Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Five

Phew, it's been an interesting week and I am SO thrilled that it is Friday!

My stress levels have been a little high this week.

The hubs has been home so that's been nice.

I've learned that being the only one on a cleanse in the house is tough. Especially when I'm stressed out and I just want to have a drink. But, I've maintained my self control and I've survived.

We've had some intense conversations, dug deep looking for a miracle, accepted the truth, and made a hard decision. In the end, we're making the best of this life and we will continue to work towards our future. 

So now that this week is over.. I've got a few things on my mind to share with yous!


Next week we leave for our road trip to Louisiana! We are attending a Deer Steward class for a couple days to get certified and we are also going to the Duck Commander warehouse! We're both pretty excited about it! I'm especially excited about the lovely warm weather that we will be enjoying while we're not in class. It's been in the 30's here... so high 70's is going to be amaze-balls. 


This weekend I have a baby shower to attend for a friend/cousin. 
I made her a diaper cake filled with some goodies! I LOVE making diaper cakes! 
Embroidered bib "Daddy's Hunting Princess" from SuperSewBabies on Etsy
Crochet hall and booties from Homespun Ranch on Etsy


My Ma just introduced me to these tasty things! She wasn't kidding when she said she could eat the whole box in one sitting. I will be taking a box or 2 of these with us on our road trip next week!


Last week I bought 16lbs of fresh strawberries from a local school's FFA fundraiser. Hands down, some of the largest and tastiest strawberries I've ever had! For the last week, I've eaten strawberries for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even dinner or dessert. After 7 days.. I was starting to get burnt out. So with what I had left, I decided to freeze some and make jam. I really enjoy canning. Now I've really got the itch for gardening! Only a couple more months hopefully!
My tip for freezing fruits and veggies: Put wax paper on cookie sheets. Spread a thin layer of fruit/veggies. Set in freezer over night. Then package in freezer bags. This allows the produce to freeze individually rather than clump together.


There's something about retail therapy that temporarily relieves stress. 
There's a store in the town I work in that I never go to. It's called Peebles. It's the only clothing store around besides Walmart or the Goodwill besides driving an hour and a half to the mall. I've literally been there twice. For some crazy reason, my car decided to turn into the parking lot today. I honestly don't even know why I went there. So random! But I'm glad I did! I got a couple cute spring shirts for cheap! A sweater for $3. A pair of leggings for $4. And of course, a statement necklace. Less than $60... not bad right?! {Just agree with me}. Then I got home and had to explain it all to my husband that just doesn't understand the deals I got... So maybe it was a short lived stress reliever or maybe I'll be returning some things... or maybe I'll just forget about it even happened and shove that stuff in my closet. :) 

What are your Friday Five?!
Have a great weekend!


  1. That diaper cake is too cute - great job Julie!! I think it must be something in the air - because I've had a really rough week at work as well...but you're right - nothing a little retail therapy can't fix!! Hope you have a great weekend doll!

  2. Ahhhh, I need those cinnamon sugar triscuits. YUM! Knowing me, though, I'll eat the entire box in one sitting.

  3. Love everything about your post!! So neat you get to visit the Duck Commander warehouse! The cake you made for you're friend looks awesome- such a thoughtful gift! I've always wanted to learn how to can/ make jams!!

  4. You are so crafty lady! Love that diaper cake you put together - so cute!! And those strawberries look deliciousss (and so does your jam :) Sorry you had such a stressful week :( but have a great time in Louisiana!! The only place I've been in LA is New Orleans (in high school) and I loved it...awesome culture and the food was killer! xx

  5. First of all, so jealous that you're going to LA, I want warm weather!! Were in the 40s here in Illinois, I'm so over it!! Second, love that pastel button down and your other fab finds! Isn't it fun when you get an unexpected and killer awesome deal!! Good job girl!

  6. That diaper cake looks fabulous! So creative! I'm going to have to remember the tip for freezing things. I never would of thought of that.

  7. Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Louisiana!! And THOSE BERRIES!! They look soo yummy! I feel like I haven't had good produce for awhile!!

  8. I am on a huge strawberry kick lately! I think we are going to plant some in the garden this year because I can't get enough!

  9. That diaper cake looks awesome and those clothes look really cute! I say keep em!

  10. Oh man, I'd love to go to the Duck Commander Warehouse!!

  11. That diaper cake is super cute! I've never made one before, but they are so adorable. Enjoy the warmer weather and bring some back to Michigan with you :)

  12. You did a great job on that diaper cake!!! And I love the cute hunting stuff you got off etsy. I hope this week flies by for you and your in warmer temps down South!!!