Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Finger Food & Family Fun!

Little late on recapping last weekend.. but as always, it's better late than never!
Let's get right to it with the good stuff first... FOOD!
I don't really know what to call these... I've always called them "Wontons" because that's what the shell is called. I've once heard someone call them "shit on a shingle" but I'm not so sure that sounds appetizing... so we'll stick with "Wontons"!

Easy peasy finger food recipe! And your guests will love them! I made them for our family gathering on Sunday and was asked for the recipe several times.

What you need:
1 - Bob Evans Sausage roll {Italian tube - green label}
1/2C diced red peppers
2TBSP Ranch dressing
8OZ Colby Jack shredded cheese
1 - small can green chilies {undrained}
1 - small can sliced olives {drained}
1 - package wonton skins

Cook sausage and red peppers until cooked through.
Add cheese, chilies, olives, and ranch.
Set aside.

Prep cupcake/muffin tins by spraying olive oil into each cup
Press one wonton skin into each cup
Bake at 350 for 6 minutes

Leave wonton in cupcake tin.
Fill wonton with sausage mixture {about 1 tablespoon full}
Bake in oven on 350 for another 5 minutes

Serve warm!
These ingredients make approximately 3 and 1/2 dozen.

The past weekend was a fun one with a bunch of randomness!

Friday started out great with a morning meeting with my boss to inform me of a raise. I was pretty impressed and shocked with the decent increase in pay! So that was definitely a reason to celebrate when I got home. I went straight for the wine and started making dinner. The hubs was outside in the shed working on his brother's boat. I eventually made my way out there with dinner for the guys and drinks for muah!

Once they were done with the boat we decided to go sucker fishing with some friends. Since it's still cold in this damn state, we got out long johns and carhartt's on and headed to the creek. We got lucky on the first creek and the guys got about a dozen suckers. 

After checking out 2 other creeks and not finding any fish.. we checked one last creek on our way home and this time the girls got the spears. I got 2 and Sarah got 1! Whooohoo! 
By this time it was almost 1am and I had to work in the morning so we called it a night and were happy with our fish count at 15. Better than nothing!

Saturday after work I was pretty tired and crabby. Sooooo.... after a quick stop at the Goodwill again and huge debate {with myself}... I came home and took a nap! The hubs finished planting his 350 trees. Isn't he nuts?! From Thursday to Saturday he planted all 350 of them. Applause, applause. 
There were 2 of each of these chairs. I really wanted both. But it was hard to decide if it was a "NEED" or a "WANT". For those of you that commented on IG, thank you! It was definitely a need and I'm glad you confirmed my sanity. Ha! Although I behaved and only bought one. That was tough! 

It now sits in my newly remodeled entryway! The hubs doesn't like it, go figure!  
Seriously... you can't beat that! $129.99 original price and purchased for $29.99! 
The Goodwill strikes again!
And then tubby and I took a nap on the couch.... :) The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful. We visited with Michael's cousins at the campground and went to bed early.

Sunday funday was much needed! 
We headed down to my hometown for a surprise 50th Anniversary party for my Aunt and Uncle. My Mom and cousins planned it so we headed down there early to help set up. 

My Grandpa who resides down south during the winter had turned 75 while he was in Texas. So my Aunt and Uncle thought that the party was for him. When they showed up and seen him standing at the door, they were completely confused and extremely surprised as everyone yelled "Happy Anniversary!!!"  It was priceless!

My Grandpa Silly in the green. He's so damn funny! That's why we call him Grandpa Silly!
My cousin made a replica of their original wedding cake {pictured at the right} How awesome is that?! And she snuck the cake topper out of their china cabinet the morning of the party! 
Grandpa Silly wrote his name on his cup! Read closely... ;) 
The reason for the party! Aunt Kat and Uncle Chuck 
Gammy Julie  
Grandpa silly 
Mom & I with our awesome men
Cutie little cousin Olivia. She's a doll!
Two of my best friends! Greg and the hubs of course!

By the end of the day Sunday I think my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much! It was amazing to see so many relatives that we don't see often enough! Especially Michael because he usually is gone at work when my family has any gatherings. So that was extra special too! 

How was your weekend?! 


  1. they look super yummy - i will have to give them a try, or some variation - not a huge fan of sausage lol. shit on a shingle, hilarious! also, best goodwill find ever goes to you. maybe i need to head out to your goodwill and pick up the others!

  2. Those look really yummy! Of course, I think just about anything 'wonton' is good!

  3. Those wontons looks delicious! But seriously, you can never go wrong with Bob Evans sausage ;) It's my favorite!
    Good choice on the chair lady (and what a great find!!) It looks perfect in your entryway!
    And omg your Gpa is the cutest!! He looks so happy, what an infectious smile!! Looks like you had such a great time xx

  4. What a fun weekend and congrats again on the raise at work!! Most definitely reason to celebrate! Love the chair selection!! What a deal!! I'll have to try the wontons - they look so good!

  5. Looks like a great weekend! I'm jealous of your goodwill find! I need to stop in there more often in hopes of finding something awesome like those chairs!

  6. What a fun weekend - you were so busy! I love the chair - it looks perfect in the entry way!

  7. Yay for starting out your weekend with a raise!

  8. I love those chairs and for $29?!?! That's a steal! Your cousin did such a good job on that wedding cake! And girl, your mom could be your sister! Weekends like this are the best!

  9. You look great!! (As usual!!) And your fam looks like so much fun! haha (Great chair find!!! Sorry hubs!!)

  10. Love a good deal!! Love those chairs!