Thursday, April 17, 2014

LA Road Trip {Part 2}

The second part of our road trip was super extraordinary compared to the first part
{Nothing against the first part, it was fun too!}

Monday morning we were able to finally sleep in a little. If you call sleeping in until 7am. But I'll take it. The worst part about the morning was that we had to pack our bags and check our room before we left. After triple and quadruple checking over the room, we were finally headed to the town of West Monroe {we stayed in Monroe} to meet our group for the Duck Commander Buck Commander Warehouse tour! 

For one of the few times in life, I can say I was early for something. We were the first of the group to arrive. Better document that considering it's a rare occurrence. So we just looked around the parking lot and snapped some photos of course. 

This is the new entrance to the store for tourists.  
Once our group arrived, we took a group photo and then our guide came in and brought us in through one of the back doors. Apparently touring the back of the warehouse isn't overly common. Most tourists just get to see the outside of the building and/or go into the merchandise store. 
We first went into the conference room of the warehouse where they apparently hold meetings. The film makers of the show then came in and talked to us about the show, their jobs, and the Robertson's. 
Then we split up into groups so we could get a tour of the rest of the warehouse. It really isn't a big place. So it would have been hard for the large group of us to all fit in the small rooms and hallways. Originally the warehouse didn't have all these broken off rooms and added walls. It was kind of funny to see how they improvised. Definitely nothing fancy. Some walls were made of wooden pallets and paneling. 

We went into the duck call making room where Jase, Godwin, Marvin, and Si usually are working. Of course no one was here the day we were. Although we did meet Godwin on Saturday at class. The one day that I didn't take my camera and take any pictures. I was not happy with myself.  
{Due to the popularity of the show and the limited access to the warehouse tour, I put tags on some of these pictures in case someone "steals" them off the internet}
The tour guide didn't recommend opening Si's fridge. 
The sign on Si's fridge reads "Thou shall not steal"
He means business when it comes to his sweet tea! 
Then we headed through the warehouse to the hallway of offices...
You ever see the show where they bring this basketball hoop in the warehouse? Too funny! It's still there and they still play it. 

Willie Robertson's Office {When we first came into the office, Korie's Dad was in there doing some paperwork. He left and went into Korie's office which is attached to Willie's}

After touring all the offices {there was more than what is pictured here.. gotta draw the line somewhere!} we then went into the store to check it out. It is a really big store and there was a lot of neat merchandise. We wound up getting some souvenirs. 

 A couple other fun facts:

The warehouse is right in town of West Monroe

It's on a dead end street

Due to the popularity, they have had to purchase two lots on the corner adjacent to their building so that they could provide parking. 

There are a total of three houses on the same street. One they purchased and have made an offsite "beverage stand" for tourists. In that home they also use it for staging areas for the TV show. There is a shed on that lot that is used for wood making. 

The house on the very end of the road is still for sale. Apparently they haven't found a buyer... the tour guide said no one is happy about the show and living there because the road is often closed due to large crowds and filming.

All of the jobs that are performed for their business and show is all performed in house. Marketing, social media, designing, accounting, duck calls, filming, etc. 

So that was that! It's not really what I expected it to be. I was shocked to see that they are so down to earth and everything was so real. Lots of messes. Lots of simpleness. Nothing over the top or costly. I'm still a little bummed that we didn't get to meet any of the "big" guys. We heard through the grapevine that it costs $20k-$100k to get an appearance from them. Crazy!

Onward North!
After driving straight through on the way down, we decided we should probably break up the trip on the way home since we didn't need to be back to work. The only state line we crossed that we were able to get a picture was in Mississippi. It was a beautiful sight along the river!

Somewhere along the departure for our trip, we decided to stop in Nashville for the night. Unfortunately the weather was terrible and it took us a lot longer than expected to get there. But we made it. And we fought the rain and still went downtown to the strip! Even if it was just for a couple hours, at least we can say we did it in case we never make it back there!

Our two favorite places were Rippey's and The Stage. We only went to a couple other places but they were kind of dives and the bands weren't as good. 

I didn't get a picture of our hotel... but I have to say, it was by far the BEST hotel I've ever stayed at! Beautiful building and very clean! Not to mention great customer service! I would highly recommend the Sheraton!

Sunday {wait what day is it??} Tuesday morning we woke up to really cold temps and thought about skipping going downtown because we were running out of warm clothes to wear. Helloooo… were not in Michigan anymore! We didn’t think we needed to pack for winter! As I got ready and packed the room up {AGAIN!} Michael looked through some tourist booklets to look to see what we could do for a couple hours before we finished our journey home.

We decided on the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Apparently there was some ribbon cutting thing going on and there was media all over and the possibility of seeing some artists but of course that didn’t while we were walking around.

It was really interested to see all the artifacts, old instruments, information, pictures, records, clothing, videos, vehicles, etc. I took a gazillion pictures of the stuff but I’m too lazy to upload them right about now. But really, the pictures don’t do it justice anyways. Y’all gotta go there yourself to check it out! Well… if that’s your cup o tea. I understand not everyone may be into that sort of thing!

Hall of fame plauges were in this circle room. Around the top it says something about the circle will be unbroken. 
Natural wood grain floor and a steel plate when you enter the circle room 

Sidewalk of stars. It's not quite like Hollywood but it's still cool. And Nitty Gritty Dirt Band is one of my all time faves!  
Bye bye Nashville!

Our drive home wasn’t anything to write home about. We were both antsy to get home and out of the car. I had terrible road rage every time I drove. {At least I admit it...} It didn’t help that every time I drove I was the one that got stuck in rush hour traffic. Every. Damn. Time. We made it home just before 2am Wednesday morning. I was still confused what day it was and I was in complete denial that I had to be to work at 8:30am. Soooo… I slept in a went in a few hours late. Thank goodness my boss understood that I don’t function on no sleep very well.

That’s a wrap! Our road trip down south was pretty awesome! I love when we get to spend every waking moment together for days upon days! Not only did we do/see some cool things, but we are extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity by the Thumb Branch of QDMA! We are so lucky to be a part of such a great association and I'm excited that we both received certification of deer stewardship! I'm still pondering where those framed certificates are going to go.... :)

 Now I’ve got some catching up on blogs to do… I hope everyone has a great weekend and a blessed Easter! 


  1. Wow--love hearing about your adventures in West Monroe! That sounds pretty fun!

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  3. I loooooove Nashville and am jealous. That skirt is amazing!

  4. How fun!! I've never been to Nashville, but everyone that goes tells me it's such a fun city! :) Glad you got to catch up on some sleep before heading into work - I always feel like I need a day or two at home to re-coup after being away on vacations! haha ;) Have a great weekend friend! xx

  5. Such a fun recap! Love your skirt from the duck tour!! I've never been to Nashville but I've heard great things!! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

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  7. What a fun trip! I'd love to check out Duck Commander some time. I went to Nashville last fall and had a blast! My favorite part was the Grand Ole Opry, but I also loved the Country Music Hall of Fame and of course all of the fun bars downtown.

  8. Love all your pictures and pretty jealous you got to tour the warehouse. I'm thinking of planning a trip to Nashville for my husband...looks like y'all had an awesome trip!