then I felt the color brush straight to my scalp. I'm sure at that point my heart was racing through the roof and I was about the have an axiety attack. I've never fully colored my hair. I've only gotten hightlights. So when I felt that brush to my scalp, I was a little terrified. May not sound like a big deal, but in my world, it was huge.

This was my inspiration (off pinterest)  

When my hair was washed and I finished blow drying it... I didn't like it. It wasn't ombre. I don't really know how to describe what it was. I could have left it as it was and it would have still looked okay. It just wasn't what I was hoping for. It was blonde with a little bit of low lights. Then my Mom argued with me that I was "freaking" out and that made her nervous so she did it VERY subtle. Long story short, two more hours later... it was complete and I was satisfied. My Mom told me that was worse stress than what I gave her on my wedding day. {Sorry Ma} I will admit... I am extremely anal about my hair.

Here I am with my subtle ombre "sombre" hair driving the dreaded 2 hours home Sunday evening after sitting in a salon for 5 1/2 hours. That's exhausting in itself! Yay for no more orange well water saturated hair!
Even though I got home much later than anticipated, I still had some things I wanted to get done around the house since I wasn't home much all weekend. First things first, I had to pick up crap that Michael left laying around for me to do {insert sarcasm} ;-)

I couldn't be too upset with Michael for leaving the house a mess because he did do something I've been begging for him to do. {Thank you babe!} We have this little cellar space in our basement that is piled with stuff. It's such a mess and I really want it organized. It's a great place to keep things cool and dry since it's raised up off the groud in a little cubby.



I love the feeling of relief after cleaning and organzing!

Since I'm always a slacker and I'm recapping my weekend on Monday... This morning I styled my new hair do... and attempted to snap a couple pictures. {if you follow on IG then you already seen it @justjuliejoy} There's just something about a shameless selfie that I have a terrible time doing.. thank God for self timers!

How was your weekend?! Do any spring cleaning/organizing? What's your thoughts on ombre hair?!


  1. Way to go on that shelf!! Local and handmade will be bought online and made in China any day!! Plus you got a sweet deal on it!

  2. Girl, the EXACT same thing happened to me just a few weeks ago when I colored my hair ombre. We got completely finished, dried it and it didn't really look ombre so I had my hairdresser/good friend do it all over again! And I still think I want more next time. I think yours looks great!

  3. That's crazy that there were so many deer in that one field. But now that you bring it up, I remember when I went to Michigan back in November we saw at least 10 on our way, which isn't too common down here in Indiana. Your hair looks awesome! I've been wanting to try the ombre look but have been too afraid. However, if I keep waiting months between appointments, I'll have an unintentional trashy ombre look :)

  4. Love the hair!! Looks so gorgeous! I love the ombre look - just kinda impossible to do with red hair haha ;)
    Sounds like such a fun weekend! That twisted mac and cheese looks so yummyyy, and I can't believe that shelf was only $35?! What a great find lady!! xx

  5. LOVE your hair! It looks great! And that storage in your basement is amazing...I love organized space :) Sounds like you had a great weekend!

  6. That shelving unit is amazing!! And an amazing price!!

  7. There is so much wonderfulness in this post!! I love the piece you got for the entry way and what a steal!! I got to Panera quite frequently and will definitely need that flatbread the next time i go!! You're hair look fantastic and love how you styled it!!

  8. Love the shelf! What you got in those jars lady? I love canning. So happy it's making a comeback.

  9. Uhm, YES. I know what I'm getting for dinner tonight--Panera! I know they added and taken away from their menu, so I've gotta go check it out. Also, I really love your new hair! It's beautiful!

  10. So many awesome things! I can't even remember all the stuff I wnated to comment on. Let's see.. your hair looks amazing. Like I'm surprised ;) That shelf is awesome! love it. And YES I love Panera so much! There's one on my way to work. I talk myself out of stopping there almost every day. It's so good. Their cranberry orange muffin is the BEST. My favorite thing to eat maybe ever. Too bad it's only a fall thing, so now I have to wait all summer for one. Boo.