Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So WHAT?! Wednesday

So what...

if... I spent 3 hours packing our bags last night for our road trip down south. I don't even remember what high 70's feels like so I am totally confused about what type of clothes to pack. 

if... I just said ^ "our" bags... yes I pack my husband's too. 95% of the time.

if... I tore apart my basement in efforts to locate some summer clothes for our trip.

if... our basement is still a cluster from when it flooded two weeks ago. So why not add to the disaster?!

if... after 3 trips to the basement and digging through 3 different totes, I started getting so damn irritated that I just tore through the clothes and then left them there. Piss on folding them back up nicely and putting the totes away... after all, summer should be here soon anyways, right?

if... I'm done with my 10 day cleanse after today and seeing as vacation is right around the corner, all that hard work is going to basically be nonexistent due to southern food and beer. #pisspoorplanning

if... I have 6 favorite songs right now that I could listen to on repeat. Love me some country music!
     // Keith Urban - Cop car //
     // Lady A - Compass //

if... I attempted to spray paint some door knobs and failed. {Michael if your reading this, don't even start that "told ya so" shit} I think it would have been just fine if I would have used primer first.. or gotten a can of spray paint and primer in one. Next time... {yes there will be a next time, I'm not giving up yet.}

if... I haven't painted my toe nails all winter and once I realized I was packing flip flops, I panicked about my hideous toe nails and stayed up way past my bed time to paint them. Then decided to french manicure them. Ain't nobody got time for that!

if... I'm an OCD freak about cleaning my house before I go on vacation. The hubs knows thinks I'm nuts. But seriously, someone is coming to my house every day, I don't want it to be a mess. And I sure as hell don't want to come home to a mess to clean up! 

if... I consider this road trip a vacation when in all reality, I'm going to be sitting in a hunting class {deer steward} for two days from 8am until 6pm with a bunch of dudes. 

if... I may not be back this week {to blog world that is...} so don't forget to follow me on Instagram {@justjuliejoy} to see how our trip goes! Fingers crossed we don't drive each other crazy after taking turns driving for 18 hours straight. 

Soo... what's on your mind this Wednesday?! Have a great rest of the week! Happy HUMP day! :) 


  1. I am such a freak about coming home to a spotless house... So necessary!!

  2. Girl you a riot!! Drive safe and hope you get to enjoy some of the heat down south!!

  3. Hahaha! I pack Aaron's bag too - he would forgot a million things if I didn't just do it for him ;) Have a safe drive and have an awesome time!! xx

  4. Have fun on your trip and eat all the foods and drink all the beer! If it were me I would have done the cleanse just so I COULD eat and drink all I wanted :)

  5. I totally pack my husbands bag too which is mostly because he waits until the last minute. I also like to come home to a clean house. Let's be serious those bags are soon going to be unpacked and cause a whole new mess of their own!

  6. haha--I'm not "allowed" to pack my husband's bag because he doesn't trust my sense of style. Have fun!

  7. I swear, I seriously love every new George Strait song! He's so good. Loving Automatic right now too. I just hope the radio doesn't overplay them both and ruin it for me!

  8. You sound just like me with totes! Hope y'all have a great vacation even if you will be sitting in a class with a bunch of dudes!

  9. Hope the road trip was a success! I'm lovin' cop car right now as well...and all things country. That's what happens when I gear up to go back 'home' :)

  10. hahaha I love "I don't remember what 70's feels like" Also I adore that Keith Urban song soo dang much!!