Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend Recap

I didn't even realize until just now that I hit my 100th post last week while we were on our road trip! Obviously I had vacation brain going on... 

I've got a brief Easter weekend recap to share!
It was very nice to get caught up around the house and have some down time after being gone for a week.

Friday night we didn't do much of anything and were in bed by 9! We did a few things around the house and then decided to go for a drive to town to deliver my MIL an Easter lily plant with a little thank you card for watching our house and Ginger while we were gone. 

The biggest accomplishment of the evening was the fact that we finally got hangers screwed into the new shelf for the entry way. I thought we would find some unique hooks at Hobby Lobby but that wasn't the case so I settled with something basic from the local hardware store. I will finally be posting some pics of the semi finished entry way this week! There are a few things that I have yet to complete... such as spray painting the door knobs, finding a rug, and shelf decor.

Saturday I worked until noon and then came home to do some cleaning before we attended a dinner for QDMA. I'm telling you, I love my dogs dearly, however the thought of locking them in a room, crate, garage, or outside crosses my mind more than normal lately. Most people clean their walls every now and then. Ask me how often I clean my walls.... I could clean them every day due to Jack's allergies and bloody ears. I typically do it 2 times a week at the least. I'm not referring to one of two walls... it's the entire damn house. Every wall. Door. Window. Talk about an arm workout though... {looking for the positive in the terrible task} After cleaning and having lunch, there was a whole lot of cuddling and laughing going on. 

Look at tubby! {Sandy's nickname is tubby because she's like a sausage}

Saturday evening we attending an appreciation dinner for QDMA volunteers. It was nice to be able to attend something that we didn't have to work! We were able to relax, have some cocktails, and visit with others. The free drinks were going down a little "too" good!

Sunday was a very relaxing day!
Luckily, I was able to sleep in. And I already warned the hubs not to bother me in the morning. After staying out past midnight, I knew we were not going to make it to 6:30am mass. I didn't figure I would still be in bed at 10 and miss 10:30 mass but that happened. Michael wasn't complaining because he always tries to get out of church. I shouldn't say "try" because he often succeeds. 

I spent some time with the fat bunny in our house and gave her some cuddle lovin'
She's so darn cute and sassy and soft!

The rest of the afternoon was spent at Michael's Ma's for Easter Dinner and Supper. Or as most people call it - lunch and dinner. My MIL makes some mean food. And she goes above and beyond! I seriously never knew it was possible for one woman to prepare so much food! Especially considering she prepares for two meals. And it's different dishes for both meals. And did I mention like 18 desserts?? No joke. She's awesome. Needless to say, we stuffed our faces and I sat on the chair trying to catch up on blogs. I'm not going to lie, I was getting a little antsy just sitting around knowing I had a ton of stuff to do at home. 

The kids did an Easter egg hunt and then Ma gave us cute little Easter baskets filled with goodies. Mostly useful gifts for each of us since we don't eat much candy. It was very sweet of her! Oh, and we did win some moolah on our lotto tickets! Woo! :) 

The rest of the evening was spent finishing up some cleaning around the house together and then relaxing on the couch some more! Back to reality tomorrow!

I hope you had a very nice Easter weekend with your families as well! 


  1. Looks like you had a great Easter weekend! Those dogs are too freaking cute!

  2. Your eyes are so blue in the picture with the bunny!! Sounds like a perfect weekend and you really can't beat winning some cash off the lotto ticket!! Happy Monday!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! You're bunny is so sweet and that picture of Jack just cracks me up!! :)) xx

  4. Haha tubby!! Looks like a great weekend!! xoxo

  5. Ohhhh I totally love scratch cards like that! The bingo ones are my favorite! I'm such an old lady. Looks like a great weekend! xoxo

  6. sounds like a fabulous weekend! that bunny looks so cute and squishy!

  7. You always do so much on the weekends - I love it!! Glad you had a happy Easter :)