Sunday, April 6, 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

Photo dump of the weekend! 
Most of which you may have already seen on Instagram {@justjuliejoy}

Friday, we picked up our deer mounts from the taxidermists. I wasn't really expecting them to be done so quick. Nor was I ready to kiss $620 bucks goodbye... but it was worth it! Then we stayed up all night having a photoshoot and then rearranging mounts to hang them on the wall right away. So much more important than sleep, right? 

Saturday my MIL and I went to a baby shower for one of Michael's cousins. She's having a little girl and she's due on June. Can't wait to meet the little gal! On the way home we stopped at a cute vintage store and the Amish store. Overall, it was a really nice day!

Sunday funday consisted of lots of cleaning {although the hubs doesn't participate in cleaning... he left to ride quads while I cleaned} and then we enjoyed some outdoor activities since it was actually nice out for the first time! 

New mounts are now at the top.... 
Michael's on the left, Mine on the right.  

Off to the baby shower... with my diaper cake!
I won this pretty plant as a door prize at the shower. Let's hope I don't kill it :) 

Jack is loving the sunshine...
 ... and the grass! (yay for no more snow and water in the yard!)


And that there... is how we ended our weekend! 
What kind of shenanigans did you get into this weekend?! Was the weather nice for you too?! 

Now excuse me while I get back to watching the country music awards! I love me some Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton! 


  1. I love that warm, sunny weather is finally coming!

  2. Snow is melting and you can finally see the ground!! Sounds like the perfect weekend and I love the top you wore to the baby shower!! Hope you have a great Monday!

  3. Yay! Glad you got some sunshine :) Looks like the pups really enjoyed it...Deedee did too, she ran around our backyard like a maniac for an hour haha! xx

  4. Looks like a great weekend! Our dog is excited about the nice weather too. We spent a lot of time in the yard on Sunday and he loved it. He also likes the "chuck it" and chasing tennis balls :)

  5. Oh you guys would fit in just right around here! (love the sentence of...we just went to the taxidermist) Looks like a great weekend and you look fabulous! (as usual) ;)

  6. Love the picture of your and your wall mounts!!! Love that you're all blonde and gorgeous, but can def hang with your hubby!!

  7. I love how you moved from wall mounts to baby showers so effortlessly ;-) Loving your chevron top in that one pic so pretty!

  8. Ohh those poor deer! :) Just started following you on Insta!

  9. hahaha your deer heads are cracking me up. I had a friend in high school whose house and soooo many that you literally couldn't see the wall. We call it the "dead room". Good times. :)

  10. The deer heads! Love the poses with them. And your shirt for the baby shower is adorable!

  11. are those real deer?! oh my! that chevron top is super cute, sounds like a fun weekend - I went to a baby shower as well!

  12. Riding 4wheelers is my favorite. I wanted to be proposed to on one but that didn't happen.