Monday, April 21, 2014

DIY: Entryway Makeover

It's been a couple years months since I started this whole entryway remodel project. Even though I'm not quite done, I'm satisfied for the moment and I'm just going to share where we're at as of now. I'm not normally one for doing something half arse.. but I'm also not really in a rush to finish the last minor details. 

Here goes nothing... no turning back now!

Terrible laminate flooring
Eggshell wall color
Terrible gold hooks for hanging hats (not pictured)
Gold door knobs
Cream colored outlet covers/switches/plugs
Light oak trim

"Stone" flooring
Driftwood wall color
Custom built shelf with hooks
Bronze door knobs (1 out of 3 of them so far..ha!)
White outlet covers/switches/plugs
Walnut stained trim
Decorations {clock, shelf, wall}

To do:
Spray paint front door & garage door knob bronze
Possibly get a new light fixture
Organize inside closet
Possibly get a valence or curtain
Get a new rug runner

The first part of the project was Michael ripping out the dizzy domino flooring and putting in the new flooring. We had picked out the flooring last summer but never got around to doing it. I told the hubs that putting in the flooring would make for a great Christmas present last year and just after the holiday madness, he began the project! {Which I can't any of the pictures from that!}

Once the new flooring was in, I knew I wanted to take the trim down and stain it darker. Going that route I knew it would be cheaper than buying new. After all.. this was supposed to be a cheap update/remodel...
You see this plug and outlet cover? Terrible! This drove me nuts! I couldn't wait to make them all white! Both the plugs/switches AND the covers! Ain't nobody with OCD got time for that!

Before I took all the trim down, I did a trial run on a small piece. For 3 reasons... to make sure I wasn't getting myself into too much with having to sand the pieces down, to get an idea of how dark I wanted to go, and also to start getting paint color ideas. 

Since the hubs didn't want to continue helping me with this project.. I took it upon myself to start tearing sh*t apart while he was out of town. Off went the outlet covers and trim!

It was very time consuming doing all the trim staining... I wound up doing three coats of stain and one coat of polyurethane. I used gel stain rather than regular stain because I read online that it has less of a mess/drip effect. 
Once the stain was finally done and before the trim went back up, I started the paint job. Plus, I needed to wait for Michael to be home from work to put the trim back up. I don't think he was very thrilled that he needed to help with this. 

Let's talk about how terribly inexperienced I am with painting... 

Our entryway is SMALL. So I thought I would only need a quart. {I'm trying to make this update cheap}
I ran out of paint not once, but twice. After using the first quart, I thought there was no way I would need anymore than one more quart. Then I ran out of the second quart. Then I wanted to pull my hair out because I spend a small fortune on some stupid paint that I could have bought a light fixture or some shoes with instead. Anyways... the paint color I decided on was driftwood. I'm not sure that it turned out as I expected it to... but I think it's growing on me. 

Greatest tip ever, use a rubberband on the paint can to wipe your brush off as your painting. Just be sure it's not an old rubberband that is going to snap in half a splatter paint every where! {No, that didn't happen to me but I was a little scared that it would!}

Next step:
Put the trim back up! Oh wait.. before we do that, the hubs sent me out to buy a brad nailer. Did I mention this was supposed to be a cheap remodel?! Ugh! $100 nailer guns.. no thank you! I went the cheap route and picked one up for $20 at Harbor Freight. Hey, it may be made in China, but it did the job. 

Once the trim was back up, I began my search for a shelf. I found a couple inspirations on Pinterest but I couldn't find anything in my price range. Everything I found was $100-$200 and it wasn't even necessarily going to match everything I had just redone. What's an OCD girl to do with something doesn't match??

Custom design! 

I contacted a local woodworker that has made a couple other things in our house, and I showed him pictures of my inspiration. A week later I picked this bad boy up for $35!

Then I search to Hawaii and back for some hooks for the shelf. Who knew it was so hard to find bronze/black hooks?! I couldn't even find ones I liked at Hobby Lobby! I didn't even know it was possible for HL to fail a DIY project! Luckily.. I found some hooks at the local hardware store. They cost a fortune. But that was no surprise considering this whole damn project wound up costing half my life savings. {kidding}

Once I got the shelf up, I started searching for shelf decorations. I really wanted a basket or two for the cubby holes. In a basket I could possibly hide 50 of Michael's baseball caps. But Michael denied that like no other. C'mon.. since when would a man really give two sh*ts about a basket?! And since when does someone who lives in the middle of no where wait until the very last minute to gather the proper decor to complete this damn remodel!? 

In the end.. it all worked out. Well, besides the couple things I have yet to complete. Such as the eye sore gold door knobs. They have got. to. go! I attempted to test spray paint another set of door knobs and that didn't go as planned. So I've got to re-evaluate and plan and get back to that! :)

Here are a few more pictures of the final look of our entryway remodel! Let me know what you think! I'm open to suggestions too!

What are you favorite and most disliked DIY projects?!


  1. you guys have updated big time! I love the floor. It looks great.

  2. Looks great!! Love the floor and the shelf!

  3. You guys did a fantastic job!! I love the stone flooring!!

  4. I love all of it! Cannot wait to see it in person, hopefully soon!!!
    The shelf is my favorite and the trim!! It looks so nice (:

  5. Love it!! The paint color looks great! I never would of thought to stain the trim, but it made a huge difference. Great job! I'm curious to hear more about how spray painting your door handles went? I have several in our house that I'd like to spray paint...seems a lot cheaper than buying new ones!

  6. I love this. I am getting ready to take in into my own power to re-do our entry way! Love your blog! xoxo

  7. Hey girl! I'm popping over from my wife Holly's blog. I love your renovation, it looks great! Stop over anytime and say hey! I'm adding you to bloglovin!

  8. Girl, it looks great! I love the color! You and Michael sound like me and my husband. Our last DIY project ended up being way more than I originally thought and my husband was leads than happy! But at least the big stuff is done! Also, not sure how it will hold up on door knobs but we've used the valspar spray paint (it comes in a oiled bronze) for some of our old gold light fixtures and it looks great!

  9. I absolutely love seeing the before and after pictures of this home entryway makeover project from beginning to end. This is great motivation for my husband and me to get moving on our on entrance way renovation project. From seeing your home, I know the finished results will be well worth it. Can't wait to see what project you guys post next!

    Giovanni @ Coastal Contract Hardware