Friday, April 25, 2014

Yummy+Shopping+DIY+Giveaway = Friday Favorites!

In case you couldn't tell, it's Friday and I'm pretty excited about that!

I'm joining Amanda from Meet at the Barre for her second week of her new linkup called Friday Favorites! If you don't already follow her, you totally should! She's a gorgeous and hilarious bride to be that shares many laughs, beauty/fashion tips, fitness, and everything in between!
Meet At The Barre

How about some healthy yummies?! Raspberries dipped rolled {it was a pretty mess} in greek yogurt! First, clean raspberries, then spread out on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and place in the freezer for an hour in order for them to harden a little rather than smashing once you handle them. Then roll each raspberry in some greek yogurt {I tried dipping them and then I tried spooning the yogurt over top of the berries - no such luck}. Place back on the cookie sheet and back in the freezer for an hour to harden. Remove from tray and place in a freezer container for storage. When you want a little snack, take them out and enjoy! I can't wait to get raspberries from our garden to make some like this! {Thank you Lisa for this idea!!}

So yesterday I got out of work early but I had an hour and a half to waste until I was able to go to the conservation district to pick up 350 trees/bushes that Michael had ordered. I ran a couple errands and still had extra time to kill so I decided to go to the Goodwill. I always hear about people finding great things there and I thought maybe I would find something worth my while. Then I seen they had a "new" clothing section. New as in never used, tags still on them. Score! 2 tanks, tee, sweater, skirt, running shorts, and olive skinnies all for just over $25! Chaaaa-chiiing! I've been really wanting some olive skinnies for a while. I could never find any that I liked or that fit me well. I'm excited that I got these for $4.49! :)

The hubs of course said "oh boy" when I told him I wasted some time at the Goodwill while I waiting for the gates to open at the fairgrounds. Well hey, that's not my fault that I was stuck waiting around for trees! I'd say he set me up to shop, right?! 

Speaking of shopping.. ignore the fact that our NY's resolution was to budget better. Holly mentioned a coupon code for a jewelry shop called Edith Marie. Since I believe everything that comes out of Holly's mouth, when she said "the most affordable jewelry on the internet" I HAD to check it out. And of course, she was right. So I stole this necklace for less than $8. Seriously, go check out their line of jewelry! 

Oh and speaking of Holly ^^ if you don't already follow her blog, you better get your poop in a group and get over there! If you like a good laugh and a pure realistic look at life, she's your gal! She's pretty much like the most popular girl in high school that is an over achiever and rocks the socks off everything she does! Such as the half marathon she's doing this weekend! Plus, she has some pretty adorable kiddos! She's hosting a giveaway for 2 $50 target gift cards today! Go get you some!

How about some homemade laundry detergent?! Have you ever made it? I've been wanting to make my own for quite some time but the last time I bought detergent I purchased a huge thing from Sam's Club and I haven't run out yet. Since I'm close to being out.. I decided it was a good time to jump on the DIY bandwagon. I even bought this gallon size Mason jar two months ago that I thought would be perfect for storage{since my maiden name is Mason I'm pretty obsessed with the jars}. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and it smells sooooo good! The most time consuming part was grating the soap. And I cut my finger once so I had to wait for the bleeding to stop to bandage it. Grrr.

In case you missed it... check out our road trip {Part 1 & Part 2} to Louisiana and Nashville where we got a rare tour of the Buck Commander Duck Commander Warehouse! It seems extra awesome now to watch the show and know that we sat at Willie's desk. ;) It was a great trip with the hubby and I can't wait until our next vacation in June! :)

Did I mention I'm excited for the weekend?! I get to go see my familia! And I get to spend time with the hubs! We are celebrating my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary and I'm looking forward to getting to visit with everyone! Especially my Grandpa that has been in Texas since the end of last summer!

Have a great weekend! Don't forget to go check out Amanda and Holly's awesomeness!


  1. Woohoo to the Goodwill deals girl! I'm with ya! Just tell hubby it means you are staying on budget! hahaha I'm going to check out that jewelry now so thanks for the recommendation! Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend!!! xoxo

  2. Those raspberries look AMAZING!! Of course I'm kind of a sucker for anything with berries in it, really...

  3. Those berries in yogurt look great. Id have never thought of that! How do people think of these great healthy snacks?! I'm so going to try it!

  4. holy moly, best goodwill deals ever. seriously, way to go lady! have a fab weekend :)

  5. The berries in yogurt look like a very healthy snack! I've seen blueberries done like this too. At least you were shopping at Goodwill and not somewhere else! And I love that necklace! Checking Holly out now!

  6. I am going to be trying the raspberry dipped in greek yogurt YUM!! that's a pretty great shopping haul!! Hope you have a great weekend Julie!

  7. Love that necklace!! Perfect for spring and summer!! Great Goodwill finds too!! You rock!! Xoxo.

  8. I think I need to venture to the Goodwill stores near me. A friend of mine told me about all the deals she got and now you. Its time. I've also been interested in the DIY laundry detergent but afraid to try. Definitely putting it on my to-do list now that I know it really works!

  9. Ummmmm your Goodwill store is amazing!! So is the one by where my mom lives she picks up stuff all the time with tags still on it! I've wanted to try that DIY before but I would totally cut myself I know it ;-) That necklace is so pretty definitely will be checking that out. Thanks so much for linking up and your introduction definitely made me blush! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!! xoxoxo

  10. I tried to make fruit covered in greek yogurt and mine turned out so bad :( It was just a mess; I need to try again though. Let me know how you like using your homemade laundry detergent. That stuff is so expensive and I have heard it's mostly water so I would like to make my own as well. You took some cute finds from Goodwill. And oh my gosh I LOVE Duck Dynasty! How awesome that you got to go there! You sat Willie's desk!?!?!!? Did you meet him?! I have got to read your entries about that. Have a great weekend doll.

  11. Yum, those yogurt covered raspberries look delish!! I'm sure if I attempted it though, they would never turn out like that! haha ;)
    I love stopping in Goodwill / thrift stores from time to time - I've found great things, sometimes even brand new with the tags still on for just a few dollars! Looks like you had some great finds! xx

  12. Looks like such a good goodwill haul! I need to think of going there more often other than the usual haunts.